Behind the Scenes Look at Hillary Clinton's Press Bus

ABC News' Liz Kreutz shows what life is like on the campaign trail for the press following this Presidential Candidate.
13:28 | 01/26/16

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes Look at Hillary Clinton's Press Bus
Moving I'm not your risk is exactly Liz. Tell us gray. I'm. Here. Hillary Clinton pressed more buzz I actually don't really know we're I am we're somewhere between Des Moines, Iowa and don't for a Ireland. Which is where we are heading right now it's three hour drive everywhere and Howard and I drive all the reporters but tides and immediately. Well we're wavering house and we and I definitely bothering people on this last time is the time we really get our work time. It's been nonstop these past few days into the Cox's Dukakis and and it is also. Oxide in Bloomington. What each and every single direction and this is what you see from our history here this lovely view for hours and hours on end. And let me show you around. You little tour of this bus personal just turn the camera and Mike show you actually what it looks like. And for us. Cause very fancy comment. Yeah. Continue yes I'm an unlocked on this bus in these. Reporters here behind me and monitoring them a lot of them aren't in the back of the bus is where I'm reporters are sneak off to go make phone calls. They're editors and private conversations and families of our private time begins right now he's getting lots of time together and excuse you little space. Keep walking don't come back and talk. Some of these rumors are working away and the here up in the front end and ice Nancy Ellen this is where he had. That those types hang out. Right here cold Ottoman turnaround. I got news. Into the third yeah. The and I'm. All artwork yeah. I'm looking like New Hampshire where do you already working on them in and I'm literally. An announcer. And it's great because when we're ready we need to do after Iowa leanings here. Into the primaries in New Hampshire and then on the primary in South Carolina and. As so that is Molina from the Washington Post season basically with Hillary Clinton I think almost everything I've seen her many many events over the past many months. This is done males from the New York Times when I come and sit down. Highest and it's good to see you on the Hillary Clinton plus classic LA's and welcome to Iowa how its muscle. And how important my number caucuses this scenario where guys I think my first caucuses in 1980 or so around. Did you cover Hillary Clinton in the last and I did. The Hillary campaign fall of 2008. And and and ended. It's just so far now you've been Hillary Clinton thirteen days now here in Iowa what do you noticing differences between 2008. And photographing apparently since the incident where I mean I think the crowds element here. We've been a couple of large crowds here. I'm really notice the voters. More diverse. It's not just. The older. Female who was bringing just coming in bringing their husband along and now looks like a lot more younger people on board diversity in the crowds. And seems like me a more well rounded and she noticed yeah thanks we 60. Seizes the rope line. And you know sometimes people want is somebody come here to say hello what most of I'm she's doing everything it. Straight on doing on stuff so he's been. Voters is all over the southeast yeah I think everybody because I'm an entry and and in walkway homeland ushers in a hurry and preserve business news now themselves. So what do you do eminent to see your process and township Argentine it's very different process what do you guys do both and you cleaning your chips. When you get on the bus after and then you take only so. How many voters. Yeah. You can't help. More are sometimes we have timing comer computer center back into media especially in the menu so what is hasn't. If you're asking whether or not yeah yeah the last time so yeah that we immediately come to allow time. The cards out of our cameras and let's we have wireless LA. That's how great we check. He has a tight you know. Down the side of the camera there. Powerless tab right there which allows you to take your picture. And I can look at it and then immediately send it to New York. Those teams right up through the mountains and at the end of the day you're busy like deleting what is you don't want to do now we definitely. I mean we never erase any thing I think. Better grab them. Again let me actually in an intern yesterday. Can handle and then turn this around once again. So anywhere and everywhere. You aren't editing for a round. Defending. Your honor and a. They now. You see them on the front page of the next name. On the what. Collapsing unlike them. Way the going out yet their game. I guess your eminence. It's all about web posted. Favorite uses of every day to. Bird patterns. On the web Twitter against Abraham. We do it all now. Totally look thanks guys every kid is littered and I. So it doesn't those hugs and friend now here's some print reporters this is and mystery meat Cramer from high speed and at ruby every we just heard and keys. Along an amazing he started yesterday came out yesterday what was then Aberdeen. Then they're really questioned my yeah. Sad news it was now Glenn and maintenance. I just checking out. He's a wonderful writer and so that's and Israeli Amy Holmes and best seen from Bloomberg and he can hear from the Washington Post he's working night. And now heading accidentally eat folks the end adds my counterparts at CNN and NBC Manhattan yes aunt now has been both. For you get here for you get your colleague that I wanted to ask you all the but it just isolated areas such a range of experience. On the bus he stayed on the campaign today is totally different from what it was four years ago and likewise the sport today. You've got everyone from Doug mills has been covering this for decades down through the Kramer whose. Under this is her first election season on the bus or not but is relatively new to the process and I wonder how does that contribute to the whole dynamic. On the actual plastic bags covering the Clinton Campaign. I think it's incredible to me especially is like a young person and this is my first campaign on the road I think being around these sort of veteran reporters. It's been incredible week. We learned so much from that these are worried that give us some perspective from the house campaigns and they've covered that means just wouldn't have because you learn how you're doing so. I started this is really fun and hanging fruit for me personally news we learn alive and it's been really. And one of the best parts of this entire experience I'm an also let me just I think he is also good to get and you in his bid to have people who have been around answered no then historical perspective. Yeah but speaking of some young people I guess I can introduce you to some of that my counterparts are ignored party. Pictures of holy between them out as we speak any turnaround. There's. Some present at present the only totally froze as many as. Hayley. Damn America and Ari there okay great. This is stand Dan miracle happens CNN. Chance of this is your first campaign on the road on I was just asking me about. Consider what is like TB you know with all these extra better represented mills and what what that means they're on the bus mechanic. Patrick yeah. It's great being very tough. There's. There's no end to I don't know. And how do you survive these long hours after a year of very good accident and having snacks and things and also finding interesting places to go outside of the campaign trail. Harbor on the bus is under the other campaign. We're driving. Your little town. Job. It's murder. Now right now and that's. And yet we're kind of job done here it's you're getting hot and deeper human being on ABC right exactly in this Monahan. You see him on so that when he wasn't. On and I'm going to. When night fall. I need. On the life. 95 cents in lunch. Yes oh yes this kind of crazy and have mothers and this is what my trick. So are and where yeah. Hanna. In morning register my attorneys so here here in Iowa states and on you. What are you. What you sensing from Iowans are now five days six days away from what your what you are feeling on the ground when he's been very Hillary isn't going to be really tight and I realized. Better than anybody expected coming and it needs adjusting casino host Iowa it's really just aren't focusing on is the last few weeks we've opened to an interim. And clean the pseudonym means paying attention on something concert smiling. It's a sign. People actually turning. That's we're yeah. And you're not a story. So on and that fact there we have now. Obviously you know I can't even in the center and the rumors of humor in the way and so many other. Yeah exactly and so the question. Pretty much so far. Two hours and then two hours of the diamonds. Well we're not getting heat for two hours before Lillie go and that is not turn your favorite does the second because you've been covering this campaign. We've seen how things have changed over the last several weeks and give me at lakes and right now this way and it Clinton's campaign is. Now he's no longer the clear front runner he's really had to fight to win Iowa. So he's and what's going on him right now. You know I think it is on from the McCain campaign likes seven point out. Insane in this race have been industries is never going to be close I don't really noting I would guess plus I don't think but. She's yeah she and agencies or change its strategy when it comes hemorrhaging race enters I think that's been and is seeking to watch them pass tonight. Even you know beginning of the campaign she heard mention his name them until it happens or two weeks ago just aren't really going after an. But that is are covered right now campaign when he sixteen. Full wrap up of the democratic front runners stick when it here. I'm on the Nevada in New York.

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{"id":36530793,"title":"Behind the Scenes Look at Hillary Clinton's Press Bus","duration":"13:28","description":"ABC News' Liz Kreutz shows what life is like on the campaign trail for the press following this Presidential Candidate.","url":"/Politics/video/scenes-hillary-clintons-press-bus-36530793","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}