Sen. Ted Cruz: Rex Tillerson 'Is a Serious Man'

The Republican senator says Tillerson will "chart a different, better and stronger course for our national security" as secretary of state.
3:33 | 01/11/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Ted Cruz: Rex Tillerson 'Is a Serious Man'
Mr. chairman ranking member card members the committee. Good morning it is a privilege to join you this morning and the opportunity to help introduce my fellow Texan in the secretary of state designee Rex tellers. Many of you know Rex is a Texan born raised Wichita Falls. And he's a proud Texas long more. Which John and I might think it's funny enough alone to qualify him for secretary of state. But I recognize the all might set a higher Barnes it. The good news is that is only the beginning. Of a long substantive list of qualifications achievements. And international. Relationships. That Rex brings to the tape. A list that I believe has prepared him. To be a strong candidate to lead our State Department. As we face the monumental task. Of restoring America's influence across the world. As all of us know this is no easy task. We live in a dangerous year and a dangerous world. And after the last eight years. We face a circumstance where many of our friends. No longer trust us and many of our enemies no longer fear us. Rex Tillerson. Is a serious man. Who understands the value perseverance. And he knows what it takes to accomplish difficult tasks. From an early age he worked to climb the ranks and Boy Scouts the company will Sam. Annie started as a production an engineer at Exxon in 1975. Eventually climbing his way to the top. As CEO the fortune ten company. And Exxon. He led one of the world's most respected conflicts. With over 75000. Employees. And over 250 billion dollars in revenue. Exxon. A proud Texas company. Does business in 52 countries. And Rex has traveled the globe. Negotiating business deals with the world leaders. Effectively advocating for the interest of this company shareholders. And employees. The numerous achievements that Rex is it earned. They don't come without hard work. Dedication and passion for one's mission. This is the work ethic and spirit that America needs in its secretary of state. That is the attitude it gives me confidence in the opportunity that Rex has to charting different. Better and stronger course for our national security and to close. We need a secretary of state who understands that America is exceptional. Who will establish policies upon that foundation. Of exceptional. And who will put America's interest firsts. Repeatedly. The current administration has used the United Nations. To try to circumvent the will of congress. And the American people. I look forward to a president and secretary of state who will instead vigorously defend US offered. I believe that Rex has an incredible opportunity to defend the foreign policy principles upon which president elect trump campaign. To strengthen our friendship and alliances. And to defeat our enemies. And I look forward to all of us working with him in the years ahead as we restore American leadership across the Golan.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"The Republican senator says Tillerson will \"chart a different, better and stronger course for our national security\" as secretary of state. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44705473","title":"Sen. Ted Cruz: Rex Tillerson 'Is a Serious Man'","url":"/Politics/video/sen-ted-cruz-rex-tillerson-man-44705473"}