Sen. Jim Webb Takes a Ride on the 'Subway Series'

The Virginia Republican talks Afghanistan, 2012 and the budget crisis.
3:00 | 11/03/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Jim Webb Takes a Ride on the 'Subway Series'
Senator Webb welcome to the subway series -- you can join us. He would do so I have I didn't -- a straight shooter from the start here you can obviously some. -- on the news this. -- -- -- -- -- Well police always presents challenges I was really -- state warriors in the house side. For -- Five years the Pentagon to you -- expect a lot of us. Give and take. Right now it's -- talk to. What's your census jobs is obviously. The preeminent issue and challenge faced. And yet the president out they're talking about how it's -- got to get something done what went nowhere does anybody actually we're getting into the -- truthfully there's a lot of messaging going on clearly. -- the economy. Jobs are major. There's a big debate going back workers how do you really can revitalize the economy and I. Think we're. Sort of stagnation. Here in terms. Differing viewpoints on that we know we need jobs we also know quite frankly. You have to have capital growth in order to in order to really increase private sector jobs which is how you sustained. And economy and a lot of the proposals that are coming forward right now -- are more. Public sector jobs get people working again but -- they -- paid for out of the tax base so that becomes really the debate -- you if you do you increase. Your tax base in order which. I don't stimulate the economy and -- so. How do you pay for it. It's total like World War I you have these. To battle lines are drawn and a lot of attrition warfare going on but not much movement on either side. Right to be worried about leadership okay. And I think we've always. -- this national the very. Really -- a lot of people what is going on we hear when your government government gets paralyzed by a vote. Just to raise the national debt Ronald Reagan really I was in the Reagan administration sir Ronald Reagan -- the national -- eighteen times. We know we have to get our arms surrounded what was that the right symbolic area to come together to threaten. Push -- you -- Now we have our controls come out but really -- dire -- saying he's worried that the super. For good evening sale a man. By failing to come -- Well. I don't know what's going on super committee and that's actually a plus right now. They really are behind closed doors. Discussions of what people pay for -- on the outside. Some pretty strong incentives to comment -- solution. Because of the what's going to happen if they don't. I think. At some level. The government could absorb -- some -- a mandatory cuts. If it came -- so if you believe that dire warnings from the Pentagon that the automatic cuts would be devastatingly hurt national security. I believe you can finally ended. I think at a minimum the Pentagon the Pentagon the start reconfiguring. In Afghanistan making sure we actually withdraw from -- They're doing right now what faster -- Strategy based examination. Or -- structure. -- -- Smaller. -- -- What what advantage program. Examine what is just. -- -- -- How do you remember you can use it and any content honey -- I don't wanna get and I just think it's right to say. -- -- -- has deepened an already been done. You're talking about deeper cuts than what -- or -- talking. I would wait to see what -- -- for what I'm saying is if they came back and says. Take what the -- -- out and you got it over the world what -- -- -- -- that -- Protect the quality of -- military weapons. And really look at the operational plan. -- -- you still think we should be getting out of Afghanistan a lot quicker. I'm talking about I think the fairest thing. To say about. That's all from all we're going to be. -- -- -- OK well -- time by in the Virginia senate race for you are seeing George -- Saturday. I'm beginning to sense what -- what's gonna happen I think John McCain has got to literally lives. Truly one. Finest people I've -- And politics called again. Leaving campaigning for President Obama. Multiple schools -- look what that was like that here for you and your greatest -- well this point I'm not saying that its. Annual. Another. All of them OK this is our stopped -- what is the next. Jim Webb now. When it would at least -- -- novel from it all right actually we'll look. All winners. I don't know -- what I'm -- I just think one thing at a time are already four thank you senator -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Virginia Republican talks Afghanistan, 2012 and the budget crisis. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14876152","title":"Sen. Jim Webb Takes a Ride on the 'Subway Series'","url":"/Politics/video/sen-jim-webb-takes-ride-subway-series-14876152"}