Sen. Isakson Talks Herman Cain

The GA republican discusses his primary race against Herman Cain
3:00 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Sen. Isakson Talks Herman Cain
-- -- my pleasure good to be with -- welcome to the subway series glad to be here. Okay now you are the only man in American history who has beaten and -- and -- -- 20042004. Now it's -- -- -- -- -- -- but but still you're the only person who beat him and you got trounced him. So what is the secret. To beating. Herman -- -- the secret to getting elected public office persist. How awesome -- raised 90% of people. For the fact that He lost or won your first resident indicators your resistance -- your tenacity and -- got -- You shouldn't underestimate her arm -- and articulate speaker. Yes business background and he's tenacious -- via forced me -- getting trounced them I mean you you can basically felt. I did yeah. What's your sense of you when you -- in the 2004 to print that could be seen as the situation -- -- -- -- -- seven years that online order and -- in some -- leading candidate. The Republican nomination president I don't know that active exactly what. It was witnessing the last term today. He's caught -- tail wind -- 101. -- -- What would you say you knew that you've not seen the last of what was it in the election. It's. Well the fact that first -- -- great debater we had probably seven debates and two of them major televised statewide debate. And when you go to a debate with -- and if you're not far you're in trouble because -- is articulate that. Number He was tenacious what do you think it was 99. You know I haven't study did I'll have to tell you any time you -- both the sales taxes -- income tax without some limitation future. You run the risk of adding another arrow -- -- taxation. On the same token. You know productivity taxation which -- -- progressive income tax -- Has slowly but surely weeded out a lot of you -- tax. Consumption tax does that so it has merit because. What if you knowing what you know now about this 999 plan it came up for a vote right now this idea -- cent sales tax and an income tax. And the corporate tax you wouldn't. I'm motion would be to shift the debate but the entire tax code on the table let's look at it holistic police and let's figure out what's right for America. OK I got to ask you -- -- question. Looking for a straight answer we got to georgians running for president right now. You had to vote to -- between the two of them are McCain and Newt Gingrich candidate. You want simple anti -- I'd like Dataquest that's a pretty easy question. So it's not a pretty easy question -- because I know on both well. Lot of people try to get me to handicap the Republican primary as we have to -- I'm just glad that my state has two of the eight candidates in the Republican primary -- the United States. I'll let the voters decided to write one but you know more about these guys -- anybody suddenly other votes aren't good guy they're very different. -- obviously is a great thinker -- -- great duo they're both very articulate. While trying to handicap against what your favorite thug wanna might be enough but if you had to go to the -- example of -- I don't have to.

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{"id":14763020,"title":"Sen. Isakson Talks Herman Cain","duration":"3:00","description":"The GA republican discusses his primary race against Herman Cain ","url":"/Politics/video/sen-isakson-talks-herman-cain-14763020","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}