Sen. Bernie Sanders' Staffer Reacts to New Hampshire Primary Win

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports from the Bernie Sanders victory party in Concord, NH.
2:20 | 02/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Bernie Sanders' Staffer Reacts to New Hampshire Primary Win
We do much talk about one of the men of the hour though Bernie Sanders is the projected winner on the democratic side and we can go live now to ABC's Mary Alice parks was covered this ad campaign. And that someone to talk to you about the nightmare Alley every you. Hi and I'm here at the brink standards that you pretty grim kind of requirement the rat and I have bring Anders. New Hampshire communities inspector who is itching to get over into the other room where the big party is you can imagine when they announced the results the room went mad. We have sun staff members like gardening here hugging his ballads that members there were cheers and applause. Pardon what does this win means you guys. Working so hard here on the ground. You know that a cross country do we have a national network volunteer staff. Works for me it's possible that I want more than anything to governor's office and. I have ever did Eli Manning the question today was really that it is gonna win applause I don't I so much the question is really how much he went. By what do you what are you gonna consider victory and let. What are you anticipating right. Our tenants you can premise that I think victories 50% plus one and everything beyond that it's just. You'll government's progress of this campaign at a news release yeah. So I think I think the fact that we don't know would come here and all that's pretty major accomplishment you know when when an Eyewitness News started and its broad offerings as has use your Socialist Party and our sanity. And everyone acts members. And tonight people who answered but you know whoever only to the people across this country who bought into this message well. Our are sending a message of the underlines that and that it is in this country is ready for real real leadership and that takes on Citizens United and aggressively to my slight chance. Networks to take on it you know the economy that was ultimately its my club opera yeah. And so where is the senator government here where you got him wet the next that's and how to eat. Yes that is not maintenance let clients along now some are. Philip loser in his freezer. But I mean for the senators who is on the minds New York and opening days there before heading. Was constantly on. And then beyond that you know incidents strong that its campaigning in South Carolina men in Europe is pleased to.

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{"id":36871995,"title":"Sen. Bernie Sanders' Staffer Reacts to New Hampshire Primary Win","duration":"2:20","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports from the Bernie Sanders victory party in Concord, NH.","url":"/Politics/video/sen-bernie-sanders-staffer-reacts-hampshire-primary-win-36871995","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}