Sen. McConnell: I will keep the Senate in session over the weekend to vote again

The Senate Majority Leader said the "government may be heading into shutdown, but the Senate's not."
6:27 | 01/20/18

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Transcript for Sen. McConnell: I will keep the Senate in session over the weekend to vote again
Majority leader I our motion to reconsider the vote. Most who's entered yeah I just wanted called to the attention of my colleagues. Statement the a part of the state of the white house press are here tonight. Presumably ailment the administration. I simply says we will not negotiate the status. Of unlawful immigrants while Democrats hold our lawful citizens Allston. Over there reckless denial. Appropriately recommend rep represents the White House view where we are. And Mr. President what we've just witnessed on the floor. Wasn't Senecal decision about senate Democrats used shovels. Millions of Americans for the sake. Your responsible. Political games. The government shut down with 100%. Avoidable completely avoidable. Now it is Emma. All because senate Democrats chose to filibuster a non controversial funding bill. That contains nothing not a thing they do not support. Nothing they did off. Perhaps across the Al some of our democratic colleagues are feeling proud of themselves. But what has their filibuster. A problem. What does it accomplish. After supple. Their very own. Government shutdown. Shutdown affects on the American people. Will come as no surprise. All week if we've stood on the floor. That our colleagues to come to their offensive. Senate Republicans have described it not. Exactly what this will mean. For America's men and women in uniform. Shutting down a government means delay pay. For the many thousands of civilian employees who support their mission. It means furloughs. And for the families of fallen heroes it may well mane of results of Robert death benefits. For veterans who rely on our promise of care. Shutting down the government means threatening their access to treatment. For so many Americans struggling OP ought addiction. The Scion. It sure. Back to the democratic leaders' decision to filibuster an extension of this state Children's Health Insurance Program. Low income families rules look closer. To losing health coverage. For their kids. And many states this is America. I'm Evan trouble understanding. Which one of these outcomes my democratic colleagues. Could possibly be proud out. Which 10. Thank our friends on hillsides or to better god. Really but it does not make have to be trying to explain this month though. Ignore the governor's. Including seven Democrats who wrote congress begging backing. To expand and as ship. Or non million children. They ignored the needs of millions of Americans who allow the federal government for important service. They held all the tough. All of it Hoffman. Over the completely un related issue. Of illegal immigration. Republicans in the senate have gone all weekend to continue the normal. Operations. Of the federal government. And secure certainty for these ship you. We could pass it tonight. We go the president for signature. Instead of would be Oca. Well we're gonna continue to do all we can and will vote again. So the American people knows. Who stands for them and when our friends across the aisle remember who it is they actually represent out. Will be ready to come together in about partisan discussion that will be necessary to clean up all of us enough. We all that have a private conversations are on the floor. Almost everybody on both sides. Don't understand how we ended up here. Because most of the subway rail. There's only one reason we ended up here. The shoe horning. Of illegal immigration into this debate. Now having said that. There is a lot of sympathy of this body for doing something about that Dokic. It's not like nobody's ship. We've been talking about it for three bunch. But the one reason we are where we are. Is because we couldn't close out any of these other. Component parts. Because our friends on the other side. You gotta deal in this issue. This issues the key to getting defenseman decision is the key to getting. Help for a ship give. And off and on at all. I like most American people believe that shutting down the government over this issue. Which doesn't even ripen until March. Is irresponsible. An obvious list of all the people who are going to be adversely impacted. By the factory. So we're gonna keep all voting. And the government may be heading in to shut down but the Senate's not Sean Bell. We're open at all. And to resolve it. I don't and makes institution looked very responsible. American people should expect better. From off. On this.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"The Senate Majority Leader said the \"government may be heading into shutdown, but the Senate's not.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"52480734","title":"Sen. McConnell: I will keep the Senate in session over the weekend to vote again","url":"/Politics/video/sen-mcconnell-senate-session-weekend-vote-52480734"}