Senators vote on whether a former president can still face impeachment trial

The Senate voted 56 to 44 in favor of continuing former President Donald Trump’s trial.
6:50 | 02/09/21

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Transcript for Senators vote on whether a former president can still face impeachment trial
Sort of act before the vote. Maybe wrapping up let's see where they are people right now. Vote has been completed. They're about to announce the final tally. As I said at the top five. Republican senators. But against dismissing the case. On the opening day motion made by Rand Paul senator Rand Paul. Kentucky. We'll see what the final total is here. And of course this all comes ahead of the actual arguments in the case on the substance. What happened about to get the announcement right now. I'm this fall the age of 56. The days half hour 44. It pursuant to as far as for his seventh. The senate having voted in the affirmative on the foregoing question. The senate show proceed. Who is a problem as provided. Under the provisions. Of that resolution. Mr. President majority leader. I ask unanimous consent that the trial adjourned until twelve new. Tomorrow Wednesday February 10 and the disorder also constitute the adjournment of the senate. Without objection the ratio standard the adjournment until noon tomorrow. 56. Senators voted Dem and that we have for six Republicans. Who voted that this trial could go forward Mary Bruce. I believe that was senator bill Cassidy of Louisiana who's now added his vote to the five Republicans voted against dismissal early on. Yet and George that is what we believe that is somewhat of a surprise obviously we knew that that Romney Collins Murkowski to me and staffs. We're likely to stick with their previous vote Cassidy now it seems is also siding with them that that will you know give Democrats some hope there to see one more. The Republican side with Democrats we haven't seen any kind of statement from him to explain. His change of heart yet. But it does make you wonder what happened in the last several days and in the last several hours to Megan's changed his mind here to move ahead. With this question have constitutionality of the of this trial on. And of course a reminder of what we didn't hear from that the president's team here today was any detailed defense of the president's actions. I think the fact that you have six Republicans now. Willing to go forward is telling but of course six is still a far cry from the seventeen. That they will need and most even those Republicans who have condemned strongly the president's actions of city mayor's responsibility that he provoked. The Dem mob that have marched on the capital still have argued that that that they do not feel that this is constitutional. And that gives Republicans some political cover in many ways it allows them to walk this fine line. I voting to abide seemingly voting to acquit our likely voting to acquit. While not having to make a judgment call on president trump which of course is why this is going to be so difficult for so many Republicans as they grapple. With the former president's power over their party going forward but it will be interesting to hear from senator Cassidy certainly. Why he changed his mind by that gives Democrats any hope. That they may be able to change the mother arrives in the coming days morning. Really question came our recently shoved we were interrupted for the final vote before you get a chance. To assess the learning in terms team. It was pretty uneven you know how Sanders I think as we said earlier given extremely effective presentation on the law the constitution. And to a degree kind of the facts and what. Accountants or what was at stake in terms of accountability in the constitution. And the president's defenders were pretty muddled and meandering. Made arguments that you couldn't rely on British history when interpreting the constitution when it's a very well settled a note of constitutional interpretation and fact. It was conservative legal lakes and rely heavily on concrete constitutional history and British practice. There were some ignoring of our constitutional history be bell now post remove or post departure. Impeachment in 1876 was heard and absent from the presentation. And then there was sort of cherry picking up some of the sources in the same lease on the brief so I don't think it's interesting that there was any movement at all on the Republican side. And in a way this is a separate vote than the vote on actual culpability. But of course as Mary was saying you know this that the idea that a lot of these senators we'll say there's no jurisdiction. And will use that as a reason to vote to acquit. Without really taking a position on the kind of substantive merits of the case the impeachment managers are bringing. I think seems like a real possibility but but you know what we will see how how this plays out in the coming daisy I think it was very interesting sort of opening presentation. The baseline to baseline both Republicans now six want to bring in Ron Emanuel. Before we go so the votes may be baking and in the enemy of the seventeen votes to convict may be too high a bar. It clearly the Democrats to mean feel a need to respond to the Republican argument on the constitutionality after they made their opening case. And run it seems pretty clear that. They were. Looking over the heads of the senators to the American people as much as they were making the argument directly to the jurors in that room. There's no doubt George uses think the Republicans in that room her big losers together in a quagmire they can't support what the president did. And they can't separate themselves from president truck. I mean we can't support president Trump's actions and they cannot separate themselves from president corrupt and desperate to get out of this quagmire there. I think the big winner today it would so values Joseph Biden. One of the premises of his candidacy was on the turned aperture when you look at that film. You really realize how bad America was vs the calmness in the water they'd exists under Joseph Biden and I'll just say this. 81 year law student. Could do better than that she I didn't abbate should trump is walking around morrow idol throwing things against the wall given what was going on there. A first year student would do better than that and expects his team moved through here while they beat outcome may be no. That is not the best case dart be features. Rahm Emanuel thanks very much training go back her regular program right now whirled news tonight would do that here of course is coming up we'll be back. For the trucks more as you heard senator sure there's say they're going to be convening again. At twelve noon to go directly through the democratic argument democrats' arguments. On the underlying case against president trump the second impeachment trial of president trump would that there. Full time tomorrow for that.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"The Senate voted 56 to 44 in favor of continuing former President Donald Trump’s trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75788358","title":"Senators vote on whether a former president can still face impeachment trial","url":"/Politics/video/senators-vote-president-face-impeachment-trial-75788358"}