Senate votes to end debate, setting up vote to conclude shutdown

Leaders from both parties expressed confidence in a path to 60 votes on immigration reform.
10:48 | 01/22/18

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Transcript for Senate votes to end debate, setting up vote to conclude shutdown
Everyone on an Abbas are continuing coverage now you just saw live they are members of the senate both Republicans and Democrats. Voting after three days to end that government shutdown what does that mean moving forward what exactly was cut behind the scenes here what kinda deal. Let's bring in reclining BC's political director down in Washington DC so rake what exactly unfolded over the last three days in the Democrats caper was this actually a good deal for. I got an email from one when democratic operative off of the Heller says that Chuck Schumer had a bad hand. And he started to realize it and decided the full before got too much worse for Democrats. I think that's going to be the prevailing view on this is that Democrats. Didn't love the way this was playing they weren't short the end game would be they were frustrated clearly not getting the president's the negotiating table but they didn't wanna see this linger. Only over the immigration issue so instead they extracted a promise although potentially of 81. From the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to take up immigration reform shortly after this many gill is in place. It will set off a wild seventeen days of debate in the United States senate. I that will be capped by votes at some point the next couple weeks that tackle all of these thorny issues of immigration potentially at the same time. Let's go over now to our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce has been tracking these ups and downs over the last three days an area looks likely bought ourselves a live there. Of a reprieve now right they have until February 8 but what exactly was agreed to and what does it mean for the future of those dreamers. Yet this was a compromise a word we don't hopping here here in these calls these days look. Bottom line here is that in exchange for agreeing to reopen the government to temporarily fund the government just the next three weeks Liederman Mitch McConnell the Republican leader. Made a commitment essentially tend to act. On immigration to act on protections for dreamers for those nearly 800000 undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children who have been at the center. Of this whole debate now I'm told what really push this. Over the edge for Democrats was also a promise then that if things don't think get done by February 8 and it's those three weeks aren't enough. That niche McConnell will then move immediately to consider some kind of daka legislation that essentially. Three is then that the Casper opens the past. For a bipartisan deal to try and address dreamers we know there have been a lot of talks about this going on but there hasn't been any. Real progress. On the floor and that's that's so this opens up the door for that. But the end of the day in means that Democrats are taking Mitch McConnell to work he is promising that he will do something they feel confident and that promise. But that's not a guarantee shall we say the Democrats that we've talked to in the last hours this has come together of all said that they feel confident. This is as good as it was going to get remember at the end of the day they do all agree on the big principles here. Note neither Democrats nor Republicans want the government to stay shut down that both. Want to do something to protect dreamers they both want to come together on the government do something for. To extend the Children's Health Insurance Program which is part of this deal is well it was just a matter how to do it. And now Democrats feel they have at least satisfy their demands to get a commitment. To protect dreamers as some part of a funding deal but now it now it now it's time to Spain guys I gonna see how both sides are playing this the blame game as you saw there in the speeches on the floor firms from from both Schumer and McConnell the wind is still well under way and I suspect. It probably hear from the president as well as he tries to spin this to his advantage to have. Speaking let's head over to the White House now thanks to Mary Bruce on the health Cecilia Vega. Our senior White House correspondent since Ilya. What exactly is happening inside at the White House this is supposed to be the dealmaker in chief he's been tweaking against senior member is. Of his own party in the last abilities to where was the president over the last three days. Yet the art of the deal and it got really ugly not only against members of his own party but let's just quickly look back at remember that I. Political ad that the president's Platt reelection campaign put out just a couple of days ago basically accusing the Democrats of of murder of being responsible for murder anybody dies over this deployed this debate about illegal immigration and a government shut down. As you heard Chuck Schumer there on the senate floor not too long ago say. That is quote great deal making president had an actually spoken to him since Friday and our sources have confirmed to us that the president did spend a number of hours making phone calls to allies and in his own party and anti aids in his own staff but he did not actually pick up the phone colony Democrats. I I don't think that will stop this White House from spinning this as a victory of this administration eyes as the art of the deal. That Donald Trump doesn't and and they will say does well. But certainly there are questions about whether the president was too much on the sidelines during this that because many of his aides feared. That he put up ended this at this deal these negotiations that were happening over the last few days days and basically. He'll go rolled his he has been prone to do I'm so certainly this this this narrative is not over I would not be surprised as Mary said. That we we might hear from the president at some point here at the White House today. Cecilia veil live therefore ask. At the White House Rick Klein down in DC one of the things I wanted to ask you about rank this Mitch McConnell there said as he took the floor that the strategy to shut down the government over illegal immigration is something the American people. Don't understand I think a lot of people would co signed to that I don't think a lot of people understand how docket ended up. At the heart of this whole did they it's something that seems to have bipartisan support in terms of being able to move forward it's something the majority of American people. Would like to see solved seal and how did we end up here. Tom I've covered an embarrassing number of shutdowns in in in a relatively short amount of time in Washington embarrassing maybe for Washington in May be for me in my age but I also. Even in that context this shut down made no sense. That things are they were arguing about things like chip funding things like status for the so called me was EnerNOC things like military funny isn't just didn't disagree on them it's not like 2013. When Republicans shut down the government and an effort to defund obamacare. These were not about sharply partisan political differences it was about positioning. It was about tactics and a lot of the messaging got lost along the way. A lot of that recipe to the president who meandered and and his acting erratic policy behavior he contradicted himself over the last couple weeks he poisoned the well with that now famous. I ass hole comments in the Oval Office a couple of weeks ago. But from the democratic perspective they were not having an affect the timing communicating what this was about it made a number of their the senate Democrats. Uncomfortable that particularly those who live in red states and are up for reelection at the end of the year they don't wanna be seen as showing on the government over this. And I think they're having a hard time explaining how was wrapped together particularly because the deadline to. Figure out a doctor solution is still about six weeks away. This no guarantees that you're gonna have some votes including on dock including taking care of the dreamers. In the next few weeks and I think that's where Democrats made this play your right they didn't they they they were not able to explain what this was about. Fundamentally wasn't about that much and I think that was their problem from the beginning. And rake so just in terms of how we move forward what it means for both sides now neither side looks really good coming out of this. I'm but there's some new numbers from an ABC news Washington Post poll I wanted to ask you about people were asked. And I should note this question when out before it to shut down went into effect basically they would blame. If the government were to shut down and most of the blame seemed to fall with congressional Republicans and this administration does not give Democrats. Any more leverage in negotiations moving forward. Well I think no one wants to see a government shutdown and I think you're gonna start the parcel out blame the party that actually controls the White House and both houses of congress is gonna take a major chunk of that. The president can only separate himself from so much not to mention his own behavior during this time in his commentary in its tweets in his own campaign ad. That that I'll that was helpful also in negotiations over the weekend. I don't either side wants to do this again as new it won't happen all over again that's the leverage though that has brought to bear I think Democrats do feel like. If that if the shutdown is done under the right circumstances there are principles that are worth going to the going to the mat over and they would gladly fight that out on that terrain. They weren't they are quite yet and I don't think. This was the kind of shut down there that had a lot of deliberate planning that when he into it with the Democrats marshalling their votes. Clearly they have their own members or carpool why this these veal if that's what you wanna call it did to reopen the government. Has a lot of the left upset they're seeing what we actually get for this why we go to the last 72 hours. To not even have any kind of I nuclear guarantees much less and he policy advancement. A we are really back to the scene pitched battle just a couple of weeks off. So it's a deal with a little dean for shared but it then look Ford forming now right that got seventeen days. To try to get something together are we just gonna end up right back here on February 8. If I I think you have to you have to look at as a distinct possibility you know Mary Bruce asked the great question I think on Capitol Hill earlier she's running around talking to senators in cities and is really all about frost. If you ask you senator flake about the trusted Mitch McConnell to bring something up. And I feel like trust is so lacking right here because all of this deal little deal or big. Knowing that the other side is able to come through and when I look at the landscape right now but Democrats don't trust Republicans and Republicans don't trust Democrats it's not just that though. House Republicans don't trust senate Republicans and vice Versa. In the side that is their own conference house leadership Republicans on the silly trust their own freedom caucus people. That has nothing to do with president trump whom nobody trusts the release state security his word because is worth changed so much so. I see a lot of pitfalls over these next seventeen days plus the history of immigration. You go back to you go back to Ronald Reagan but even a more recent times. George W. Bush wanted to make comprehensive immigration reform a hallmark of his time in office he was unable to do it even with Republican control when that Democrats had controlled congress they couldn't do it. When it was democratic Republican controlled democratic white house Republican told congress they couldn't do it now it's all Republicans. In control so the idea that they're going to be able to in the next seventeen days work out all of these thorny issues bringing to conclusion take care of doc and the dreamers take care of things like. Chain migration they take care of things. Oh like legal immigration and take care of course of that big beautiful border Walt the president wants. Kelly is a skeptic. Come back with a terribly inspiring that there broach reclaim that if you can somehow sort of mapped out that. That ms. trust elegant then diagram or something that would be. You are helpful I will watch yes I don't I'll I'll I'll I'll work on that it's a little luck zigzags in a crisscrossed with the president sitting above all of it kind of shrugging about. How you how you get from point eight appoint me. I'll look out. For everything is political director Rick Klein thanks and get to talk to you by some. Thanks all of you for watching as well and Everett any time get the latest on all of these stories download ABC news acted all the breaking news. Write to your phone for now I'm on an Abbas. I don't see back here since.

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