Sarah Sanders discusses Iran deal, Haspel nomination, and North Korea

ABC News' Powerhouse Politics team breaks down White House press briefing as North Korean talks near and President Trump withdraws from the Iran deal.
10:37 | 05/09/18

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Transcript for Sarah Sanders discusses Iran deal, Haspel nomination, and North Korea
Everybody welcome to the briefing room on ABC's cap and potters to invite and see blood that was probably one of the latest briefings. We've had so far we're gonna do an abbreviated. Version of the show but lots of news to get to North Korea Iran. Michael Coe an overnight the news breaking that. North Korea's North Korean prisoners were freed the president announcing on Twitter that they were on a plane coming back with Mike Pompeo Sarah Sanders. I'm talking little bit about that but it earlier today with our Jon Karl he some nicer rhetoric for Kim Jung and that any. I think this is with the exchange of the prisoners I think this is a win for president companies and he's relishing that right now I think. Down the line they've definitely taking away a bargaining chip from the north Koreans and this is something that every American can celebrate I think the question remains is whether or not. He can get the deal that he wants regarding North Korea's nuclear program. At Wright in ads as you guys and this is. Pump pay a second meeting. With Kim Jung and his first one. About a month ago his real and working on that upcoming summit negotiations around that summit. The president has been teasing us a little bit honest John costs mabus earlier today do we have a time and place yet man. But we know it's not good in the DMZ right we're rolling out Sutter and sound. So I know Singapore was one option that was voted for I guess that's on the table so though it remains to see what happens didn't look at it and and and sort of mutual's and I think from different experts that one of the big challenges with Kim Jung and his travel. He's troubled recently to China by train it's it's hard to imagine that he goes somewhere outside of Asia are out of that sphere of the world so. I think that's a consideration and then also they want to make sure it somewhere where everybody feels comfortable. Or aunt crystal seat. And the president early Thursday morning at two and he announced on Twitter that he would be. And greeting and that plane has that a rhymes he's usually by the time he yes exactly usually up at that time that there are analysts right exactly now is Anthony Iran you know. Fallout now Sarah Sanders address at a little bit. In the briefing me there's been. Some are closest allies in Europe is an outrage around it now she did it saying about sanctions that they could be imposed as early as next week. Yeah and I think you're already seeing in the region ten attention stretching out. The strikes in Syria last night you're seeing south sites in Saudi Arabia now talking about potential building their own nuclear program. Counter on those those legislators in Iran burning the American flags. When they when they met earlier today so I think there's a lot of a lot of tension in the region and even as Europe and and our allies in Europe trying to try to preserve this deal in some form with the wrong. Now there are some. Cheering them and he knew the Israelis and saudis not everybody is upset about this year but. I'm former President Obama making his rare statement. Coming off the sidelines calling this decision and so misguided as you know you you covered Obama that's a rare you are right. It's a rare move and I think if you look back on on on on when former president's going in the current foreign policy. It's something that. George Bush then quickly declined to do interim president Obama's administration. Obama coming out with a prepared statement about this about this decision you've done something similar on the time of the Charlottesville. Protesters at the system that he's doing increasingly something Republicans are. Are not too fond of us the former president. Looking other big topic was Gina Haskell. Up on Capitol Hill your beat your running around have been here all day she's facing tough questions and a lot of controversy surrounding. Interrogation programs you you watched that hearing. It today and we're what do you make of that. Well it's interesting is that she she did defended her her actions once. When she was in CIA leadership discovered a programs in the controversy over waterboarding she said she we'll follow her moral compass when she was pressed on whether or not. She would follow orders from president trouble Chris torch on the campaign trail. Whether or not that would be something that he or she would carry out an office she says you have follow her more her moral compass she declined to say whether she was acting morally. In during previous administrations when she had a role in the in the in the cover programs there. Renton and and we have our senior White House correspondent facility in there. On the north on just honest. Bit on Gina house she's adds an hour hearing. And that she's never going to take the CIA backed in this interrogation program Cecilia there's Sanders was asked how she squared these comments that the president's previous comment. Advocating for four tortures so it's the same briefing. She's basically. An evening. She intended she hadn't had. Have a conversation about that was president you remember very well on the campaign trail and and president candidate Donald traps and he believes in. He works. Seems a little odd then that's kind of conversation that would have been had in months and then nine that's the story understandings and. Ironically exchange and shares Sanders in the briefing here on press credentials the president on where this morning. Ben advocated or stripping. Presidential sting Austin's. Think her and today doctors suggested stripping. Journalists of their press credentials as a lion at his Press Secretary traveling across. I'm standing up in front of you right now taking your questions I think a number of youth had mentioned both off air. Our on air in private in a number of other occasions that this is one of the most accessible White House's. We're very committed to a free press and I think that we demonstrate that every single day not only by me being up here in taking your questions as I'm doing right now. The president did it just a couple of hours ago and has made multiple sets of remarks will be. In front of the press later tonight as well. She sat I'm standing appear in front of you right now but that doesn't really answer the question. Sticky questions. Let's be clear from the media is not the same thing is advocating for it for the First Amendment. And as IRA went on in this exchange some later point out. We here in the white house press corps are you guys included would not be able to ask those questions. Of this president and how serious Sanders an of this entire administration. On behalf of the American public if we did not have the credentials to enter into this White House so it makes no sense. Frankly. And that is the answer that she just kept going with and pretty plain old us. Sarah Sanders and it is the responsibility. Of the press corps of the breast to correct the record when they get facts wrong that's been there they're going to line when they'd been challenged on. He's and these these assertions from the president these suggestions from the president that he wants to strip us of our press credentials or perhaps take. Stricter libel laws and she's as you know that the press corps has a responsibility to correct the record. That is not a standard who has an hold themselves. Right now that's exactly right president has made. Many statements that he doesn't allow himself to that standard version over a year since that's a little press conference table he first took office storms in that we still haven't seen on the line anyway thank you insisted I don't want you get back to your busy day over there at the White House lots to cover North Korea and Iran. Thanks for joining us. Busy but I want to say I very much enjoy this little role reversal situation we've got knowing I'm. I'm here is nice to see you guys on the. I know I know I think you thank you we we lost our good friend John Santee shooting down on us last year here on your on your own time. You know he's watching wherever he is that. Some. Okay that big story to Michael Cohen this is pretty confusing there's a lot of moving parts here it seems like since that FBI rain. President's personal attorney Michael Klein it's just kind of been stricter scripture now we have all sorts of corporations they're facing questions about. Why they were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to Cohen Sarah Sanders and not really answering that. He is now with what's gone on here. It's it's Anderson because at its most basic form which is still pretty confusing. The lawyer for the adult film actor stormy Daniels who's suing president trump. Claimed to have evidence that that Cohen received hundreds of thousands are these companies pouring into his his corporation. In exchange for efforts suit to curry favor they're peddle influence within the administration at this point there's a lot more that we don't now. And what we do you know at this point. About that money and who gave the money why the money was given if Collins sought the money himself if he actually. Went to the White House in and did the people's business and from the president we know Sarah Sander said that she was not aware. Of any efforts are any successful efforts to peddle influence by Cohen on behalf as clients but I think at this point. Honestly the sort of plays into the troubled legal team's argument that this is a Michael Cohen problem because there are a lot of question about Michael Collins and how he was spending his time. Not some money about president trump right at this moment action. We're talking eleven abouts earlier obvious in the story. Has changed a lot since Rudy Giuliani out on television and then purse and then when I tell that guy again having an inning and trying to correct the record better. Right now on the surface this. Does look good for president Bob Wright and mean AA or could come back to bite. Well we know how quickly things can change on Washington but it. I guess as we said it does seem like this is of a Michael Cohen issue right now the white house of course is not really answering questions about. Michael Cohen and has access to the White House who we are talking to you but I think it could very quickly become a problem for president sharply on how much legal exposure. Cohen has we know that there aren't aren't and that investigators in new York and then robber bullish team who are looking at Colin. If if he feels like he's he's under pressure if you feel squeezed he may turn to somebody who cooperates with this team and that could put president trump university Scituate. And when I found interesting on this and n.'s Harris briefing she was asked specifically. Is the president concerned about this could put it complicate legal matters she would answer that of course you referred. Until outside counsel Rudy Giuliani as as we expected. But the reality is from sources that we've talked to in the White House from sources close to the legal team that are concerned they are concerned but the Cohen manner and that it possibly could be more damaging handlers I think that's all to meet its. And it seems like there's a lot of concern about. About Cohen freelancing and what he was doing and we was talking to a lot of people that scenes outside the trump legal team on the trump legal team have questions about who's talking to. Right. I think that's all we have time for today when there's a briefing will be right here follow our latest stories on North Korea and Iran coming up on world news tonight on Our capital potters and then Ciba that Alia.

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{"duration":"10:37","description":"ABC News' Powerhouse Politics team breaks down White House press briefing as North Korean talks near and President Trump withdraws from the Iran deal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"55053857","title":"Sarah Sanders discusses Iran deal, Haspel nomination, and North Korea","url":"/Politics/video/sarah-sanders-discusses-iran-deal-haspel-nomination-north-55053857"}