Sarah Palin Praises Donald Trump with Endorsement

The reality star appears before Republicans in Iowa to endorse the presidential front-runner nearly two weeks away from the Iowa Caucus.
19:49 | 01/20/16

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Transcript for Sarah Palin Praises Donald Trump with Endorsement
It's. It. We're feared his bond now. Hot night a couple of our friends here from Alaska. Many are support for the next presidents of our great United States of America Donald de trop. You. Can't just didn't. Enhancements and this is going to be still much on. And agree. A part of this we all have a responsibility. But he ran on it I'll let you you hard work in Iowa families you've farm families and teachers and teams Thurston. Think X. You brought general. Yeah. All of you who works so hard ponds. And occur well. Yeah the world go round and now are cod is wind. When asked why I would jumping and into a primary. And stern it up a little bit maybe. And Susan I'm over friends who are running by the doors a couple of others in their. Races before they decided to run for president. I all you know weren't left and right you're gonna get clobbered in the press are just gonna get beat. Chewed up spit out and you know I'm again. He. Every game that night in 08 months he nominated for BP and I got to say yeah. Most key you'll batch. Surf. Like you all I'm still the it kinda gone every your out mr. trump out. Makes you respects you even more that you weren't here in your ear up parts. And you're putting. Actions you're putting relationships on the line to do the right think this country. A great again. Okay. And. Well I am here because like you I'm no a bit and now or never. I do to win it we believe me. In America. Are free gum if you love your free I think of the act. The united states military deserve the commander and Jeep who love our country passionately. Ever up. Guys for this kind three. They're in cheap. I'll never. Leave our men behind and you could pandering cheap. What you well never high to the families of the fallen. Okay. And it. We watch and our sailors. Supper be humiliated on the world stage. Am I rainy captors. Violation of international law. We need. She has just I did that America will lead from behind. And he would negotiate. Details. I know with the fuel. Community organizer may be organized even neighbor T. Well he does citing that no American would apologize. And as part of the deal adds. The enemies and that message to the rest of the world that they capture in week kowtow. And we apologize and then we and don't you say thank you and a it changed. Our character sir. I. Did she. It in the men stare at the heart of the DL yeah yeah I would note to the obvious. Only one candidates record of success proves he is the master of the art of the deal. Pressing he has read this and don't let you know make America great again. Really down. From the private sector not a politician can I get now let me ask. You actually have to balance budget. In order to prioritize. Keep the main thing the main thing and he knows the main paying a president just to keep passing it economically and militarily. He now is the main thing he knows how to lead the charge so true. Air because helped on the way because. What you know we're being able to command the fire. Okay. People left are here doing their job. Secure our borders secured jobs into secure our home. Make America agreed again discomfort try irritants. End of the United States Donald. Years ago I warned that Obama. Promised. Transfer. Nation of America. Take more. And leave America weaker on the world stage. And that we would still be unrecognizable. Well. When promised Obama caps. Do it alone and your remembers. You like eight. Amid the GOP this we have to remember in this very contested competitive rate primary race. Candidates see exposed not just that tragic the ramifications. Back. Beach radio of a transformation of our country but you. Has exposed. That complicity. On both sides of the I feel that has an old acts okay. Swell to. It ought to do which is really ticking people locked. Which about how to rope left and right and you do so well. Well off this ID. This week that worked at least honest I want to understand more and more help the system. That's me. The trouble that we in America. And doing beanie. Bear camp and class and that's why you see that the border. Open. They're cheap or that they want to coming. This. Could be us Bob. It's why we see how easy trade deals. That are in history first terrorists elsewhere. Someone new who has the power in his in the position. Last. Establishment. Things great again part of the problem. Candidacy which is a move. It it's not art it's a strategy. As the keep their title and their perks intermediary. Really care who wins the election. Meet me on this and it's happening today. I don't GOP machine used albums Mitt. It would have stumbled the political landscape. Parent parent. Reiner. What the cap would. After their writer and her supporters. They don't eat there and they don't self destruct but the GOP establishment to become after Donald Trump's support. With accusations that. Arsenal golf course busted the way that this thing works. We see you a dike burst dynamic. Needed support base that they would attack. And now. But even whispering they're ready debt growing our read over trop because they can't support to the status quo bowel otherwise. They won't be double b.'s worked not a train. Them all the years. Want to act. Well and then funny. Off hot not funny but now what they're doing his whaling well trump and his his trumpet nurse whether or not this. Evan a all of my goodness gracious. Act with the establishment know about conservatism. Is conservative. GOP majorities candy Obama of playing Jack to find Obama care. And Planned Parenthood. And how legal immigration and that competes for our jobs and turning safety nets into comics. And to. New Democrat voters are going to be common on over the border as we keep the borders open. Our children millions in new. Our solvency. And our sovereignty. Even though that's why we elected an incentive that the majority did DC. Me to do acted. Hate to tell. We're not conservative but not in order to be able to make these changes in America that we know need to be may now. They're concern about. This ideological. Pure. Just. And tell somebody like. Lafley she is the Republican conservative movement iconic hero and a trumps supporter. She's not conservative. As right wing and veteran lenient putting here's our guns our daughter and our religion and our. That. Act from his accomplishment right. Al. He be the only one he's been willing he's got the guts to Wear the issues that need to be spoken about and debated. On his sleeve where there. Of some of these establishment candidates. Wanted to duck and hide people want to talk about issues to he brought him up. And wearing a this. Is. Suicide best. Isn't not. These issues that don't from toxic hot and to be debated and rock to the forefront. And that's why we are where we are to meet with does action. A good. He hit and very competitive primaries where we are and now go to be lectured the acts well. All sounding kind eatery is what we're hearing from the establishment. Were angry. Are now and then they tell us just she L. I picked the act acts. Well like. We are mad and we've been happy need to get used to it did election. Is more then just your basic. ABC's. Anybody but Clinton. It's more than that this go around. Addict nation without borders. Talking about debate prep season our federal government debt that our children our grandchildren no never be able to pay off. No more great nest power but admit it comes from student. Through spring. Well and we're talking about our very existence somehow gonna chill. Act it's time to drill baby drill yeah. Think folks accountable. Need to stop the self sabotage and it lacked. New independent. Candidate who represents they acted represented America first currently. Constitution. And that he brings to the table. Yes the status quo would not to go otherwise we're just gonna get more from Spain and with there L again. It. Easy sell mixed it must be just Donald Trump is the right went to dude acts. Horton who you. Don't. You make America great again. Old and a little steam. I heard all of us in the private sector or in the house in the senate. Seoul. Are free to work fighters in the house and the senate to. EB. There and help out they tell our new leader in the position that they are in. I think something really positive about want a balanced individuals. Ran wrong. Without that experience street idiom that is healthy. No. Don't. Or. The health authorities. Shouldn't do mark. Rich worked. Court there are skirmishes. They have been going on. First series where inner fight each other errands Ellen all hot our apology not on each other's hands forever never. I. And let us sort it out. I may Sprint's. Donald app is at. Shouldn't we didn't put the bill we haven't prioritize our own domestic budgets well enough to be to a what we're doing overseas. You're gonna teens under president trump. Okay. I. Beatable team with fighters there in the house in the senate. Aren't here. Different. You know multi billionaire not that there's anything wrong with that. Amazing isn't hot you meet is. At all I. You want to know him more and more is a person in the family and what is many accomplished and with its it's kind of this generosity. He's his large yes kinda. I don't know if something gets in the way of that quiet generosity and and that his compassion but if you know about the person and you'll get to know him more and more you'll have even more respect not just for his record of success. And the good intentions for America but who he is as a person he's not. And elitist and yes for the multi billionaire still root among. Because roots saw on. Why it would work me and he tells Joseph six act he said. You know I've worked very very hard and I succeeded. Huge gently I've succeeded he says. Any dozen I want you to succeed to. End is brief breast she. Just as he builds things he builds big things thing. Touch the sky big infrastructure. That put other people to work. He spent his life. Looking up and Bruce Steen the hard hats and still told them to the work ethic that you all cap within you. He beat an optimist. Passionate about equal opportunity to work. This made successive he has eat you know that he doesn't get his work is high. Off. Beat him. Other people's money like a lot of don'ts in Washington. Parent get all the app which they take other people's money. And then their highest getting your redistributed. Brighton and they get to be really popular all when they get to it. About your Harden not well he doesn't do that his power his parents. The fabric of America. And it's woven might work ethic and dreams and dry and faith in the almighty what a combination. Are you ready to share and that again Iowa. Gonna let you make America great again. Empower you to look out for one and her again instead of relying on a big rat government. To supposedly be looking out for you. Calling. You ready for that. I don't I believed to that you're ready. To see that our bets are treated better than illegal immigrants are treated in this country. You are ready for that tax reform he talks about to open up main street again. To stop the race bait and that division based on color and this code. High around the right issues the issue is important and or I want and roll I prospect amend it. At its constitutionality. Those things that are unifying values and their time tested truths involved. The unifying values from big cities and tiny towns. From Mountain States and the Big Apple all. To the big beautiful heartland that's in between. No different view to picture this. Think to picture exactly what you hear from tomorrow. Former president Barack Obama. Oh. Teleprompters. And you. This self these sticks then the Greek columns and all that hoping GG staffing he had gone back to Chicago. Weren't sure you can find some community there to organize again. Eric. He can find me look up. President Obama will be able to look up in the air over his head. He'll be able to see that shine dean how marine trump tower. Barack. Milk ads and stem cell lines I know why do you think a lot. Be here tonight supporting the right man who will allowing you to hate America agreed again. Not. And I think the Mac. And the United States got.

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{"duration":"19:49","description":"The reality star appears before Republicans in Iowa to endorse the presidential front-runner nearly two weeks away from the Iowa Caucus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36389247","title":"Sarah Palin Praises Donald Trump with Endorsement ","url":"/Politics/video/sarah-palin-praises-donald-trump-endorsement-36389247"}