Behind the Scenes at the Sanders Caucus Event

ABC News' Mary Alice Parks takes us behind the scenes at Sen. Bernie Sanders' caucus event.
11:21 | 02/02/16

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes at the Sanders Caucus Event
We'll bring more what's happening on the ground let's go now to ABC's Mary Alice parks she is live for us. Inside and Bernie Sanders and then Mary Alice tells is going on where you Latin. I am now mine's main ally as we are here. Eating set up for what is looking like it's going to be a pretty huge event for Bernie Sanders. In downtowns and went behind Neil seats. All the press getting ready at a C three tiered riser all. The EC's David dry day. Guy it and you Kennedy. Recording all night from here and our navy and pretty is very. OK we have our camera team set up and we are going to over getting a little bit about this for some other reporters that are doing live shots. But they press is on getting set up they're expecting clearly a huge crowd behind me this some way we have a giant podiums. Risers and means it's its big Spacek you're actually was pretty surprised that I watched Dennis is that they're expecting. Quite a show it looks very formal it looks great. Presidential there I'd say it looks very good together. It's it's gonna be at it a big event and actually gonna. Walk credible that maybe you can kind of get the sense of this go here. Day had. They normally be at less than. Crabs go right up where those barricades are and I'm hoping that we'll be able to two nights if Bernie comes around and shakes hands. Depending whether you wouldn't earlier it'll be a great opportunity right up to where. The black on is I'm hoping he shakes hands in. Takes LV advance and it interacts as voters little bit ambulance to get some of that real close border interaction tonight. And a walk back more this away. Do is view. Yeah me out exact aero different back then and can't meet. You know Bernie Sanders a affidavit any in the caucus locations today. So we haven't heard anything like that yet so far today we know that he went to you Perkins extract and at blueberry pancakes and we know they he went on a walk with his wife. We have Jane which he does a lot of big days did the same thing on during the debates. He added he DA eaten daily served family time on these days. They also we also know the heat's. Did things like meat and you know things you'd expect Britain even his campaign manager work on his remarks for tonight I assume he kind of had to prepare to different versions of a speech great. And we know that some testing of an adult like it's a one and we saw him briefly when he stopped by campaign office into more and he greeted some of the volunteers there he answered. 23 precious in the press showed up in his big press bus. Before taking off his history behind the eight air. They're playing you know a lot of these kind of video cock is get out the vote videos and it had cracked. You know he it's been much more of kind of a digital get out the vote effort firm from the break acting which is maybe why we didn't see him visit. Any sites it's been really useful movement out a lot of these flashy videos that play on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube really trying to encourage young people to get out that's really didn't make up the base of of Bernie's borders and I and there's really in this. This really youthful vibe to all of there and get out the vote act for us. Mass that we don't know about Bernie Sanders and caucus sites that Ben Carson has and that picture than him right now. At one in a caucus night sat on the Republican side air he would fare talking to some folks. And we want to get an attack and already are we just kind of check in and out. That's pickles so we're looking at that that area out we want to stick with Yale. Are there any added things you want to show is around there to tell us about how today has been Berea. I'm actually I guarantee you got a little bit of a lock. Because one thing that's kind of interest staying bottled it accident one thing that's an interesting is that for the first time a bunch of us the travel and poverty. Are going to fly on a Bernie Sanders charter. And I'm hoping the base of all of this luggage they had hundreds of pieces of luggage color coded and taped and it really just shows. The extensively it's the Bernie. Press corps has exploded. In the laugh. Futile and weeks since you how it thanks so around the politics rap gets a little bit back. Well when it first started it was of the elite meet. I got from the Washington Post tend to die from bad feet ready only that currently there are written Ernie day in and day out. It is that three of us. We did a liar like near the guys but in the last in the last month all the sudden we have issues on their you don't cheers and tears of risers. And we really have. I'm okay they're starting to move some alike is out. But we do when I first got here. All of this being his audience in was due totaling ball. And because they are getting ready to push the put all of this press. Luggage charade on to this. Bernie Sanders traveling press pool chartered flight will leave tonight and go straight to Manchester riches is cut interest in all of us. Are gonna pack up or flight of the sand ever gonna. We don't win or lose here in Iowa he is going straight to New Hampshire and and yet you'll see everybody they are just they are loading up the luggage. And they're getting brazen move all of the press house that this is like he had no idea I can show you. But a lot of the press as you can imagine it's a long really stressful day today and I'll well mightiest Curtis 3:30 in the morning sell at others is pretty here. As a pretty Q I first got here Aaron and Kimberly the wreckage site as a Barrett me. It says. You're beautiful. Are all here at the press check in it says. It says you're answering a stress free zone. And a you can you can tell that the brings tennis campaign has had to deal. But a lot of pretty stressed that reporters today and they average he really hard to make everyone here feel like it's a fun night it's a celebratory night. Bet you know that its content is key I just as a double their working really hard and I hear it's a little bit Kreider here but this is this is. I had adding value I gotta tell you look you know breath fewer fresh as the days ago for having a mockery sorry am are you kidding me. I would like a hot mess right as I think yeah. I would Downey got the copy that today no. Well that's very nice India. That's very nice video I don't feel like that's come up at Cutler out drag. It now it it's just to jam packed day you know we had Good Morning America here this morning we had. Nurses that but the national nurse Z is the largest union a country is one of Bernie's biggest supporters. And they were out of 5:30 does morning. GM is being in. And cheering for Bernie and I was out with that I mean it is it's a long day for campaign staffer volunteers it's it's the make or break day right so. It's it's it's going to be a long haul I don't really no sleep tonight we were joking that the press. That if bypass out someone please just put me under clay can make Easter egg. Get on the plane to New Hampshire but. But it's I don't know it's a part of it we're having fun rent a mocking back into this. Other room. Well you catch your breath for it back next. And that night I do not what is this and I'm on her knees and ink right now on me hot and they think got an idea it. You not and it really unofficial anecdotal level and lot of the campaign staffer pretty. Nervous and I saw them earlier today just very. They can't had a hard time McKinney in the attic and had a hard time talking I think not to get it botanists and things are gonna go well a like. Well go already at about because you reach some point where. Whereas fatty your hands which is weird for the campaign staff either all of the work that they did and all the claimed he did it knock and people come out and vote for their guy. Org does and I think that that feeling of all isn't losing control hours before the caucuses very weird for this campaign Babbitt has worked so hard. The last month I think that all of the other but the senator has always sad is that it will depend on turnout we were just listening to. Not doubt and LT talk about the fact that if the young people come out. I think that actually how little get brings enters a a leg up and it really could tip them over the edge of the public know that pretty early on either the young people look. We'll brave the cold and a potential stormed able. They will make Atlantic go even though they have class later. Or they Wallace you know young people historically and traditionally tend to vote in much much lower percentages tends to be a really tough consistency to get out. And so. I think you know Bernie is that all along that this is his campaign is about expanding the voter BA's XBN in the electric getting people that don't normally vote to the polls. Campbell seen out if that happens candidate this young people. And as progresses come out for him. Mary out there on the ground brought us Ron kind of waves seem yeah exactly but so much has been talked about it is that how important young voters of the first time caucus goers are. To this in his campaign in particular on the democratic side so. We've seen and heard from the people you've talked to there is there excitement and the among young people like any. Noticed more of a surge of people talking about it and getting excited to go caucus. Oh absolutely it was it was actually shocking to me just last night he didn't rally in Tim White and the very beginning. One of that I feel organizers. Here at Iowa asked the crowd how many of you have never caucus before. And I would guess a third of memories there. And I was shocked I mean if if he really didn't bring that many people out the cock is than it we're in for a crazy paint tonight. Break that'll be not -- few days before that he did a concert at a at university here in the state. Win Vampire Weekend and I you know there was a great crowd a lot of us are saying well. Who will course to be a great crowd as a free content vampire we get I'd go ever on the gal. But as soon as Bernie came on stage you wouldn't really thought he was the rock star in these people. These kids came out so excited to see him they that you were technically isn't screen and gallon hardly come with homemade signs they have Bernie chant they know how to. Finished parts in this speech I mean it's actually remark was been remarkable to watch has been really. Brooke really surprising and really incredibly young people do. Siegel the Burton amazed that I really have a better expression for them that they aren't they are ready and there heights you know I hate it still. Young people still though had a hard time. Getting organized getting it the biggest thing you know people might be excited united made a homemade T shirt they might like putting their Sanders self the un is to Graham. But did they Google where to actually go in to their remember what's high and that has any plans. Those are things that are. Are just hard for young people we know and and and the cock is Henson the dinosaurs tense tilt towards older more politically savvy and islands. RA that'd ABC's Mary Alice park's live for us that the senator's campaign and I honor athlete like ago. And I was gonna say get some rest but there's no way you're gonna arrest just get some good on me yeah I think advocated state avenue needed we're gonna keep again India. Whenever we can really used it yet policy against him.

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{"duration":"11:21","description":"ABC News' Mary Alice Parks takes us behind the scenes at Sen. Bernie Sanders' caucus event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36653734","title":"Behind the Scenes at the Sanders Caucus Event ","url":"/Politics/video/scenes-sanders-caucus-event-36653734"}