What Could Have Saved Gabrielle Giffords?

Mark Kelly says stronger background checks would have stopped accused Tucson shooter.
1:52 | 01/30/13

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Transcript for What Could Have Saved Gabrielle Giffords?
In the case of Jared Loughner the person shot my -- and murders six of her constituents. He was clearly mentally ill. He was expelled from -- pima community college because of that. There was no where war. Or his parents and school did not send him anywhere to be. Adjudicated or evaluated with regards it was meant -- -- Now mr. -- a year earlier tried to make the point. That criminals not submit the back. Well ms. Jared Loughner. The -- that Tucson shooter. Was that it was an admitted drug user. He was rejected from the US army because of -- drug use he was clearly mentally ill when he purchased that gun in November. His plan was to assassinate my life. And commit mass murder -- safely so. He wasn't. Because of the drug use. And because of what he was planning on doing. But he because of these gaps in the -- else's now in this case -- 121000. Records. I admit -- not included in the -- of record on him but could that. And -- day he would have -- that back. Now obviously in this case. He will likely -- -- And war crime itself. And avoided them back. But we close the gun salute all it would require private sellers. Two completed background that we yet those under 41000 records and others in businesses. We will prevent -- That is an absolute. It wouldn't happen in Tucson. My wife would not sitting in this seat she would not been sitting here today. If we had stronger back.

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{"id":18355619,"title":"What Could Have Saved Gabrielle Giffords?","duration":"1:52","description":"Mark Kelly says stronger background checks would have stopped accused Tucson shooter.","url":"/Politics/video/saved-gabrielle-giffords-18355619","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}