Sen. DeMint: GOP Race Could Go Until Convention

ABC's Jon Karl catches up with the Republican senator at CPAC.
5:03 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Sen. DeMint: GOP Race Could Go Until Convention
How much -- wake up call. Tuesday -- Romney. I think it's a wake up call -- -- -- -- -- and we see -- every state -- -- now. Which I think tells us that is very close we'd like things about our mechanics who don't like things we have concerns. This is still. Very much attention I think that's good. Convention could there be room for another candidate some way to getting media attention. About another candidate that we may go to the convention ends decide between these candidates. You'd be hard to bring in vetted candidate and then -- convention because we've seen it this process is doing it's getting better. World finding their real ID systems. And it's forcing -- -- such ordinances passionate about what they. That anybody can happen making predictions have been everything I do think that -- -- could go right at the convention and still anybody's. With enough delegates to Clinton's school this week changed the rules and those states split their daily papers and others. So it's not like last Wednesday him while. What is that about. It is causing some cancer. -- I think that's an. That you look at exit polls he's got. Tea Party supporters is the others do. I just think. Split. I think a lot of folks haven't noticed -- and really what he's saying as what he's saying is exactly what I think we did right. But that -- slip up and say we need an automatic. Minimum wage increase. And most conservatives and most thinking people realize that hurts him alignment -- young people just. -- and this is beyond -- Lately isn't as well as other wages are based. It is -- -- automatically all the latest. That one good thing to say it coming book Republican votes that have on. I don't have any and -- -- -- populist thing Democrats. It hurts people. 11. All right senator -- -- -- -- the convention maybe yeah -- all right it is.

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{"id":15550997,"title":"Sen. DeMint: GOP Race Could Go Until Convention","duration":"5:03","description":"ABC's Jon Karl catches up with the Republican senator at CPAC. ","url":"/Politics/video/sen-demint-gop-race-convention-15550997","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}