Sen. Sessions' Former Colleagues Describe 'Good, Christian Man'

Willie Huntley and William Smith testified on behalf of the nominee for U.S. attorney general.
3:23 | 01/11/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Sessions' Former Colleagues Describe 'Good, Christian Man'
I got a phone call Monday. In my secretary comes in the office and she says Jeff Sessions is on the phone. An armed state sitting there wondering why is Jeff Sessions called me. I was well aware of the allegations that it happen in his. Be it to become approach. Which made me wonder why he was colony. I answer phone in the not find out if Jeff Sessions. Wants me to become an assist the United States attorney in the sudden this development. This presented an ideal situation. So I decided to take advantage of that the first not actually met him was that he dinner and not come. That dinner was supposed to last probably our our. We and that meeting for about three. Hours. Do an attempt here we discussed a number of topics. Football. Religion politics cam we talked about how things and do in the course of that meeting with him. I got the feeling more and more and more that the allegations that had been. Spree at repress. March for one of the things that I can say about ship is that he has always been the same person that I have now. He saw always been available for me and always been there. When I needed. At no point in that time that I've known yet as he demonstrated any racial insensitive. A lot's been said about senator sessions Carriker. We've seen people who've never met senator sessions. Claim the note and though it's heart. We've seen members of this body and members of the House of Representatives just now. Who work with senator sessions and praised important work and now turn to attack and they should not be. The reason we did not see a lot of this yesterday during the hearing if the coast of members of this committee notes senator sessions. You know he's a strong conservative we also know he's fair and honest. If you disagree with senator sessions because of its political views let's have a conversation about that. But let's do it on the facts not own thirty years civil union those allegations that been disproven. Senator sessions testified yesterday that he wouldn't force the malls where did he agree but them or not. That's the role of the attorney general not to embrace every point of view in the shifting political winds. If you come before Jeff Sessions you'll get equal justice and you will respect the outcome even if you lose. Senator sessions is unquestionably qualified for the job. Which is been nominated he has a good Christian man and a good family man he is a man has dedicated his life to public service. In the course of that he's actually fall participant for the disenfranchised. People for citizen reform and that they'll look not only the fight what he accomplished it. He fall for civil rights. He prosecuted members of the Ku Klux Klan. And most importantly his fault the liberty of all Americans regardless of color of the color of their skin whether personal beliefs. This is the way it should be. After twenty years of knowing senator sessions. I've not seen the slightest evidence of racism because it does not exist. I'm nor rates it's when I see one and I've seen more than one that Jeff Sessions is not one.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Willie Huntley and William Smith testified on behalf of the nominee for U.S. attorney general.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44714567","title":"Sen. Sessions' Former Colleagues Describe 'Good, Christian Man'","url":"/Politics/video/sen-sessions-colleagues-describe-good-christian-man-44714567"}