Senate passes $1.9 trillion in COVID relief

The American Rescue Plan is aimed at helping lower-income Americans, small businesses, schools, tourism, as well as state and local governments.
5:39 | 03/06/21

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Transcript for Senate passes $1.9 trillion in COVID relief
When Democrats assume the majority in this chamber we promise. To pass legislation to rescue our people from the depths of the pandemic. And bring our economy. And our country. Roaring back. In a few moments. We are going to deliver. On that promise. This bill will deliver more help to more people than anything the federal government has done in decades. It is broader. Deeper. And more comprehensive in helping working families. And lifting people out of poverty. Than anything congress has seen or accomplished in a very long time. The pandemic. Has affected nearly every aspect of American life. So this bill spans the gamut. Answer provide support to every part of our country. For Americans who doubted that the government can help them in this time of crisis. You'll be getting direct checks. Your schools will receive assistance to reopen quickly and safely. Your local businesses will get another lifeline. And the day when you receive the vaccine. Will be a lot sooner. The American rescue plan will go down as one of the most sweeping federal recovery efforts in history. It's never easy to pass legislation is momentum is this. But it will all end soon. Be worth it. Now I know that on Saturday morning. The American people aren't watching our proceedings here. They're probably out walking the dog or sitting down with breakfast at breakfast with the kids. I want them to know. Help is on the way. That their government is going to give one final push. To get us over the finish line. I want the American people to know. That we're going to get through this. And some day soon. Our businesses will reopen. Our economy will reopen. And life will reopen. We will end this terrible play. And we will travel again. And send our kids to school again. And be together again. Our job right now. Is to help our country get from this stormy present. To that hopeful future. And it starts. With voting high. On the legislation. Before us vote yes. On the American rescue plan. Vote yes. And before I yield the floor one final note let us all express our deepest gratitude. To all of my colleagues. We went through a long long period. In the last day. To the staffs of the committee's. And the personal senate office is who worked so hard to put this legislation together. And especially. Let us thank the great floor staff the clerks the. The custodial staff in the capitol police. Senators members. Two trillion dollars. In a more apt third way. Or through a less rigorous profit. Voters gave senate Democrats the slimmest. Possible. Majority. Voters picked a president who promised unity. And bipartisanship. Democrats responses to ram through what they call quote the most progressive. Domestic legislation. In a generation. On a razor. Thin. Majority. In both south. The right path was obvious. We've followed it Bob pounds last year. Bob rescue packages totaling four trillion dollars and none of them got fewer than ninety votes. The senator wrote cares that Republicans to Democrats shoulders shouldered. That was the road to real pandemic related but Democrats actually lauded Mr. President thumping else. They explained their intent very clearly. To exploit this crisis quote. As a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision. That's how you get this massive bill with only one person 1%. For vaccinations. That ignores this on reopening of schools. That stuff with non Covert related spending that even top liberal economists. Is wrong. With a recovery. Democrats and heard at a cod and authority turning to 120 waters are already set. To be our comeback year. Because the American people's resilience. And about partisan foundation. That we laid last year. We could've worked together. Whose beat up Bedford. Our democratic college main decision. A top priority one pandemic related. It was their Washington wishing wishing. So Mr. President college. Trawler rectum a no vote. The EPA's or fifty. The days of 49. Bill as amended is passed.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"The American Rescue Plan is aimed at helping lower-income Americans, small businesses, schools, tourism, as well as state and local governments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76297593","title":"Senate passes $1.9 trillion in COVID relief","url":"/Politics/video/senate-passes-19-trillion-covid-relief-76297593"}