Secretary Tom Perez on Why Clinton and Kaine are an 'Ideal' Ticket

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson interview Secretary of Labor Tom Perez on the third night of the Democratic National Convention.
7:25 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Secretary Tom Perez on Why Clinton and Kaine are an 'Ideal' Ticket
Or chewing up here in a news. On labor secretary at. Its great to beer personal capacity. It. Bush at oral I'll expect. Hey you know Ashton is what the democratic party's all about cutter a mind you lot. Thanksgiving dinner at my house. We have extended family there. We have great passion about politics. And that we all join hands in thanks to our shared values and that's what we've sought. And he doesn't get a lot. Presidents ever if you talk baseball in the Dominican. Okay and and so I was excited I had my teenage daughter was yesterday because I wondered understand that you can reach for any. And I thought secretary senator Sanders did a real classy thing again. At the end up the roll call vote. In talking about. Bringing us together in unity. At that I have said many times in the work I've done for sector Clinton I've currently believe. Two things that are what you change agent an effort to. She's the most payments now person and America. Because people don't go. The depth. The change agency that she has brought about in America and and I set today in the out rejected for various groups that I spoke. You're all markets evidence this go listen to what President Clinton said last night about his life. And the dozen examples. Of how she's helped change the world for the better. I predict that 75% of those you've never heard about the sport that so the mission ahead is to make sure that she is no longer. The most famous they'll birds in America because they Hillary Clinton I know is that Hillary can't trust and respect because it's all about. We all about making sure that people with disabilities have a fair shake all about making sure that. People have health insurance are all about making sure that those that were at the shadows in the subject very. It's like you I beat you talk about radar no. You're brits it is bare your breasts Arabs well. Bay with Spitzer at the stories. Updated and probate noticed the fact that instigate speaks Spanish. I would have been excellent you don't particular bit beverage or stronger to check that you approached what you're disappointed. Got beats lack. Public unmitigated to gain here's why. We bonded early over the fact that we're both civil rights lawyers and and like Secretary Clinton. I really think you can get a window into senator gains. Moral compass by looking at what he did when he wasn't at the spotlight. At what it was fair housing cases what it hitless in helping people who are in the shadows. And that's why they're dream team ticket because they've both. Our work courses that are not show horses at it there that both get out of bed every dates and how can I am proved. The lives. Hardworking Americans. That's of their. I think he's an ideal that repeat the because I think she has spent the character. The experience. The ability to get things done because I worked for guiding Ted Kennedy that day. And he's one of the most affected progressives in American history and here's what. He understood that it an effective progressive is passionate principled and pragmatic. That idealism and pragmatism. Are not and cannot be mutually exclusive that's rather adult museum. Devoted his accomplishments. And that's how Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are their progressives get things done. And that's why I'm so excited about this ticket that's that I do my best every day at my personal capacity. As time permits to make sure they get elected because this is one of those. You know where weary of all American history Elena make sure what my grandchildren and 2030 years. Should I am fortunate having grandchildren. When they asked that question you know where were you. We are at this crossroads sixteen dollar bill say I did my level best to reaffirm the American values of and we're all in this together or starter together. That's why I think this is an ideal tickets that. The tear points that people may not know. Enough about her and asking as they become part of your mission is as you go forward and try to get people understand her better. It it's not just that it insulted at that things that they do we know what matters many people right she has at very high ability breeding right now that's a problem. Boortz and how deep. Well with the Democratic Convention has been about re introduce lake. Where it is. It has been 25 years worth. Attacks. There is no doubt about that and when you have that relentless machine. The tax those things can evident but. Hillary that I. Now Hillary that I see it actually helping people they. That's what we're gonna go across this country to America and that's I have so much of this becomes a matter in. Hope always trumps fear that's how Barack Obama 01208. That's how that no nothing movement that in nineteen hundreds which are anti immigrant. You know anti Catholic. Movement that's how that movement got defeated because hope triumph over fear that's what's gonna happen twice. Spirited but its orbit chest protector. Write its arsenal but. Are like server it's certainly talk about with not received its approach to criticism about it. Breast its best. And the American people. We've heard the hell out of beat that she's dark about critical issues there aren't as your production. I don't go to Clinton and Tim Kaine and all of that folks work where there are gonna spend every day between now and Election Day. Tighter the trust the American people. In my experience the American people are fair minded people. It when they look at the entire body appear work. And that's what you do it would you step back for a while but because my mother always stop me. You know don't make big decisions where they're angry at Donald Trump wants you to walk into that ballot box angry. And he's peddling here and he's peddling misinformation. So that people will stay angry. And what we're doing is we're pedaling jacks and where peddling. Where where where we're telling. It worked LE. What she has done it relies what she will do to build on the progress the President Obama and I think again in the end of the day. When people bring America together. Those that that the leaders that have prevailed when people try to divide America through here. Along racial lines along religious lines those attacks don't work and this is gonna beat out different toys sixty that's flat. The that's right they prevail. Strictly its. Ticket.

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{"duration":"7:25","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson interview Secretary of Labor Tom Perez on the third night of the Democratic National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40938367","title":"Secretary Tom Perez on Why Clinton and Kaine are an 'Ideal' Ticket","url":"/Politics/video/secretary-tom-perez-clinton-kaine-ideal-ticket-40938367"}