Sen. Schumer speaks on Senate floor following vote

The Democratic senator said he "reluctantly put the border wall on the table for the discussion."
9:26 | 01/20/18

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Transcript for Sen. Schumer speaks on Senate floor following vote
Democratic leader. Mr. President very sadly. We are on the precipice. Of a government shutdown. The majority leader only just allowed us to vote on a continuing resolution. That he knew lacked the votes long before this hour. It's not just Democrats who opposed to see are. Several Republicans it is well. All of today Mr. President. We have endeavored to reach an agreement with president trump. And the Republicans. That would have not only spared a government shutdown. But cemented an agreement on spending caps. Including those for our military. Health care issues. Disaster relief and immigration issues. President trump reached out to meet today this morning. To invite me to the White House to talk all of these issues over and I accepted. We had a lengthy and substantive discussion. During the meeting. In exchange for strong daka protections. Are reluctantly. Put the border wall on the table for discussion. Even that. Was not enough. To entice the president to finish the deal. Many Democrats don't want to go that far on the border. Many Republicans don't even. But we were willing to compromise with the president to get an agreement. In the room. It sounded like the president was open. To accept. This afternoon. In my heart. I thought we might have a deal tonight. That was how far we've come. That's how positive our discussion felt. We had a good meeting. Sparked. But has transpired since that meeting in the Oval Office is indicative. Of the entire tumultuous and chaotic process. Republicans have engaged in in the negotiations. Thus far. Even though president trump seemed to like an outline of the deal in the room night. He did not press his party in congress. To accept it. Speaker Ryan and leader McConnell. Without the commitment of the president. Would not agree to accept anything either. What happened the president trump. Who asked us to come up with a deal. And promise that he take heat for. What happened to that president. He backed off. At the first sign. Of pressure. We have the outline of the deal on campus. We have the outline of a deal on health care. We had the outline of a deal on immigration the toughest issue. It was real. It was an honest to goodness breakthrough. We could've passed a short term extension of funding. So that we could cross the t.'s dot the eyes and be done with at all. But the dynamic of the past few weeks. During which congressional Republicans look to the president for guidance. And the president provided none. Prevailed again today. Unfortunately. The same chaos. Same disarray. The same division and discord. On the Republican side. That's being in the background of these negotiations for months. Unfortunately. Appears endemic. It is standing in the way of bipartisan solutions. To all of the issues now before us every American knows. The Republican Party controls the White House. The said. The house. It's their Diop to keep the government open. It's their job to work with us. On a way to move things forward. But they didn't reach out to us once on this ER. No discussion no debate. Nothing at all. It was produced with M an ounce of democratic input and dropped on our laps. And meanwhile they can't even get on the same page is a party. They control every branch of the legislative process and it's their responsibility. To govern. And he year. They have failed. Several Republicans voted against the CR as well as Democrats the same reason we voted against it. One of the most serious consequences. Of having continuing resolution. After continuing resolution. Is the damage it does to our military. At the Pentagon spokesman said last night another CR would be wasteful. And destructive. To our military. The navy secretary said that because of C cars. The navy has put four billion dollars in the trash cans. Court poured lighter fluid on it and burn. That's the navy secretary. As what you don't. This is no way. To conduct the nation's business. Republicans know what. Democrats know. The American people. Know that this party is not capable. Of governing. So where do we go from here. I believe many of my Republican colleagues see you sincerely want to get a deal. I know their hearts in the right place. I know they will meant the fact that we now accept brinksmanship. Where bipartisanship. Used to be. In the past there was always discussions of these issues issues. Everyone knew in the senate you needed both parties to work together. None of that happened here today. Now all this problem. Is because. Republican leadership can't get to yes. Because president trump refuses to. Mr. President. President trump. If you are listening. I am urging you. Please take yes for an answer. The way things went today. The way you turn from a bipartisan deal. It's almost as if you were rooting for shut down. And now will have one. And the blame should crash. Entirely on president trumps shoulders. This will be called. The trump sharpton's. This will be called. The trump shut down. Because there is no one. No one. Who deserves the blame. For the position we find ourselves in more than president trump. He walked away from two bipartisan deals. Including one today. In which I even put the border wall on the table. What will it take. For president from to say yes. And learn had execute that we elements. Of government. Tomorrow marks a year to the day president trump took the oath of office on the capitol steps. Unfortunately. A trump shut down would be a perfect encapsulation. Of the chaos. He's unleashed. On our government. Instead of bringing us all together. He's pulled us apart. Instead of governing from the middle. He's outsourced his presidency. To the extremes. And standing lip instead of living up to the great dealmaker he marketed himself to be. He's been the single driving force. In scuttling bipartisan deals in congress. And now with this late hour. His behavior. Is on the verge. Of grinding our government to a halt. A trump. Sharp there. Democrats will continue. To strive for a bipartisan agreement. And all the outstanding issues. Are no there are men and women of good will on the other side of the child. Who are just as upset as Diane. With the direction we're headed in. I plead with them to see reason. And prevail upon their leaders and most of all the president. To give us the space. To work together. To let us do the Diop. The American people sent us here to do. When president trump decides he's finally ready to lead his party to a deal. Democrats will be ready willing and eager to clinch it. There is a path forward. We can reach it quickly. Tomorrow. President and the four leaders. Should immediately sit down and finish this deal. So the entire government and get back to work. On Monday. Field.

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{"duration":"9:26","description":"The Democratic senator said he \"reluctantly put the border wall on the table for the discussion.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"52480781","title":"Sen. Schumer speaks on Senate floor following vote","url":"/Politics/video/sen-schumer-speaks-senate-floor-vote-52480781"}