Sam Donaldson on Campaign Poll Deadlock: 'There's Going to Be a Breakout'

ABC News veteran compares 2012 race to past elections that remained static until Election Day.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Sam Donaldson on Campaign Poll Deadlock: 'There's Going to Be a Breakout'
We're gonna get hit -- -- sit up here out of signaling to -- to join us here on the set because it's always our honor and pleasure to be. I'm trying to find the right -- -- -- -- San you're gonna have to help me out flight by the Wright on terrific. Because I called you a calls you legend that you haven't you haven't -- that. I've called to the banner of global conventions what is the wanted to call. Sexy sexy sexy fifth the audit all right we have write it down so how would you hadn't. The -- -- tonight given the stakes given that every detail about the today. What do you say Bill Clinton fed board last night we have got the job finished but we're going to finish it -- -- -- the -- back here and that is headed back -- the -- I've made progress we have next the group people who for the left bloody seven month -- the event. Given job done enough. That fine line between saying time they're getting really really good but not not yet but they will. Look if you reelect me. Care that. -- -- -- George HW -- What about how. Jimmy Carter who -- behind vehicle although he was ahead at -- relief. For the election and they had that the faith in. -- what he had to try to do. Who has paid his opponent has to. Point -- employment. The -- for the fact that our. -- he held in Iran and everything was going south -- had to say in effect. I'm better than the other guy now usually that the challenges and since -- bright but he had big that kids and he failed the lot of folks are making the comparison -- that the parents -- -- hurt. Speaking of debt of the republic -- last week the try to make rock above it to a Jimmy Carter that figure -- that's not mention we left the convention which any part of winning it took. Very late race for President Reagan to pull it out if you see a similar break here we -- a similar time -- you -- -- replicated a set of circumstances coming through again. Well at the moment everything is in deadlock enemies -- the last several months these two men events in -- step. I happen to think that there's going to be a breakout now you want to tell you which way that's the problem yes -- do it because we want the answer that. -- show is about answered go to Vegas and put your money today. It's my sense is -- look what's happened here there was excitement in Tampa. Not like this fight that -- the Democrats -- loses tomorrow. This no more bill morale because they were behind with the economy know that -- if they couldn't lose they don't know it yet. It doesn't know I was told that they haven't gotten the message this -- -- -- could be infections. But let's face it it's a tough sell for President Obama. Because no matter -- multiply. Focuses music charge and people don't have jobs. Not just blaming the fact that they got handed a bad economy. They're spending a lot of time talking about -- Republican pundits are blocking them tonight that this isn't -- an obstinate. Visible -- from the very beginning was to make sure that this president fail -- that's. But the fact he's the fact is one -- those governed -- however the amphibious visited. If you have a bad problem. The fact if you lost your job your -- your money what have you. It was the past few I don't know -- -- do something about it and here's a guy who's had four years. The case and they've got a lot of reason to make the case. No one could. Not healthy from. So this siren call of someone else things. I'll do it for you throw the bums got to get the next -- -- let's -- -- they can. All right that's suffered -- that is sexy he is Sam Donaldson it is. Only my honor Clinton -- that's -- again and give it sent thank. I'm sitting next maybe even if you say it's we're gonna regret is that is that -- inaccurate facts are stubborn than they are --

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{"id":17176724,"title":"Sam Donaldson on Campaign Poll Deadlock: 'There's Going to Be a Breakout'","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News veteran compares 2012 race to past elections that remained static until Election Day.","url":"/Politics/video/sam-donaldson-campaign-poll-deadlock-breakout-17176724","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}