Sen. McCain questions Jeff Sessions

The attorney general testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.
6:10 | 06/13/17

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Transcript for Sen. McCain questions Jeff Sessions
Over the last few weeks. The administration is characterize your previously. Undisclosed meetings with the Russian ambassador. Does he act is meetings. He took in your official capacity is you have senator. And a member of the and a Senate Armed Services Committee. Chairman of that committee let me ask you few questions about that. At these meetings should you raise concerns about Russian invasion of Ukraine interact annexation Crimea. I did sentiment. That's one of the issues that Ira call explicitly. The day before. My meeting with the Russian ambassador I had met with the Ukrainian ambassador. And I heard his concerns about Russia and so are raised those with meticulously. He gave as you can imagine. Not one inch everything they did. We're the Russians had done a finding him was correct and I remember pushing back on it and it was a bit testy on that subject. Knowing you on the committee I can't imagine that. Did you raise concerns about Russia's support for president Bashir aside his campaign of indiscriminate violence against his own citizens including issues of chemical weapons. Or call whether that was discussed and non raised concerns about Russia's interference in our electoral process or its interference in electoral processes of our allies. I don't call that being discussed at those meetings if he spoke with ambassador kiss you act in your capacity is a member of the armed services committee who presumably talk with him about Russia related security issues. That you have demonstrated is important Jewish member of the committee. I did I discuss security I don't use I don't recall you as being particularly vocal. On such issues. We're repeat that Senator McCain I'm sorry to hold Russia related security issues he demonstrators import you as a member of the community. To Drew Brees those were them. He you mean. Illusions as I heard area peers are yet in other words Russia related. Security issues. In your capacity as the chairman of the strategic forces subcommittee. What Russia related security issues did you hold hearings on or otherwise demonstrated keen interest in order may have discussed that. I don't I just don't have a rare or call of the meeting I'm made. I would not make funeral port. About it to anyone I just was basically. You willing to meet NC. Where he discussed. And his response was. I don't work home. During the 2016. Campaign season you have any contacts within any representative including any American lobbyist or agent of any Russian. Company within or outside your capacity is a member of congress remember the armed services committee don't believe so. Politico recently reported in the middle of the 2016. Election GF BI found that Russian diplomats. Whose travel estate firm was pushed track and gone missing some turned up wandering around the desert driving around Kansas. Reportedly intelligence sources concluded after about a year of an intention. These movements indicate one. That USS Moscow's espionage ground game is grown stronger more brazen. And then quietly the Kremlin has been trying to map the United States telecommunications. Infrastructure. What do you know about this development and how the Justice Department and other relevant. US government agencies responding to it. We needed him more cinema can am worried about it. We also see that from other nations rip these kind of technological skills like China. And some of the other nations that are protect penetrating out business interest. National security interest. As a member that. Armed services committee I did. Support and an advocate and I think you supported. Legislation. That would. Is ongoing now that requires a Defense Department to again up. I'll weaknesses in our system and how we can fix them but I would say to you Senator McCain. Some of our stations may go to local news right now but our covers going to continue here attorney general sessions. Computer hacking and those issues that now was at that it in the senate it's an important issue you're correct. Marsh and post reporter yes today. Russia has developed a cyber weapon can disrupt the United States power grids and telecommunications. Infrastructure. This weapons similar to our rusher Russian ally hackers used to depart disrupt Ukraine's electrical grid in 2015. Can you discuss a little bit in open session serious sentence. I don't believe I can discuss that not technological issues just decided that. It is very disturbing. That the Russians continued. To Hong. Push all hostile. Actions. In their foreign policy and is. Not your throat the United States or the world are Russia and mountain. You believe we have a strategy in order to counters these. Ever increasing threats to our national security. And our way of life. Not sufficient. Larry we don't not have a sufficient it's our strategy. In dealing with. Technological. And see demonstrations of our system truly believe it's more important than I ever did before. And now appreciate your concern and leadership on that issue and in fact all of congress is going to have to do better.

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{"id":48017233,"title":"Sen. McCain questions Jeff Sessions","duration":"6:10","description":"The attorney general testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.","url":"/Politics/video/sen-mccain-questions-jeff-sessions-48017233","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}