Sessions Supporters Weigh In on the Confirmation Hearings

Community leader Bob Woodson says the opposition is using race to sink Sen. Jeff Sessions' nomination.
10:07 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Sessions Supporters Weigh In on the Confirmation Hearings
ABC valid science and we're on Capitol Hill for the confirmation hearings for senator Jeff Sessions Donald Trump's pick. For attorney general. The hearings currently on a break but right now we are joined by his supporters first we have Bob Woodson any longtime friend and supporter. And the senator who is from Alabama and in Carrie Severino with the judicial crisis network which has been. At this website called confirm sessions docked or. Work cracked up. Confirmed Texans dot com and also money at this morning so he residents city in the hearing today what did you sign so far outlets and. I think stretched senate possessions has really sit well. I'm the leader of an organization called it quits and senator and we've been helping low income citizens coming out of it. And nine of those community leaders including mayor City Council member who. Serving seven of those. Poorest communities in America. Jeff Sessions has been a PP strong supporter of them. Over the years. He's helped us generate millions of dollars that help people to install septic systems sees how does put in the first county's recreation center. Concessions has demonstrated his actions. That he supports the least of these his deeds speak more of its character than what allegedly he's hit thirty years ago. And so I think that the I'm a veteran of the civil rights movement and I think what they're doing is using it losing a civil rights legacy. As a bludgeon against. Anyone on the political. Calling him a racist. Which is ridiculous based upon did what Jeff Sessions has done to help. Low income leaders announced an you know. That's something early on in the hearing at the civil rights issues and race issues. Really he sought and it might take center stage not only just in his statement in his questioning but also it. In the amount of protesters were you expecting. Data not a protesters to come out at this hearing. Was this very interestingly Robert Byrd who was remembered the kindly senator Virginia. Was eulogize my senator I mean President Obama. The saying he may have said and done some things but he is a loyal and American but see he is a eight McLaren who's a Democrat. Just session has never been a member of the client has allegedly has said. Some fans but he's vilified and Robert Byrd is it is celebrated. And some heated double standards and hypocrisy. And so rights movement today. Luis senator sessions differ from. A Donald's fun. During the hearing today was when the issue. A Muslim then potentially he and C and the senator said he doesn't support banning anyone based on religion. And we know that during the campaign Donald Trump. The comments about that what you think about did the daylight between the two of them on that issue. What one is as Israel's conflict is clarifying the role of the attorney general he said I'm gonna defend Hamas even if I disagree on the policy and it's my job just dependence on. And to enforce them and any sent it to president didn't want to decent news unconstitutionally bison until next June 18 incidentally I would have to resign. And I thought that was really strong point today where he sent look. Did you know they are there are some situations Simonsen is I think I have to. To kill Americans is meant as a matter my religion and could be in someone from that but he sent absolutely can't have this across the board Muslim man. I think that's something that heat will have influence on and talking about. Whitman incoming president trump and I think that's something to receive his administration but clarified in the coming weeks and I think. Pete Sessions did sexy green jobs so far he's picking up part I think Chris Nolan talk to be really really proud of his need to know. The other the other point is it's fair again to double standard. Eric Holder. As attorney June. Instead he is opposed to defensive return in vehicle even though it is loan he has not only influence it. But get Jeff Sessions. Says as attorney general he will impose the lows even if he disagreed with the policy. But now why isn't Eric Holder. Condemn for they. And yet it shows the double standards would you mind just concessions. The senate I believe we'll. And I think that that's the current attorney general meeting the night Eric Holder who says he personally disagrees wouldn't even though is. This. Week. Now one thing that was are so. They're gonna come back into session later this afternoon to continue the hearing but tomorrow there's going to be. Quite an interesting moment we have this unprecedented moment we have three of his colleagues actually testifying against boys senator Cory Booker congressman John Lewis and that congressman Patrick expects what do you think about that three. At the prominent African American lawmakers here. The capital testified at sessions tomorrow. Because that season they are part of the race grievance industry as well. They are all Democrats. Are opposed philosophically. Politically thing. And they're going to use race again as a bludgeon. Against this news. By because of what he says it is very interestingly these same bus. When it comes to people like Ray Nagin. Former disgraced mayor Rawlings who was stuffing his pockets while blacks were dying drowning in Wharton. Omar a black congressman Jefferson bill Jefferson. Who wants also stuffing his pockets in his refrigerator which now people who were not what it's us and went to. You can be black and political office and do disgraceful things. And you exempt from any criticism and yet they are going to come and testify against. Suggestions. For what he singing. Not any of his penis. That shows you how discredited. The civil rights movement has become in terms that this that government. And it would. But that was interesting experience was when senator sentence he would recuse himself. From any investigation into Hillary Clinton deep thinking he needed to do that. I think that was another great moment to draw the contrast between what assistant attorney general hospital like Atlanta and other elements attorney general under president. You know both of name then had issues with. Failing to enforce the loss of containment policy objections to accepting sanctions and it decent team and because he made comments during a presidential campaign. Critics he's criticizing. Secretary Clinton. And in the concerns about her even email scandal that foundation scandal. He sat out recuse myself from now that's a far cry from what medalist. She didn't not going to accusers she's meeting and tarmac. At the former President Clinton to talk about this and then continues he. That's really and I think it's wonderful to see it happening attorney general. He's bringing up ethical standards and saying we need to have that this kind of high standards for Archie on fourth and Nancy you're. Group judicial crisis network has set up this website called confirmed sessions dot com your also ready digital ads what are your other plants and going forward to try to help sessions if confirmed. Well we just want to make sure that it this time in 96 because. She's confirmations used to be. Pretty pretty collegial kind of events sessions this really points on eight by these scurrilous funds unsupported and you know frankly already debunked by now allegations against him. They're being all brought up again want to make sure summons the year to meet in the case and to explain the real story behind these things. Its mix of people see see the real Jeff Sessions because unfortunately a lot of coverage has been focused on the east. And he's kind of mudslinging allegations which are are totally false so. We have we have a website we have you on the west and we don't like and so are promoting it that he went along percentage minute video that really tells action story and tell us now. Other stories of his constituents. He's helped and building jobs and helping police to. Talked for an inning in Alabama. I'm so we're continuing to mount and we'll see if the Democrats and continued to up guarantee. We'll be right along with him to make sure it eat great long term profits are. Like senator sessions. Isn't being dragged through the audience and really just part isn't politicking. When the only known as an excellent person to be pine tree general and it's obvious I can't speak. So. It yet to make a prediction how what do you think that's gonna come down to me it's a slam dunk. This is support. Just as the Democrats did lend it when they they're present. Deserves to get his appointees through and they will. I haven't heard anything. Even from some of his detractors. Scuttle. He aren't as bipartisan support I think this is an increase because he's he's here shillings. He's articulate he's principally cents. I'm didn't enforce these laws he lost I disagree wit you know and and that's that's exactly the attorney general's views I think actually very broad support. I hope not just Democrats trying to play games this drag their feet Obama's cabinet was appointed. The vast majority were reporting right on it seeks votes on the first day in Pristina was tense aren't eat. Democrats are trying to pretend this is it normal. Really you need to have a new tank at their camp and Republicans really easy to do that for president in agreement and that you. The new president needs to cap his administration in east country. I'm I'm hopeful that it will continue peace and you don't have. Both senator sessions leaving the department has camp for a quick. Thank you Carrie Severino of the judicial crisis presents network and what and in a sense of order and friends senators thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"10:07","description":"Community leader Bob Woodson says the opposition is using race to sink Sen. Jeff Sessions' nomination.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44685509","title":"Sessions Supporters Weigh In on the Confirmation Hearings","url":"/Politics/video/sessions-supporters-weigh-confirmation-hearings-44685509"}