Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses 2020 run, Russia probe, health care

Sanders weighs in on Donald Trump Jr.'s June 2016 meeting and realistic solutions to the health care impasse, and he meets Joy Behar's new dog, Bernie, on "The View."
10:00 | 07/19/17

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Transcript for Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses 2020 run, Russia probe, health care
Dow is well aware of my admiration and respect to senator Bernie Sanders a and what's not to like he's tireless he's conscientious he's dedicated let's face it he's hot. Crews awake welcome my hero senator Bernie Sanders. Joyce lottery will get you everywhere. I saw a let's talk bit but Russia because that there seems to be a lot of interaction between trap of the Russians from his son. To his former campaign manager manna for it to even trump himself and it got the list goes not. Every day something else comes out now do you see any smoking gun here at all. Well I think what we. What we have is some very strong evidence. About the possibility of collusion. But Troy what is important. Is that every American whether they're conservative or progressive and you're like trump you don't like trouble. That they believe that this process is objective and it is fail that it is methodical. Right now you got the Senate Intelligence Committee he got the House Intelligence Committee. Going forward in a bipartisan way -- Bob Bullock former FBI director as special counsel counsel looking at this issue the charges all very serious. Let the process continue and reached judgment after all of the evidence is accumulated. Senator truck has said that most people would have taken this meeting that his son took up we all know that politics can be dirty some out there are saying. The DNC worked very hard to have you not be the candidate represented Democrats last time around. What do you say to people would say this is just politics as usual this is how work. Zone I really don't agree look politics is oddly. There is that level of effort to try to destroy candidates personally it's lecturer at such truck blocks. Presidential candidates. Do not have email chains. With foreign governments were talking about how they come elect. How they could elect June and have dirt on your opponent that is a Cleo violation. Of campaign finance law a law. So it is not true that this is politics as usual this is very very unusual and that's why these investigations. By taking. Place. So here's my question health care it seems you know Bob Bob care is here to stay someone's got to figure this out. Is it now time for everybody to shut up sit down and figure out what works and what doesn't work. Yet so Whoopi is yes and let me just say this. I want to personally like millions of Americans. Who's still up and fought back. And said that knoller not gonna throw 22 million people in this country off of health insurance cut Medicaid by 800 billion dollars. Defund Planned Parenthood. Make it almost a half. Affordable health gap and the American people think we're not gonna do that give tax breaks. The billion answer it large corporations it appears that we have one. That struggle right now. Masses yeah blog let me say this OK we have got to ask ourselves why aren't we are the only major country on earth. Not to guarantee healthcare to all people Anthony Wright. Not a privilege that's the next night back. I want I want to makes a lot of sense so is it now time for you want to sit down. On both sides of BI now is say let's get rid of what doesn't work. Let's keep what does work and do that in the name of the people as a part as opposed to. In the name of the parties is it now time for you all that to do this together. Well what do you think you're exactly right nobody thinks. That the affordable care Iraq is perfect. Deductibles the to apply. Co payments of two hog premium so too like prescription drug costs are outrageous in this country they have got to. Outlook jobless here Democrat Republican independent is the stand together for the American people and tackle those problems. I want to talk about the rhetoric and senator because if you're gonna sit down with people on both sides of the aisle. Some Democrats have granite Republicans the party of death for example calling the tax cuts in the senate health care bill blood money. You yourself is have Republicans are potentially killing Americans. He's got rhetoric irresponsible and does it provide an impasse to compromise if you're gonna sit down with those very people that you've now said. Want to kill people know I never said that's not new using rhetoric. That I didn't use and I don't I don't. This is what I said. What I said it is not me. This is a doesn't warm war studies that show. That if you throw 22 million people off the insurance they have these are people who up cancel. He's a big love heart disease diabetes although life threatening illnesses. What study after study shows is that thousands all of those people will delight. That's what Hawkins that is. That's what Scotty after. If Panasik you have Republicans that are proposing alternatives Republicans who also come from the good place to believe the free market is the solution to most and who don't want people to die who don't want people to suffer. If you think knowledge that those people exist as well humble side of the aisle how can only have to the table and compromise. I have said publicly nobody here in the congress wants anybody to delight. I understand that. What that is the result of throwing 22 million people off of health insurance so let us sit down Republican Democrat independent. Ed figure out how we go forward how we improve the affordable character I am absolutely open to doing that. Senator I'm your your wife Jane is currently under investigation for bank fraud for a loan she took out while. President of Burlington College in Vermont. Jane has been interviewed Anne and she says listen this is sexist these are people trying to get at my husband threw me tell us what is really going on. All right we'll let me tell you what's going on a pledge asks that question. When my wife became president this very small college in Burlington Vermont it had serious financial problems. Serious academic problems seven years laid off. That college was in better shape financially and academically than it had ever did. Fly eight years after she'd left the school five years. The republic vice chairman of the Republican Party in the state of Vermont and Donald Trump's campaign direct up. Initiated. An investigation. Against Mike quite as president it wasn't the bank that you did business with. It wasn't the entity that she bought the property it was the vice chair of the Republican Party. My wife is one of the most honest people all I know she worked its blood notably Claude balked at that college and did a great job. You can see where the process. Let me just add this let me just add this did not really sad state of offense. In American politics where it is not enough to try to destroy. Public officials won't candidates you've got to go after the family members as well back. He's thank you wouldn't rule out another presidential run and a pull out today says she could defeat trump 52%. To 39%. Wow. Fuel at the have any thoughts about potential. I can reconsider you highlight it and I. But you're hot right now yet since that I don't know. Right now I you know in the last month I have been slew of Pennsylvania Ohio. West Virginia. Kentucky. And I walked in opposition. To this disastrous health care plan Mike focus right now. Is to defeat the Republican proposal at the figure out how we can move the health camp every man woman and child. In this country at will with a plus the prescription drugs. A presidential election is a long ways away. I think the American people are sick and tired of never in the elections they would like elected officials the thought working here in Washington. What they are in trust and that's what I'm doing right now for. Get brush outlets to get health care. And wall that let's get to the real reason you're here today Bernie. I want you to meet my new dog and I gave them Friday afternoon. Q I am and senator Sanders is it's it because of the date look. Is it me. This similarity be yelling why Bernie besides the genius of the dog and I thought I have vanity. This star believes in single Payer for dogs and I could tell them that married and that's it with this insurance Bologna just take care of me and Spain yesterday. So that's the reason I am happy with the name burger what do you think. Oh aren't so it looks like a various walked book committee. We'll be right back didn't want to.

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{"id":48726769,"title":"Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses 2020 run, Russia probe, health care","duration":"10:00","description":"Sanders weighs in on Donald Trump Jr.'s June 2016 meeting and realistic solutions to the health care impasse, and he meets Joy Behar's new dog, Bernie, on \"The View.\"","url":"/Politics/video/sen-bernie-sanders-discusses-2020-run-russia-probe-48726769","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}