Sen. Ron Johnson on Tea Party Influence on RNC

Wisconsin senator explains where the Tea Party's influence falls on the GOP platform.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Sen. Ron Johnson on Tea Party Influence on RNC
We're joined now by the set it was Wisconsin. I don't know what's going on it was an -- that's generally applause line around yeah. Wisconsin got got elevated that you get Forsett others that I heard that's the part of what our hours it will stick -- to -- governors I don't look at it rod Johnson. Senator from Wisconsin thanks so much for being here really appreciated -- tell us what is in. The late that Wisconsin these days that you -- Republicans like you more immigrants. Chairman and -- previous dozen beer. OK well -- -- what what's happening Wisconsin is is leadership. If it's kind of the missing ingredient that there were not seen here in Washington. That we -- -- -- elected officials that it governing as a campaign. That are actually and now acknowledging the problem let's face it that's always the first step in solving a problem and in making some tough decisions -- -- sports but actually -- -- problem and here's the real key is when Governor Walker and pushed it legislator. Legislators. Did that the voters then. Supported him with -- And that's how that works that's -- works and and -- the reason that's important. Is Governor Walker was closing one point eight billion dollar a year budget deficit Celtic lot on the -- places have been rampant one point three. The million -- -- national -- that our our problem. It's almost a thousand times were so we actually are going to need elected officials. Could have will be encouraged but also understand that the voters of America will stand behind them if they have -- courage to tackle these problems. -- part of the vaunted class of 2010 Tea Party class as it's called. And yet this is really the first convention that Tea Party hat world play do you feel like that. You've seen the party influence in this convention. -- -- I've seen throughout Republican Party -- think about you know I went due to be -- an ally of people like Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint. Two in some areas they were somewhat lonely figures there but we've grown that core group of pretty strong -- conservatives quite dramatically not -- -- it. And in the house. And when we get in there when when we start influencing policy which you've already done it does tend to shift their entire conference to the right -- -- that's -- good -- So this platform right now especially when he heard what Paul I was talking about -- May -- -- we'll hear from Mitt Romney. You think as a as a serious Tea Party -- there are. Lisa because what are the main themes were for the big issues we have to -- -- -- -- debt and deficit we have to target all of our. The legislation toward economic growth. Being the number one -- part of the solution here is economic growth so we can't be increasing taxes on people there's that is what the Tea Party taxed enough already. We don't believe by increasing tax on the American public and the American job creators that helps. Economic growth and create jobs. Were all about the Tea Party. Green -- regulation -- business people are actually able to operate you know without having those that burden of regulatory. Regulations on them. Where Bart using America's energy resources that that fear that beautiful thing violently take a look at -- -- doing that in North Dakota there's virtually no import unemployment and all North Dakota. Threatens the deployment of the nation right now -- of -- previous -- almost all the words Tea Party not uttered. On the podium. On the stage -- at all this week is that surprising to you learn. Not really listen. In Wisconsin obviously -- from Tea Party. Tea Party recognized in order to accomplish vehicles. We have -- two -- system. You gotta choose sides it's obvious which sent tea parties and align themselves with his Republican Party so the tea parties moved from him. Real grassroots effort hasn't left behind but they certainly moved in to the mainstream political party -- popular party and again what were basically. Revitalize the party were turning their party to reflect more those Tea Party. About your state and it and it's its place now as battlegrounds which not long ago peoples would say Wisconsin forget it that's a dark police state to compete there. And yet. We've -- the polls they're moving a little bit but we haven't -- campaigns really engaged expect to see that -- circuit began. Man that did the two campaigns -- really start to make their state. -- and you'd you'd had been at the welcome home rally for Paul Ryan -- 141000. Supporters came out -- -- Welcoming home I've been on the bus tour twice now -- state of Wisconsin. People ask me -- -- in play of course -- -- play. Because. People must -- I think generally in America certainly upper midwest -- fiscally conservative. We have this common sense notion that government ought to live within its means and we have to do that they are also -- -- need to be balanced. We think government out of balance its budget as well so. When. The people Wisconsin saw. -- Obama's policies and just utterly failed but this policies resulted in just this mountain of -- They were -- by and so you have to ask yourself what what's changed since 2010 when we turn that blue state red. Well the very unpopular health care law that I ran on to repeal and the debt deficit. -- only that much closer to. Implementing that law and we've added an additional 2.5 two industrial nations got this is -- but the popularity of congress controlled by Republicans also of course but -- there is only the house is controlled by. -- good reason we have a do nothing congress -- because I serve. In -- do nothing Democrat senator Harry Reid senate when you are controlled by one party in the senate which -- yards are the party that controls sets the agenda. The senate has refused to pass a budget in over three. Years we've we've done virtually nothing societal. That debt ceiling fight that was engaged in the last year to good people on Republicans and public image. -- so because. What ended up happening there is nothing. When when the public when the -- were crying for serious action Washington delivered nothing so again here we are here. Years later and try to strike that may seventh 2.5 flew Alex to the facts of our children and grandchildren the voters -- -- every bit. -- as demanding of will. Progress real solutions and that's really what governor Romney far right represent serious individuals dedicated to offering serious solutions. So when -- secret -- alliance. Message YouTube you can hear something different in his speeches at this as a fellow batters later that we do up here and in the polluted and others in other parts of the country me here. Well certainly -- ideas that Republicans Paul Ryan governor Romney are concerned about every American. Our concern is such that we want to make sure that every American has the opportunity build -- good life for themselves their families and the way we believe. America has delivered on the idea -- promise of this nation's whose through individual initiative. Freedom or free enterprise system not by growing government take a look at any economic system in the world that his relied on. Government control over over people's lives don't be content -- simply haven't looked at what the Soviet Union. Look at Venezuela -- island paradise Cuba. Those systems do not work America's system has worked with -- -- the world's population. Yet produced over 27 worlds goods. That is what the free market capitalist system does does. Produced. All right what -- -- an -- to ask -- I asked Governor Walker this yesterday. -- Republicans aren't -- in Wisconsin. -- -- -- -- tell me. On election night what are those companies that we be watching to say this can't it as Republicans that's. Just two of the first -- district apart -- presents. When pressed Obama won that district. Last last presidential election Paul -- -- -- was 64% of the vote. In the election I ran in two years ago Paul won with 68% of the vote now. -- come down to Kenosha I was well OSHA area got that first district. And you know that's that's an awful lot of -- right there in a -- state that the -- would tip the balance but again. I won by six percentage points on five or six percentage points. Scott Walker won the recall -- quite quite a certain percentage points but preakness. This could be a six point win for Mitt Romney I think cut wow you heard it here first -- the run not predicting that if it already too late. -- -- back did you did you get the -- -- I have not -- are currently. On the win. You can be sure that -- is that you so perhaps we will do it all right senator Ron Johnson thanks unsigned thanks thanks for -- join the speech that area thanks so much on the.

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{"id":17121235,"title":"Sen. Ron Johnson on Tea Party Influence on RNC","duration":"3:00","description":"Wisconsin senator explains where the Tea Party's influence falls on the GOP platform.","url":"/Politics/video/sen-ron-johnson-wisconsin-recall-tea-party-influence-17121235","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}