Schaumber: 'Gridlock is Sometimes a Good Thing'

Former NLRB chair is not surprised by supercommittee's failure.
2:40 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Schaumber: 'Gridlock is Sometimes a Good Thing'
-- next up where his big with Peter -- learned is here joining us to talk about all things. National Labor Relations Board he of course sat on the national labor relations -- appointed by a Republican think -- hurt for joining us. I think I would -- -- to start this off by saying you know what is going on in Washington you've been here you've seen this process work its way through. The super committee collapses. Is there any hope left. That congress is going to be able to work through these very big problems before we hit the end of next year. Well -- I'm an optimist and I think congress is going to be. You know -- make it may have been asking too much of the super. One thing which they could have done and which would have been much easier to do was to address the entitlements. And apparently they were unwilling aren't prepared to do. But you really can't -- the committee to addressed. The extent to which we need this government agency that government agency within a matter of weeks. So I'm not that surprised and gridlock is -- is sometimes the good thing. -- we shouldn't make the wrong answers to these questions. See you actually think that maybe they were trying to do too much too soon it's a longer process and we're -- -- or open process to get something done. I think it -- longer process certainly -- we're gonna try to deal with. Shrinking the size of government you know when I was at the National Labor Relations Board. We received a I think was 1015% increase our budget which we didn't -- But but there are a variety of issues such as that throughout the federal government. And I think you need a bipartisan. Committee it's similar to the community that was formed. There are no sacred house and they need to look through government but would not do anything with the deficit. Unless we invested time -- and my understanding although -- -- different stories is that the Democrats on the committee when not really willing to address entitlements and that is where we have. -- Peter. Bringing in last minute we have here to talk about the NLRB obviously very controversial. Down in Charleston, South Carolina and the -- situation. You've been you've served on the board tell us this is -- still in need for the National Labor Relations Board a lot of Republicans saying maybe it shouldn't even be part of part of our government's process. While. At I I think -- something has to be done about the National Labor Relations Board because unfortunately -- undermine its legitimacy. The ball and complaint is -- consistent with longstanding board law. It seeks to eliminate the distinction between. A management decision made basin economic consequences of unionization. And a management decision that's made in retaliation for employees engaging him. They've been a variety of decisions which have been made by the National Labor Relations Board which is really destabilizing business. The the president unfortunately appointed in my view union militants to the board. Who have reverse decades of -- law which has been honored and developed by by boards has been appointed by both. Republicans in -- and and and Democrats. Consequently I think whether or not we we should do something different. Should be on the table. Now you know -- I believe in unions I think that unions have provided. And have contributed an enormous benefits to the American workplace they continue to do so yet there -- significant problems how we address it. Who should be making these decisions. It is something that has to be given careful thought. All right Peter -- the former chairman of the NL Harvey thank you so much for sharing your insights here on top on an optimist always how about that we like optimism around here. But does it for this edition of top white -- -- that's required to deduct that's -- evil because you're gonna get I did an excellent idea and I didn't know that's coming each -- -- about this story -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Former NLRB chair is not surprised by supercommittee's failure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15007701","title":"Schaumber: 'Gridlock is Sometimes a Good Thing'","url":"/Politics/video/schaumber-gridlock-good-thing-15007701"}