Sen. Jeff Sessions: Trump Will Be a Strong Leader

The Alabama senator talks about trade and immigration in his Republican National Convention speech.
7:32 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Sen. Jeff Sessions: Trump Will Be a Strong Leader
Speaking from this podium today that. Is a long way from the rafters date saints my life that I had as. College students in Miami in 1972. Log on it today. This year our voters spoke clearly on two critical issues in out primaries. Trade and immigration. They affirmed. Dollars bra and his positions. They have. Obama trade. And I demand that you mom called system of emigration. That protects there a safety and their financial. Well being. Okay. Average Americans have been up first dinar. That something is wrong what this economy. I'm middle class is steadily declining. With our African American and Hispanic communities. Being not hurt the most. But the Washington establishment the media in big corporations. Have been in denial. Fellow Republicans we must understand. That being Johns middle class Americans today. Are 4000 dollars less per year that in 1999. This is an economic disaster. We're on the wrong track and the American people know him. Yet. Yeah Hillary Clinton's plan is more of the sign. Mark government. Mark taxes. More regulation. Mark illegal immigration. And moral dec. She has been a champion of global is trade agreements. But the facts are end. They have not work for the American people. When those agreements were signed the President Clinton and Obama. Promised not dangerous trade deficits with China and career would be released to. But the deficit with China as increased five fold. And the deficit with Korea has more than doubled in just four years. These are job killing numbers. Worst of all they're now voicing their disastrous 5000 grade Obama trade they trans Pacific apartment. A partnership agreement. This must not happen. This election has also been. About immigration. For thirty years are good and decent people have rightly pleaded with their leaders Barney end to the lawlessness. And for sound emigration policies that are fire and advance the national interest. To visit legitimately. Our elites have responded. We have this dying dismissal. And storm. But is there anyone. In America. That does not understand. That when we bring in more workers then we have jobs more. That job prospects. And wages fall. Top economists. And the Congressional Budget Office have told us in congress just that. If it did my stance that we slow down and protect our national security and jobs. We are lawfully admit friends. One bar one million permanent residence annually to this country more than any other country in the world. And they are caught a most Smart wonderful new additions to our country. And on top of that. We have 700000. Deaths the workers here that take jobs. And the majority of days are not seasonal our agriculture workers. There about 350000. People is exceeding crossing our borders illegally each year. And almost 500000. More unlawfully I'll overstay their visas. These are extreme numbers. But the all isolation. From Obama and Hillary Clinton is due capitulate. To the lawlessness. And give amnesty and citizenship. Do wrong. It will not work. Oh. I understand this. Front 2000 to 2014. While our existing population increased by millions. The number of jobs held by Americans actually the plan. Amazingly all the net job growth during that period went to immigrants combine that with the reality. The vision businesses. Thing praised automation. And slow growth. The fact is we just don't have enough jobs being created now for the people who are here. Does this help to explain why how rages have fallen. And while we have the lowest percentage of Americans actually phoning a job in forty years. I Diddy has elected officials have to get out big about jobs cars that cannot be our policy they're part tank. Jobs from abroad by our government support claimants are used by those unemployed Americans. Bad trade deals. Immigration. Floods the labor market reducing job prospects. And wages. Improper bedding places our nation at risk terrorism. Remember the president has got clear power. The clear power do suspend emigration to protect America. So Americans long held now. Okay. This legs syndrome made. It happened. Okay. That is why we need Donald Trump. Okay. Donald Trump. It is a leader who will bring change. He has does strength. Courage and now will do get it done. He has extracting more and more independents. And Democrats to I'm. It's from. Well Jill Obama trade. A yeah. Well bill the wall. Oh. And ended. An ended. Donald Trump. Well managed. America got great. Again. Right.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"The Alabama senator talks about trade and immigration in his Republican National Convention speech.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40686483","title":"Sen. Jeff Sessions: Trump Will Be a Strong Leader","url":"/Politics/video/sen-jeff-sessions-trump-strong-leader-40686483"}