Sen. Brown, D-Oh.: Voters 'Just Said No'

Senator says elitists in the country aimed at the middle class, and lost.
3:00 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Sen. Brown, D-Oh.: Voters 'Just Said No'
Well we move now up to Capitol Hill joining us senator Sherrod Brown Democrat from Ohio. Democrats had a big night in Ohio they're defeating. Paying a bill that was considered an anti union bill you of course supporting that defeat senator brown I want to ask you this question no there are some out there -- said. You know. Governor -- sic and groups like firefighters and police officers. What do you say to them. Well that's allotted to money more record Monday morning quarterbacking the point is it -- you just on your last interview that. That governor -- in the legislature as did. The far right all over the country -- after voting rights when after women's rights when after bargaining rights and I don't think it much would have mattered how he did it because he clearly. Was trying to -- it really is -- this class warfare they talk about really is class warfare. By the league in this country aimed right at the middle class and that's why we saw this huge vote 83 out of 88 Ohio counties don't see that kind of sweep. Voted no on this it was people and all kinds of neighborhoods all kinds of demographics people just said -- to this assault -- the middle class and I think it you know having the firefighters and -- -- is as as as as targets to which is what they did. Probably -- -- -- larger but we would have defeated regardless because it's clear how unpopular was. Now from your perspective it was a win last night for people who want to oppose. Collective bargaining rights but it was a it was a real loss last night wasn't for the individual mandate something. That that those very voters who said that they wanted to keep the union -- so that they didn't want to be. Forced to to buy health insurance hi hat I was I can work for -- -- for president Bob Manning and my twelfth. I'm not concerned about that at all because for a couple reasons one is the wording -- -- written by this supporters of -- by and large and was. We're we're very narrowly constructed did mention the advantages in the health care bill didn't mention you have a 23 year old daughter she -- -- your health plan did mention. That the savings and prescription drugs for seniors did mention that no co pay no deductible on. -- screenings and and physicals that seniors can have on Medicare plus nobody paid attention I mean I don't think you can walk down the street island. Can't find anybody talking about issues three I think I -- two yard signs the whole campaign needed it was so quiet. People went and saw the ballot language I just don't think it was at any comparison or any. Any serious. Kind of connection to aviation to in any -- mean all the efforts all the advertising all the discussions all the debates. We're about collective bargaining rights. And secondarily about -- in the legislature taken -- voting rights and women's rights -- -- -- from a distance it may look. Like they were bit on -- party they really weren't at all. The senator last minute we have -- Telus policing these results mean. For President Obama and democrats' chances in states like Ohio. I think they say simply pure and simple. If you're on the side of middle class -- win -- here -- here. Hostile to the middle class you lose and this is this is an historic event to this is the first time in American history the first time. -- -- right collective bargaining was actually on the ballot statewide vote. And voters were saying just like the people on Wall -- -- saying that Occupy Wall Street that that the elite in this country have really. Issue really gone after -- class warfare against the middle class. In Ohio the middle class and those who want to be in the middle class push back and said you've done enough to us. OK one last thing. We've seen a lot of office is being opened by the president and a lot of states are focusing on places like Virginia present North Carolina. Are they investing enough in Ohio really quick. Yep yes they are there and there -- grassroots efforts in Ohio -- strong. They were in early I'm talking to him all the time -- Democrats -- in the president's gonna play in Ohio he's gonna win in Ohio. Not by a lot but he's gonna win in Ohio like you did before the poll numbers are actually pretty good head to head with Romney and then that the rest of them. In in Ohio right now I don't expect companies expect senators -- grants are we have to catch -- there evenings sincere tomorrow. Thank you very much.

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{"id":14916025,"title":"Sen. Brown, D-Oh.: Voters 'Just Said No' ","duration":"3:00","description":"Senator says elitists in the country aimed at the middle class, and lost.","url":"/Politics/video/sen-brown-voters-14916025","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}