Senate holds 1st public hearing on Capitol siege

Lawmakers to question top officials on security failures that led to the breach on the Capitol.
4:43 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for Senate holds 1st public hearing on Capitol siege
This morning the senate is set to hold its first public hearing on the capital insurrection. Lawmakers will question top officials on the security failures that led to the reach of the capital they also look to determine how to better protect the building moving forward. Senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer joins me now with more on this. DeVon good morning this in the first time we'll hear from some of the people in charge of capital security on that day. What are you watching for. They're good morning Dan it's also. The first time that lawmakers who lived through the Eck insurrection. While CB yet be able to ask questions and those who were charged with making sure they were safe and secure as it was going on three of the officials will hear from today Diane have resign they resign immediately after the attack. Their former capitol police she stevens' son former senate sergeant at arms Michael singer and former house sergeant at arms Paul Irving those are the guys. We're supposed to be in the capital keeping people safe walls in here from acting DC police chief barber Conte. Not much of the Syrian. Is gonna really focus on two questions. One why wasn't the capital more fortified ahead of time clearly. There was a failure in preparation. I and the second question is why didn't take so long for reinforcements to get there once the capital was overrun. Senator Gary Peters of Michigan the top Democrat on one of these committees today Diane that he wants to know what we're right what we're wrong. In how we can prevent this from happening ever get my quest and and debt and you actually get some answers particularly to that second question why it took so long to send back up. But the hope is that we'll start to get some of those answers today Diane if you look at the timeline of events on January since it took nearly five. Our worse for the first National Guard troops to show up back at the capitol after she signed. First called for help there and competing narratives as to why that was delayed with a including whether the White House. President trump may have played some sort of a role bearish it's also clear from the early indication that there was general confusion among those remembered just showed you stinger Irving. In sun over who had the authority to actually the National Guard who were out with the ultimate approved were audit that lead to some of the delay those questions. Will be asked today no doubt that there is going to be a follow up here in diameter the Defense Department will appear as well. And then DeVon former capitol police chief Steven son is one of those three officials testifying today actually resigned. After the attacks he wrote a letter earlier this month saying the intelligence leading up to the event did not indicate it would become as violent as it did. How much of the hearings using Walt focused. On that intelligence and what they. We're working. It's a huge part of this equation Diana name was this a failure of intelligence. Or failure to act on what was already know it's very unclear. That will give it a final answer to David chiefs signed it were expected. -- here today will come out and maintain that he simply did not know was gonna be this bad he says in a letter to Nancy Pelosi that you referenced. Earlier this month that there was no specific evidence. Of an armed plot to invade the capital that may be true. But his letter also suggest and that perhaps there was a failure of imagination to anticipate. What was clearly some obvious indications on the Internet that these are groups that were gathering planned to be violent there were calls. To demonstrate there were calls did he gone some these members of congress. So much as an aftermath of 9/11. Are our security officials were faulted for not imagining what could be the case. I suspected that will be get a lot of attention today as well and -- their stark differences in security preparations. For that January 6 rally which turned into the siege and for lack lives matter protests over the summer what do you expect to hear on that contrast today. Yet just look at the pictures here on the screen Indies were from last summer riot police in body armor tall fencing tear gas the smoke bombs we remember those pictures and then to contrast that. With what we saw I think capital on January 6 capitol police armed with little cans of pepper spray and bite cracked fencing to keep those mobs. An insurrection is out of the capital it's a huge question today in this hearing Diane why it was a White House shall fortified. In the face ends relatively peaceful black lives matter protests that have been going on in the summer she. And the capital. Really left wide open on January 6 Democrats have suggested that perhaps politics and optics were at play rather than facts. An objective threat assessments and we suspect that a lot of questioning today we'll get into those issues standing DeVon dryer and Washington Forrest thanks Evan. Exact.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Lawmakers to question top officials on security failures that led to the breach on the Capitol.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76065172","title":"Senate holds 1st public hearing on Capitol siege","url":"/Politics/video/senate-holds-1st-public-hearing-capitol-siege-76065172"}