Scott Walker Discusses Wisconsin's Toss-Up Status

Wisconsin governor has become a GOP rock star since surviving a recall vote in his home state.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Scott Walker Discusses Wisconsin's Toss-Up Status
We can't really -- that's right now governor Wisconsin. It's also a podium and -- up last night Scott locker. And if that I -- I see you right there you could see if she's at right over the quarter that -- holding a seat. At that that that this achievement. This. She gets an era there are dealing with -- what's more Ryan certainly was. -- -- -- even if the next frontier but tonight I think everybody can -- Work. -- does not want but. What it's like -- don't want on a national. On the national stage. It's. Scary victory was feeling different the. The real deal come on -- and actually right before you -- that Brad. My dad was a preachers -- what my brother Edward used to literally provide and we would you. I did you ever -- -- you know definitely the better leader responsive readings. Different crowd was but obviously doesn't like the crowd here -- -- what you get out. Fielding there and draw. -- -- people out -- that they can figure you've ever. Is to connect that if you can delegate. But connect with the people back -- -- Next let's not -- it how on earth. Not the center of the political universe. It might president and state democratic -- -- -- -- lighter side but it's of the water is all right Brooke it is I -- fifty -- over go right to be distressed when he -- over. If your notions of the residents of the 180. Right right and we're all -- all people who he's really communicated your own. It's your book political ploy after president Reagan's it division the second -- But I think you know seriously -- -- -- -- all ball and I -- TV the political. Really substantive case. Well -- and our future for all of us it was because electricity were -- -- it is not about economic that the very few cases. In America. We -- things where you isn't afraid for my raised the House of Representatives people from the legislature and we were -- everything through years ago we democratic. It just about everything -- Republicans. It is remarkable turnaround. Couldn't help but notice yesterday -- students -- -- things like elevations in -- convention -- It's to me like you were nominated for president yup you got a bigger ovation -- get a bigger ovation when you announced Wisconsin's results. Mean even governor Ronnie getting going over the top and 1144 yesterday. And -- what are what you think is behind that I mean is it is it just the recall is that the is that the achievements. In your state in in a blue -- state or is it. Even a sense of personality that -- regatta guy that's got the message got it done or. I think it's less about the person and I think it's more about what we accomplished it was cancer -- -- means for America I think your your first two points about. The idea that people standing up principal following through on the promises they've in the campaign and in -- -- doing it under really sustained pressure. Pressure to back down pressured to do so different I think we did all that and effective. A lot of these people not just people from my delegation -- -- that. People all across America said in their -- -- dollars of the thirty dollars maybe some of joined up with the volunteer phone -- So many of the people are here even -- they don't live it was not to feel like they had a role to play that recall. Hated waiting they think they sent a message for November you know that the hard working taxpayers -- in the future. What's it gonna take to get that -- -- of energy and enthusiasm. We -- -- in this hall one's state governor behind and well I think it would of it connects to another -- -- another -- I think it would bar it was selected. People asked me what is it about all -- have what it really says. Is not about all right -- -- about that we do we have the experience we do you know is it governor we -- in the Olympics we -- the private sector. In all -- listeners -- -- experience -- comprises. When he -- all right a few weeks of the USS was but he really old people want my state and across America. The experience skills he's got the courage and commitment and passion. To be an exceptional president I think that's a statistic that both -- the base at the same time that appeals to lot of swing vote. Watching Wisconsin election night -- results -- in what he's going to be. County board the place to watch now instantly like. Clearly if you look at Iraq that he -- -- security those of the book gets a polarized congressional district the southern -- it was cancer touches deodorant border. Historically. Bill Clinton won that district Barack Obama did four years ago but Paul Ryan which -- more than 60% of the vote. Every year -- -- in office since he first ran. I -- those are blue collar union workers who love Paul Ryan and he doesn't hide -- -- -- he's talked about for years yet he gets almost two thirds of the vote. Quote right it is though it anyway we're holding these pictures. This evening the honors please driving her death. -- --

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{"id":17109810,"title":"Scott Walker Discusses Wisconsin's Toss-Up Status","duration":"3:00","description":"Wisconsin governor has become a GOP rock star since surviving a recall vote in his home state.","url":"/Politics/video/scott-walker-discusses-wisconsins-toss-status-republican-national-17109810","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}