Serena Marshall talks to voters at Rep. Dave Brat's (R-VA) town hall

Constituents speak back, say they want all voices heard.
8:49 | 02/22/17

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Transcript for Serena Marshall talks to voters at Rep. Dave Brat's (R-VA) town hall
Welcome to ABC news nice for him Marshall. Alan session this week those congress and it went back to their districts either directly from their kids. We're at a town hall right now pay in Virginia I was congressman David brats who added that the major political upset. All upset over cantor Eric Cantor before that trump that's set for the election to hear from his. I want heat they think. How he's doing. What it means in this political climate. The recovery hear it now in these first few routes are injured or not away and relax. Our county's air. District can't find it come here for the preventing diseases before they tell us and to make sure that they can't. In the southern part of his district and the rest some of those children up regularly at this gentleman yeah a vault built upon mount things. Most cutting room and so why he wanted to come out of this problem. Well I want to come out here and make sure my views were heard as well among part of the community here and I'm working in all three of the communities that he represents. Out of not a wake county million county and end here at Blackstone is someone to come out here to make sure that. You know my views are heard it's. Rose everybody else's news click. On August sock it. Districts as well I think it's really great console him when he was going around trying to. You know become a day. Mitchell on our. Representatives. And he came out here and he could paint and contained out here as well I'm not him that time. In Hudson when you're one that is. You support him this way it can go after him but it for delegates elected him enough. President trump as well and so when I think about how they're telling so experts other. He's doing everything he said he was going to do keys out there campaigning. On the plan that he got voted. And form. That he's doing everything you say it was going to do now let's just let the democratic. This. You folks an eyewitness you know you paint on then give them what people want him to do and let the people's voice filled her just like. You're doing out here tonight. And are very tough to sort of do his job he should have more talk also. District and hand them closer others hurt but yes that's that it shouldn't mountain. And. Bolts on the Democrat Republican come out here and communicate that things just like in the White House now use while things to commute. Covert screened each other over talk each other. All they need to come to some common ground in communicating these things that's what these things all of this out past. You come out here he taught him but he I was. Fictions and news but what won't people we all want us. That's safe country and the laws to beat you up and told him out on. I really believe we all want some sensitive. And I was getting out carts in hand away this time I'll remind congress that spent at art event just analysts are questioning. Love this does it right now I'm out of that and I want to know what they're getting minutes. I knew that was something bigger and ran on specially club president trump. And I know it is not a and we look forward two you know. It's now but want to know what did you look at the extent that it's been a long time coming and I just wanted to know what you can do you couldn't answer as well. Well important hearing if they did not question it has admitted had never went industry has submitted questions on who urged Iraq to. And now they are given to the mayor of this town he's going to select question. They don't think he's yeah. We're gonna keep walking back here. As we continue you see this fall is starting to fill up. District. It's actually hit in the north eastern practices after the nap earlier. Look at how little longer to be here that's on this from his county though he is appreciative of the fact that he came here this county today. Let's keep walking back a little bit Hillary is like some other folks here hi guys aren't you know. Mr. Glenn. You're here is your. Definitely. Men. Apparently. Counting money that that we. Aren't you got an hour that. But might it be that track down and aren't. It lots of paper and face. And found that aired here in effect. Or anyone. Was that concerns they get a response back. I called is. That the Earth's upper hand in where it's going through your lives. Kate questions. I feel like air filters. I. Agree this is all questions didn't I breath I've brought extent acts as air. There are failing handing out one color what. Causing cancer in your courage that Iraq now and you thank you even in the same district and county. Yeah I have not from Richmond city Atlantic City paid living. And what he's running after I got. Quite literally she took the words out of my mountain high paying. Then actively calling and writing. Pier and a lot. I didn't alert. On his opponent there's look at this inning when I've written. Responding to that as an example I rode afternoon. His boot on the pro life legislation. And it's built for the congressman. I mean come ons as far south in his district but it was a purposeful that this. It is our south and his district asking. Annexed to make it more difficult from average for everyone who lives appointment here. Santa particularly small venue. When their response has and then there's going to be a much larger turnout. There's a group at FaceBook group seven district town hall. And that actually contacted his office and think just that larger venues in this area late today turned down. I've called and asked him to hold a live town hall an east end at ten counties that you represent. What that response not ever there John also canceled at Epstein. Snow I mean he's a politician and master jet. I didn't. On the other hand I am really think we'll of them and so accommodating the crowd. Locked up front street he even fit. That is their town. I'm really vision it. He is leading outside of the Iraqis thought that giant lines. The album to. Are you not their report daily. Hours. Well what kind of questions please city's budget Atlanta somewhere. It means questions one is about Planned Parenthood. It's. The Pratt has publicly stated that even Amer seeking. Parenthood. In the district that we live in of the ten counties I'm of them aren't federally designated that would help us prosperous area and my question to you. If you want to defund Planned Parenthood. Weird news he is seeking primary health care who lived in his the county's you know. You sound like your medical they've had here's now I am. And now appeared beyond unrelenting heat Edwards adding yeah Renee keep blocking its key discount off. Feeling. There's. And the backed by logging in Atlantic. And congressman good bounces aren't gonna reflect the lessons from those cards and Italy have prevented district from here and harvests according opposing it. We'll see how this this time on gets underway for a vote.

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{"duration":"8:49","description":"Constituents speak back, say they want all voices heard. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45647516","title":"Serena Marshall talks to voters at Rep. Dave Brat's (R-VA) town hall","url":"/Politics/video/serena-marshall-talks-voters-rep-dave-brats-va-45647516"}