Senate to debate dueling shutdown bills

Neither the Democratic nor Republican proposals are expected to pass.
3:08 | 01/23/19

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Transcript for Senate to debate dueling shutdown bills
Now to the latest on president trump and the partial government shutdown. Senate leaders have now agreed to hold votes on proposals that could open and federal agencies this week ABC's Meredith McGraw is apple White House breaking it all down for us Meredith thanks for joining us this morning. So do you think we are any plans involved here that could actually end this the longest shut down in history. Hey they're Stephanie. With each state is shutdown continues pressure continues to. Mounts on lawmakers to budge but right now it seems written like real no hopes no real solution is in sight now. Up on Capitol Hill the first test is coming senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has two votes scheduled the first is on the president's so called compromise bill. And this includes five point seven billion dollars for his border wall in addition. Two temporary protection for dreamers and some as silent seekers but the key word there is temporary Democrats. I and they want to see a permanent solution on immigration and they aren't willing to bites here to of course with the senate narrowly divided. The president needs sixty votes and seven Democrats have have to come on board and that seems incredibly unlikely at this point now on the other side Democrats have a bill that would temporarily reopened. The government by its I'm unfortunately Republicans. They're also not willing to budge on fat because there is no funding for the border while. I'm both of these bills are more or less data on arrival but they do do a few things bail out senators to cast a vote showing where they do stand and they allow senators to show they're willing to vote on something to reopen the government. It's Delaware essentially stuck here the president's not going to reopen the government. And children Democrats. Wolf finds his border while and Democrats on the other hand they won't negotiate until the government's opened. The fight continues and Meredith. Oh what the state of the union we know that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked the president to postpone the state of the union scheduled for next week and then in response the president of course sent that letter to Nancy Pelosi saying. That herb the use of her use of that military aircraft to travel overseas was canceled. Where do you stand on that will there be a scene of the union next week. President turned is determined to get this stay in the union address even as speaker Pelosi of course ascent to postpone it while the government is shut down. The White House as securities not an issue and they've already are sneaky yes to the speaker's invitation. And the White House says it's going to go on as planned but the big question is whether or not he's going to delivered this speech on Capitol Hill. Highs are White House team is reported. Aides here are preparing to different versions of the president's state of the union speech. One that he can deliver up on Capitol Hill or somewhere here in DC. But another that can be delivered outside of Washington perhaps at a rally. President trump has been hunkered down here at the White House while they shut down his continued so perhaps there's a bit of cabin fever and he might want to get out. Sony aren't married a thank you very much we'll wait to see what happens.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Neither the Democratic nor Republican proposals are expected to pass. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60571931","title":"Senate to debate dueling shutdown bills ","url":"/Politics/video/senate-debate-dueling-shutdown-bills-60571931"}