Senator Webb (D-VA) Not Sure if He'll Campaign for Obama

Outgoing democratic senator adds Capitol Hill is stagnant on passing jobs bills.
3:00 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Senator Webb (D-VA) Not Sure if He'll Campaign for Obama
And -- and as you know there's a recurring series and and here on top once all the subway series. Once in a great while John Paul actually sits on a subway car -- -- to one of the subjects. This is your rare opportunity to watch that video senator Jim -- kind of an important -- Democrat from Virginia he is. Leading of course the senate next -- state is important take a look at the other opposition. Senator -- welcome to the subway series that you can join us. We were there so I can tell -- anything -- -- straight shooter from the start here and you can obviously -- -- on the news. Explodes on jobs bills that everybody you know. -- -- Well -- always presents John I was really -- -- years in the house side it was first start those. Five years the Pentagon -- you here expect a lot of us. Give and take. Right now is -- doctor. What's your census jobs is obviously. The preeminent issue and challenge faced. -- -- the president -- they're talking about how it's done got to get something done but nowhere does anybody actually -- getting -- -- they truthfully -- a lot of messaging going on clearly. Maybe the economy is an issue jobs -- major part of the economy. But there's a big debate going about what -- how do you really can revitalize the economy and I. Think we're. Sort of stagnation. Here in terms of differing viewpoints on that we know we need jobs we also know quite frankly. You have to have capital rules in order -- in order to really increase private sector jobs which is how you sustained. And economy and a lot of the proposals that are coming forward right now -- are more. Public sector jobs get people working but -- they are paid for out of the tax base. That becomes really the debate in new if you do you increase. Your tax base in order to try to stimulate the economy and if so how do you pay for it. It's sort of like World War I you -- these. To battle lines are drawn in a lot of attrition warfare going on but not much movement on either side. Right to be worried about leadership. Yeah. I think we've always. What this national -- -- Really -- a lot of people -- what is going on when your when your government government gets paralyzed by a vote. Just to raise the national -- Ronald Reagan really I was in the Reagan administration sir Ronald Reagan -- -- national met eighteen times. We know we have to get our arms around -- what was that the right symbolic area to come together has threatened. To push the economy -- -- -- Can also. Come out with a relieve the dire warning saying that he's worried that the super committee -- -- a man. By failing to come -- Well. I don't know what's going on super committee and that's actually a loss right now whether they really are behind closed doors they're there their discussion of what -- told -- On the outside. They have some pretty strong incentives -- comment when -- was. Because of the what's going to happen if they don't. I think. At some level. The government could absorb realism is a mandatory cuts. If it came -- so do you believe that dire warnings from the Pentagon that the automatic cuts would be devastatingly hurt national security. I believe you can finally ended. At a minimum the Pentagon the Pentagon the start reconfiguring -- In Afghanistan making sure we actually -- withdraw from -- Force structure I think they're doing right now what mr. -- said. Strategy based examination. Or force structure. A lot of plus dividends. A law. -- -- -- Examine what was. The quality. How -- about it you can use 10% cuts and I don't want to get and just the right to safe. But I want to -- deepen an already been done. You're talking about deeper cuts than what we've or Rory. -- I would wait to see what they did this for what I'm saying is that if if they came back and says take like the former billion how to deal I think over the world -- -- -- -- -- -- that. Protect the quality of our military weapons. And really look at the operational environment. Leave me -- you still think we should be getting out of Afghanistan a lot quicker than. Am I talking about I think the fairest thing. -- That's -- all we're going to be. She dropped the ball. Okay what better time by -- at the Virginia senate race for your -- George Allen Saturday. Do you get a sense what -- what's gonna happen. They. -- -- Lives. News it is truly want to. Finest people I've ever worked with the politics -- -- -- I can't help. Leaving campaigning for President Obama Paul. Smoltz wholesale. What that looks like that here but you -- -- say welcome to point out not saying that. Its annual. -- All of them. Okay this is. Stop -- what is the next. Jim Webb novel. When -- at least you don't novel from it all right actually what we'll -- Londoners. I don't know quite what I'm gonna just say one thing to find a better already for thank you senator can -- we appreciate your time. I'm nothing that I won't they to go right swing state key key key plays for President Obama do. Well. And -- on senator -- -- -- all right we're back councilor Rick like that are not that's Amy Walter that is -- for this edition of top like big debate this week and you made -- -- heard about me. -- -- -- -- -- Can't --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Outgoing democratic senator adds Capitol Hill is stagnant on passing jobs bills.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14882210","title":"Senator Webb (D-VA) Not Sure if He'll Campaign for Obama","url":"/Politics/video/sen-webb-tim-kaine-fine-senator-14882210"}