South Carolina Students Talk the 2016 Election Ahead of Primary

ABC News' Brad Mielke speaks with a panel of students in Columbia, South Carolina ahead of the democratic primary.
7:58 | 02/25/16

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Transcript for South Carolina Students Talk the 2016 Election Ahead of Primary
Let's get a broad UK and its what's pregnancies in South Carolina. He's and they panel I think of students who've been reacting to what's been happening to buy lies tonight's animal brought who have been. We've become plain Rodham well your exactly what you go. Hey guys so I'm here in Columbia south Carolina at the University of South Carolina to establish an 1801 it's one of the oldest colleges around so we got a lot of institutional knowledge here behind me. And looking at right now to the democratic primary this taking place in just two days of that is the story here in the state right now the Republicans have fled off the Super Tuesday night. But Democrats are still very much in the game right now so when it turned around and show use some of our students here are faithful students that are sticking around here on Thursday night. All their other friends are out on the town and State Capitol here and let's talk some politics right now so let's first turn over two. To Megan Megan you aren't let me turn the cameras here. Now they get your with the Bernie Sanders campaign right could you describe what you do for them. Yeah so mind me campus coordinator at USC Rupert sanders' campaign so I work these students campaign I helped make sure that. Students registered to vote in order polling sites are hope student volunteers get involved canvassing phone banking and look them up people. In the campaign that it can contribute. Up their voices heard right now zooming out here who here is it isn't Bernie Sanders fans. All right and now is there anyone here for Hillary Clinton that case that this sort of represents maybe the split. Both of what we see in college campuses a lot of excitement in the youth vote for Bernie Sanders. And could you miss any if any of you who were supporting. Bernie Sanders forty dye scene on campus right now. And if there's lake. Our standards hop. Like the idea is let very proud like months and months ago. Eddie Newton pleasantly with Bernie I a lot of people were excited currently work people think when we're excited about Cynthia would you tell him. I saw every seat for. Four ounces. For president and I called her ears best seats and I just was really impressed with his rhetoric. Use online issue and an eye to engines. And potential running. And then when he finally announced I got like those pictures counseling is so exciting loving friends and that you know he's had taken off now. And hopefully he's a household name at this point copy I can't fit I think a lot of I've been seeing stickers everywhere. Every scene stickers because it's a very silently in. Any street and now Lindy. Cameras they say he had aids been releasing going around the state and seeing that gap between your voters over 45 your funders U voters under 45 over 45 Hillary Clinton absolutely dominating. In the state where is under 45 it's almost even split Hillary Clinton still has that advantage she's expected to sweep through the state but some of these supporters here we'll have some in saying that. Yes we turn to our Hillary Clinton fans right here. And as I. Turn us around and don't. Mandy here in the left no you aren't the head of the college Democrats is that right here. So let me ask you what's it been like on campus lately with so much democratic activity initially. It's been really busy. No he helped keep me. Yeah and help them reach volunteers. Students get involved but they bond funds it means Philly volunteers familiar name. A great relief. Can shape of the campaign's. Spending a lot of time to figure out what you want what. You know. Heavy duty candidates been to this campus violence. Yeah he was here last week. State senate that it quickly and an it resource because. You. Can't it's happening at school without a student organization is bases on. And without a man and a college Democrats eat a wonderful are patiently at the art we wouldn't be able to doing it. Yes Amanda what's it like dealing with these campaigns. Because I mean he's are big important people running national campaigns how pushy or that. Great and they're. Today you know there last. And how. Just answer. The court but they're so great care about timing it's merely a personal level them. Or. And now they. Caught me. It lets talk about Hillary Clinton because as I was mentioning she's had her own challenges that you felt that you guys are at this what are your what are you seeing on campus when it comes to Hillary Clinton. Com well I pressed on. Last master an accident that are. You know people odds Democrats reaching out and he might you know it's hot and snow rightly ours aren't surrounded with. Yeah. You know it's not necessarily is any place there is justice. Ads on the Bernie campaign. And just like silent lot of opportunities come easily and it. State department of Summers I. And so just catapulted from Harry. Dozens of political science Major Garrett knows Q you guys. A grace is OK great and now listen let me ask you can from as you guys are studying this. What this election in like then I mean your professors must be saying this is sort of this once in a lifetime thing they'll track. Actually it. Elections and voting either class last year not last you're last semester. So right beginning at the GOP primary the democratic primaries little bit more standing in your house to vote grassroots candidate now. You know establishing candidate but I am. This Republican primaries did so out of left field and so unpredictable and it's one of those things where are professors sort of like. You know this is a very interesting case study and maybe we'll talk about this next year but right now and none of the rules apply here. None of your standard rules how these things work are gonna happen here like it's just it's it's free for all to anarchy. Dollars yet. Former FC east. You. Opt. It's. It's. It's. It's create apps. That's. About politics this. And then so let me ask you haven't heard for you get what's your name it's. Summer and so what does it been like on campus right now and that you know Democrats or Republicans. We talked he would you get a sense that one candidate is two candidates are leading the way. Coming faster constantly able I cannot nobody really has anything right now so this isn't nineteen next. Right now maintenance payments in trying to get hit it that way in looking like it's. Me. Thank you so much Wilson you've got. That is our group and that is what is happening on the ground he on the campuses of South Carolina obviously the youth vote very important. I'll let he young fired up voters and volunteers. Even some people acting as as practically full time staffers these campaigns. And people here seem very excited again that primary just two days away. And of course we'll have it all right here I will be here on the ground for you guessed I was really good. That is right at ABC's rather not give live forth in South Carolina it everywhere we need him to be really makes you graduate of north he mentioned South Carolina primary democratic primary this. Saturday you can tune here for live streaming coverage and events that happened on the ground there.

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{"id":37210887,"title":"South Carolina Students Talk the 2016 Election Ahead of Primary ","duration":"7:58","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke speaks with a panel of students in Columbia, South Carolina ahead of the democratic primary. ","url":"/Politics/video/south-carolina-students-talk-2016-election-ahead-primary-37210887","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}