Sanders blames Democrats as Trump says he would 'love to see a shutdown'

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders laid responsibility for avoiding a shutdown on Democrats "who have repeatedly held the government hostage."
16:20 | 02/06/18

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Transcript for Sanders blames Democrats as Trump says he would 'love to see a shutdown'
Specifically at that moment when he was in Cincinnati talking about the black employment and that's something everybody should be excited about. Six point eight but it still haven't what I got its progress doesn't. Making progress but is it wings are better today than they were a year ago. That is something that we should be excited about that is something that we should be celebrated its not perfect Higgins it was perfect. He said we make progress he says things are better the fact that any time. The day before work americans' lives are improving that's a good thing that we should all be excited about others. Also over there. What's yeah. There was put on American pictures. Rick question. There have been numerous published reports that Dave about it. Number three in the FBI. Will be moved up to be deputy director. Under director ray. He received both his present appointment. In the previous position. As head of the loss anglers office of the FBI. Under former director coldly. Given the administration's. Almost. Content Asia's criticism of mr. Colby. Here are. About it moving up to the number one spot. Founder director right. A look at how many personnel announcements on that front but you definitely when the award for best in Vegas where he's everything they. I have given way O'Brien. And what would it quietly without the big board's office of offensive words we've got shut downs and showdowns and treason and rot and all the rest after today. Hi everyone on the ABC news political director Rick Klein now here at the briefing room at ABC news went by John holt and Mary Alice parks like he is all here. I'm loving it here. We love it and not to interrupt her exit to join us on Capitol Hill in in just a moment. But our guys that the first the first thing I wanna tackle today shut down. The United States earlier it was a meeting about environments but and a thirteen. We know a couple of close to a spending the open now the president making it known that he is shut things down another shutdown is not the one more. Under Eric I'll save you doesn't want. Another shutdown is the vast majority of the American people if you look at this you bought today from my PX 66%. Say that immigration is is not worth shutting government down about and we saw this whole fervor and the first time and there's I think there's very little appetite to to go through this whole process and. And little appetite among lawmakers know want we talked to on Capitol Hill these days. He's threatening a satanic end there's talk about continuing to push the spending limit question right up until line. Our tickets that act the bigger question here is that. Republicans and asking for an increase in defense spending Democrats and sent an increase there should be coupled with. Increases on other social programs other government spending. And it got just back from that but so hard when we talked a capital bill this week says they have not tied for checked out. Speaking of capitals on markets and joining us are right there from the capitol building itself and job what they meet it's a strange is that as you know well. Democrats and Republicans are moving closer some of the spending guild actually. Doesn't include anything on immigration the president it would seem is trying to put back in issue that hasn't been on the it was. That's right I think senate majority leader Mitch McConnell sort of address this when they struck the deal to open the government up the last time. He said as long as we can keep government open using a set a deadline for this Thursday. Two work out some sort of deal on them on the dreamers but since they don't have one yet he's an open up the floor on Thursday after they fund the government. And I just keep it up for an open process and see which spilt can stick which bill can get sixty votes. And we hear from the White House that that now lists are Sanders saying if they don't wanna shut down that they're currently Democrats. If there is a shutdown but this meet with the politics in the immediate term here now that. And presidents on record dancing. But now. And that seemed the U ad reps and our cops back Republican from moderate district right outside bright outside DC. Six of the president's face what we need and others that don't like you are correct it way to go but we're talking about it last night there's signals. And speak at the I was thinking of cracked and president I also was struck their windsors Anderson he was the only one who put forward an immigration package that's just not true. We've seen a number of bipartisan immigration deal presented real life builds Ritson with bipartisan support in both the house. AM this and it so if we get to a point like John was suggesting where national college opens up the floor for immigration debate. I suspect we'll see one of those proposals after another rot for about. And now that we're talking about immigration that is here for the White House chief of staff John Kelly or worse into Capitol Hill as he was leaving some meetings about all of these issues but issues headlines that. One he's been saying that the president would not be inclined to move the topic deadline on that first week marking the president's otherwise it will be. If that he was Arctic air up and the second one that won't artists that they get past our Sanders there near the end he ceded he seems to be attacking people who didn't sign up for protective status any. They were too lazy to get off their assets. Off their house said. That is a colorful way to describe so called dreamers there's been some push back even from. Republicans but I'm curious John Parkinson your take on this how is this being received. On the hill John Kelly is a guy that has enormous respect by a number of Democrats is in and in many many Republicans Howard the viewing this is adding to this conversation. Well I don't think it's helpful Alton especially to the bipartisan negotiations among these number teams that are here working with the administration in the capital practically every day. There meeting again today at 530 tunnel down and and the majority leader Kevin McCarthy's office. But I spoke earlier with Steny Hoyer about this. And I asked the ticking inside the room for these negotiations he said that so far Democrats were pretty encouraged that. The president was offering a path to citizenship and also that he had expanded. This population of doctor recipients. To the dock. Eligible recipients so I think that John Kelly's comments this morning. Really throw a bone in that and it will be interesting because we're expecting Kelly to be back here at the capitol at 534 that needed. I think about Kelly's comments in the White House reaction to it also is the we've been here using his MS thirteen gang violence to rein immigrant. This is clearly the president's mind gang violence thought topic the Department of Justice briefing the press about the the violence this week. And there was not necessarily illegal immigrants the undocumented immigrants this is these these are these are gang members making Central American countries the real problem lot of places. That's other viewing the immigration issue remark and if the. Only conversation I agree should be seem to want to happen it didn't want to present in this is those it is businessman precedents that business minded White House. And has never conversation about the small businesses just from immigrants the number of young opt for viewers who are immigrants. That's a conversation happening at Silicon Valley and other parts of the country Connie streamers are. Are largely college educated our hot business potential. Are huge part of the economy and it's interesting that patent ever seems to be totally presenting. Add and it hasn't just think it's not exactly right then that once again White House's own words in this case John Kelly's birds. Get in the way in the way of a larger point which was a fair point a large appointment that he was trying to make a larger context of that comment. Was at the president was offering a path to citizenship taking flak from the right for it. Offering a pathway to citizenship for large swath of of these streamers and others. Who might qualify under that kind of status. But you kidding get to that conversation and heated conversation because the news cycle it totally gone off the rails but that's sort of offensive language. Totally gets an up and again I read an article by example but. You know we're having this conversation and I was thirteen and that's that's the issue White House wants eyewitness and that's part again. 72%. Of people in this poll say that undocumented immigrants do not commit more crimes than US's that this is. The attitude is it's this. Yeah I think he's telling what you know White House is trying to focus on so guys it was a week ago. Today is part of me seem to believe the president delivers the union address and he offered the open hand of compromise the Denver Democrats and Republicans. Yesterday he said those Democrats weren't cheering along with him were un American and maybe even treasonous and home reasons is that you have to work. Some of them will walk back today that's what you want to call it is on the trees and it's part of American art that's. When he said that Democrats were committing treason but also going to be attacked as it will be viewed there there Rudy against the country. That's the free from this White House job thus far I see you're not with us union. Absolutely you saw. He fears pushed back from a few Democrats he sought Robertson and Jim Walsh from Minnesota was running for governor say Mr. President patents or twenty for years in uniform. Communities because trees and it's just because I disagree with your policies. New York's policy I'm up if that I makes me traitor and a proud traitor and he again you see. Or what grounds was saying the rhetoric just completely threw off the message that this White House has this kind. Aren't always that this is a calling card act and that is. Just thinking you know I think that we're peppers in the roommate at that point has been the other side not happening is is pretty comment. He knew. There is there as a Republican congressman called the president president Barack Obama a liar during the student union address so not like we haven't had that kind of animosity. Before and that crowd but the reaction pushed back from my house has been strong. John Parkinson what did we were you struck by now talking to those Democrats who were sitting on their hands some of them Cingular proudly doing so apparently the president's comments. Yeah I think Johnny very public you know he touched on Harris follows it really like candy is a proud trader. I think the Democrats are welcoming this sort of tangle with the president. You know the president went to the GOP retreat last week. And I heard him deliver that's in the union message again and in his speech there. And he was really like tone down he's in a friendly crowd and I thought that the president was really with comfort zone I thought as to liberate the student union was much more like that to where. The president was delivering two a vast audience views on TV. And he wasn't just popping off. He was able to stay on message and then we've really seen that off the rails last days. Brings us to our next topic. Wild gyrations in the markets over the last couple days. That was incredible to me yesterday watch the president in real time. Outlined his mid term messaging as both be president talking about the tax cuts but he really went on the attack against Democrats that's review the American three. The trees and comments in the market. Just absolutely awful. That the four point out from under it. As useful of course a lot of recovery today some backing for White House asking if there was any regrets about presidents trumpet this. This is what you get you write about the markets he ordered on the backside as well you know back down. Now I mean she's an opening credits important context here that the economy's strong that we as a strong net and Clinton is strong. But it isn't just in the murder partners at this present regret taking credit. Biggest I didn't present taking credit economy general. Is always tricky American politics normally presents late to take credit that probably should instead credit. American businesses and innovation and the American worker not tried to cut. Especially something that's just so articulate doubts about 100 deaths at the death. But I'm struck I mean you view let's talk on announces. Arm when 2008 when. There's a certain Republican presidential candidate he says it's happy Johnny Earl Everett I try hill that's what we'll ask me he. Rebecca it will go there. Finally guys and more news at it the smaller. Pro we're waiting on word this memo declassified. Vote yesterday by that by House Intelligence Committee declassify if you're from the White House. President's reviewing its now let's go through this. This long process that may be reductions which is interesting and we also have news the president's own lawyers saying they're not that they want presidents sit down this kind of an important moment. When you think about the transparency it is White House's offer full cooperation every step of the way he's too big decision points right now what he'd do it is now what you do that's. On the mound it's interesting that White House keeps saying and policy process. At the Republican as a Republican I'm now is very unclear how come. And its case processes which in FBI DOJ and read concerns without Republican now coming out. And yet he released anyway so now the F Yankee adjacent they have great concerns and the White House theoretically try to put on mount LB hypocrisy exact same. Processes what there is what they're promising but yet the outcomes could be quite different right anti he saw some reporter in the room bring up the fact that. Before this process took place hee-seop the president speaking amendment Republican members of the cities and 100% and its. Under the poor credit that was before so it. It costs exactly so you know the White House has been and hasn't impacted. And John for holder finally will rock with you here but others that the latest on Mueller. Is there anything that you're hearing from that's our job markets it is there anything reading you're hearing from apples and apple built. About the propriety or this that necessity. Four Bob Mueller to hear directly from the president of the United States itself for actually testify in some format not just written Hewitt. Well I you know I was really surprised to hear you know. That this is still really the topic of negotiation I think that Democrats clearly want to have the president sit down. Answer all the questions of the full scope of their investigation and I think that there's a lot of Republicans that. They just want to get through this they need to check this box and you get this done. And so. You know I think that the president and his legal team really need to think about just. How what it would look like if they tried to scale back congress' ability to conduct oversight. Of the. Well that's congress all the restaurants and quick final thoughts on the continent well. I'm also confident plug. Exactly a month from today the first primaries in this country and Texas voters and ultimately you're gonna see. Again you see more mature and are from the White House not curious eighteen for eighteen checking out online or new mid term public deficit and I ask you to apply now and you'll learn. There else woodlands. I was shocked by doubling down comment Communists not an American. You know it treat Audi a Republican that's leaving office sent this weekend I was there reasons he didn't want to be in Washington anymore he was tired. Every Wednesday and other side was teaching your disagree without questioning some country. John Parkinson a picnic. Well I just wanna see how long this legislative ping pong is gonna go back and forth was in the coming from the plan. You know it's gonna get passed in the house as far as the government spending bill today. We go over the senate they're gonna definitely change it up there we'll see if they can get the spending caps deal on it once it comes back of the house was still gonna have to push it through again one more time here. They're not supposed to be in session so we'll see how that impacts the floor schedule over the next few days. Yet apparently there that was pretty well done mark ain't got that the speakers these are these big moments that are that are coming up against the word words and actions. I'm at the conflict and how the president proceeds on the smaller pieces weathered them court decision that's I have no leadership route now. Lot of the these crashing together on that. That does it from here for the briefing room for John Parkinson jumper over Kerry Ellis park's reclined. Please download the ABC news and go online and check out our eighteenth for ET covered in the mid terms everything you need to know about its elections Burmese it is. That's it for the briefing room. The next night.

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{"duration":"16:20","description":"White House press secretary Sarah Sanders laid responsibility for avoiding a shutdown on Democrats \"who have repeatedly held the government hostage.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"52886079","title":"Sanders blames Democrats as Trump says he would 'love to see a shutdown'","url":"/Politics/video/sanders-blames-democrats-trump-love-shutdown-52886079"}