Sarah Palin Skips Trump Event After Endorsement

ABC News' Josh Haskell reports from Norwalk, Iowa.
10:18 | 01/20/16

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Transcript for Sarah Palin Skips Trump Event After Endorsement
It isn't just. Advice there you. An old rickety. Surprising that there you look here. Yeah big surprise you advertised by the convenient. Britain also. Waiting ERP. Today but it's scheduled to begin today. What we know it. Where Donald. Came here. We're here at games. Big announced its role Kelly at an Ames Iowa and in today's. So somewhat of a surprise and referring to the bottom of it and why and why he's not going speculation but it doesn't take away from the back. Talent and energy behind that you cited UF. He now wolf these young audiences every piece of battle and yet you don't want that out he got. Sarah Palin was also at Iowa's governor to speak and who should not leave the island pockets as well Judy you Steve for trump very active. And trump years. Saying Hollywood debut his truck got okay. While he knows that especially from what they're. I have. But the big question is what's good it matters. Storm power. You don't trust as they haven't really. On Saturday we know it. Everything went back out on the campaign trail in Iowa City to events on Saturday that Beckett works on its voice in the conservative community having. All the we've got to be McDonald's dropped the use of vintage cruiser. Where did even from the blazes at backpack. Number one guy. What do they didn't. Talking on. And we're Johnson and doing regular life. Online read and believe warning telling the story knows it better I don't I have to. They keep Tom appreciated. And also want to give you a little bit more a sense of what it's like here I was talking Q but some support for the event and I said you know were you excited this. That Sarah Palin and ask Tom and I were just reporting. Syrupy it's not here so let's get her opinion right now what's your name man. See you told me that you were so excited. Sarah Palin but we're just she. You don't know for you. No. It's all speculation at this point and and I cannot. Opponents got so you're not tickets. Now you got. What was that like. Compared to what you see on TV yeah. You get up and I. Yeah. And. Heard that both. Snow on the belly. That we see. Got you hate war and more over twelve date from the caucus or use according Donald Trump I am and what did say today that stood out. We're yeah. Yeah. I'm I'm I'm. I mean you. I wanted to. What's going on behind him. That they metal railing and I'm not allowed to get out of did the doctor. We got it Phil I would try to get closer Donald Trump it we'll fly there. And ask are ready are you gonna try to talk him. Question I'm I and so much better. We're talking ABC. I want to try it for you guys a little closer you know I can't really get much. Seeds of reasonable route and talking on the waited out a little different don't were not talking about three or 4000 people who are like. You can dig deep sea birds who have been that I covered Ford truck in Iowa on Friday and a one you got to view behind me. Trying to track down. Also here trying to get a little bit more reporting on where Sarah Palin by so we're not going anywhere just giving you little. OK yeah. Okay. You know he's able to drive that ABC's John fifty G. Passive reporting on where Sarah Palin might be lying simplistic. Here at the rally at an average time is now. Two year old solutions. In Iowa. Try to talk to legitimate. I really didn't get his. The rally is. Look like you I'm. Think about mr. trump. Silverlight you know he softened their and I guess you know politicians the fans when Clinton and Obama Linder. And I still that is. People don't imagine if you don't know nineteen Terry you know. Did you elements it's 191000. Billions them all she's not my you know you know. Did you come here expecting to see zero. Poverty that it would have been nice cedar. That's someone else telling us she called it bonus but you really need here McDonald's. Once in that program. We're not fair grounds out they're. The doors opened at 4 o'clock. He was supposed to speak at 630 funerals recently sober he had to require our people I was there I went crazy. Since you think that he's gonna win the Iowa caucus. I don't know how anybody else can be you know the good morning and it warned rank title. 100 yeah right okay do you agree with some criticism of the local news into the dimly registered its it was a huge steam without rally on Friday. When asked on the way to chaos every seven years old when I worked all my life. Currently recently sent miracles in all but retired Miami program loaded you know 40000 and what these kids now days. Over my boots. Vertebrae in my reborn and all that governor elect definitely you know are you going to be how can you beat Santa Claus okay. Santa Claus giving you everything you can't it's hard to beat you know and maybe he'll be doing you know. And I appreciate your time don't think you know. Strong words there from trump supporter and just found ABC's John since she and John want to ask you we. What's the latest. I fear. This rally which really we're we're not green. It's coming back yeah. Going on calls ignoring green. Additional funds actually rehiring. Reporting second by second year you can see Johnson do just had a goal way to take a phone call maybe it's. More information on. Why Sarah Palin was in this. Rally us advertising. See the roof pretty empty behind it is a very small group. Okay I honestly don't allow me to rolling okay Jerry Yang. Filling up. Without a small thing it's the right up to the railing and eavesdropping happens on some. And as I mentioned. A lot words I'm in Iowa and I'm. I think we chances. As he tries to win the Iowa caucus I'm ABC's Josh Haskell. We'll look tireless running on thoughtful reporting and the rest of the day on the oldest political stories from the campaign trail.

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{"duration":"10:18","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell reports from Norwalk, Iowa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36398141","title":"Sarah Palin Skips Trump Event After Endorsement","url":"/Politics/video/sarah-palin-skips-trump-event-endorsement-36398141"}