Speaker Ryan Calls Trump 'Warm and Genuine' After Meeting

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he "heard a lot of good things" from his party's presumptive nominee.
3:39 | 05/12/16

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Transcript for Speaker Ryan Calls Trump 'Warm and Genuine' After Meeting
Are you endorsing Donald truck if you're not what is holding you back in do you really have a choice I mean what do. You've ruled out voting for Hillary Clinton beef endorsing route process of of unifying the Republican Party which just finished a primary about a week ago. Perhaps one of the most divisive primaries in memory takes some time. Look there are people who were for Donald Trump who for Ted Cruz river John K sick who are for Marco Rubio and everybody else. And it's very important. That we don't fake unifying we don't pertain unification. That we truly and actually unify. So that we are full strength in the fall. I don't want us to have a fake unification process here I want to make sure. That we really truly understand each other and that we are committed to the conservative principles that make the Republican Party that built this country. And again I I got very encouraged site. I heard a lot of good things from our presumptive nominee and we exchange differences of opinion on a number of things that you know everybody knows we have. There are policy speech that we will have there's no two ways about it plenty of Republicans disagree if one another on policy disputes. But on core principles. Those are the kinds of things that we discussed and again urged Craig. It's for sale that was otherwise very good personality he's a very worn inject warm and genuine person like it tonight I met him for like thirty seconds in points well so. We really don't know each other and we we started to get to know each other. So I actually had a very pleasant exchange with them on that's point number one point number two. Look there aren't just things we really believe in as conservatives we believe in limited government we believe in the constitution. We believe in the proper role of the differences in the separation of powers. And we believe in things like life I know we're not everyone is pro choice and our party and we except all comers but we are majority pro life are in these are things that are important to us. And so we just had a good exchange of views on these kinds of issues I think he's over having the same conversation with the senate right now. Our leaders met with them arm and everybody expressed. Opinions in exchange ideas and so the point of this is I think we're off to an encouraging start. It is important that we get ourselves to full strength so that we can win in the fall because the stakes could not be higher for the day takes more than 45 minutes mark he. Has gotten more votes than any Republican primary. Armed nominee. In mark right in the history of our country and this isn't even over yet is even going to like California so. It's really a remarkable achievement. So the question is and this is what we think we can be a party to helping. Highly unify at all so this is really big in growing movement how do we keep adding in adding in adding voters while not subtracting any voters and to me. That means a positive vision based on core principles. Taking those principles applying than the problems facing our country today. And offering people positive solutions and speaking to people. Where they are in life addressing their anxieties in show that we have a better plan look here's what we agree on Hillary Clinton presidency would be a disaster for this country. It's effectively a third Obama term and the other thing we all know is. Most Americans do not like where this country is headed. Seven out of ten Americans think America it is on the wrong track. We agree with that so the question news. Can we unify. Around our common principles. To offer the country a compelling. In clear choice and in agenda. Going forward so the men and women of this nation any real and honest choice about how to fix this country and gets on a better track. And I am very encouraged that we can put that together.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"House Speaker Paul Ryan says he \"heard a lot of good things\" from his party's presumptive nominee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39068067","title":"Speaker Ryan Calls Trump 'Warm and Genuine' After Meeting","url":"/Politics/video/speaker-ryan-calls-trump-warm-genuine-meeting-39068067"}