SPECIAL REPORT: President Trump to declare national emergency

President Trump said he will sign the government funding bill to keep the government open as well as declaring a national emergency.
6:30 | 02/14/19

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Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: President Trump to declare national emergency
This is an ABC news special. Now reports. David Mueller. Good afternoon I'm David Muir ABC news headquarters here in new Yorker become on the air this afternoon because we're following developments out of Washington as we watch this government funding bill work its way through the senate and the house. The president has now said he will in fact sign this government funding bill to keep the government open we know that a second government shutdown had been looming as early as Friday. If this did not happen he says he will signed a funding bill but. The other breaking news we're following at this hour is what he will do in addition to signing that bill the White House saying moments ago he will take executive action including. A national emergency the president has threatened to do this. To find other ways to fund his demands for a border Walt course on the southern border. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell moments ago in the senate floor saying the president did in fact intend to do this the White House confirming this moments ago. Here's what senator McConnell said a short time ago. I'll just have not produced fake president trump and the I would say it all my colleagues indicated he's prepared to sign the bill. He will also issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time. And I've indicated to him that I'm going to prepare go to support. The national emergency declaration. So far all of our colleagues. The president. Osama bill passed will be voting on it shortly. So there you hear senator McConnell just moments ago saying he will support the national emergency declaration I want to bring in our congressional correspondent Mary Bruce. Who follows all things up on the hill and Mary you heard from senator McConnell they're just a short time ago saying he will support the president on this this is interest in because McConnell himself. And other Republicans had counseled the White House had counseled the president before against this. McConnell and others worry that this could in fact a created a slippery slope of sorts for future presidents and declaring national emergencies. David this is a big shift here for the Republican leader in the in the senate for weeks we have seen top Republicans warning the president not to declare a national emergency because. They feared it would set a bad precedent and about the broad use. Of executive power Mitch McConnell at one point reportedly even had a face to face meeting with the president in the White House cautioning him that if he did take this step declaring a national emergency that there would be. Pretty serious political blowback because right now what could happen is not only could his will be challenged in courts but Democrats. As well could also try and push back against this they they could pass a resolution of disapproval which could then forced. Republicans into a very tricky position and David we did just moments ago here from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi she says Democrats are now reviewing their options. They are reviewing their options speaker closing adding that she believes the issues at the border quote not an emergency Mary Bruce live on the -- things to you. I wanna read our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl because John me new. But the president was mulling over this option as we just reported there he'd been told by many Republicans a senator's Republican leaders in congress that this was not a good idea. It appears he will move forward with a given what's air Sander said moments ago. Sir Sanders confirming what Mitch McConnell said that the president it will move forward it was actually knew it was framed executive actions including. A declaration of a national emergency. This is something David you can be certain will be challenged immediately in court. Whether or not this is truly a national emergency and whether or not the president. Has the authority to move the money around to spend money on something that congress explicitly did not want to spend money on. Eyes you know very fundamental fact of the constitution. It is the congress that controls the purse strings. And congress has been urged by this president. Buy it by Republicans. Two. To put more money into the building of that border wall and has rejected that approach. Offering only ate a limited amount of what the president wanted. And out of presence competitive himself that is ripe for a court challenge. And John in the meantime we cannot forget the 800000 government workers who've been waiting as the second government shutdown was looming. A to find out whether or not there would be in fact a second. I shut down whether or not they would be out of work it again and John that looks like that certainly will not be happening these workers will stay on the job. David funding would have run that a run out at midnight tomorrow. Without an agreement without the president's signing. Bill passing the congress so yes it looks like that has averted now keep in mind. It's about to pass here in the senate that seems certain still needs to pass in the house we certainly expect it will pass and then in the house and now you hear. That the president will sign it we're not. There yet but it sure looks like that's what's gonna happen. All right John we'll see a short time from now right here on world news tonight in the meantime one more question for mayor Bruce up on the hill because Mary. This is an effort by the president in declaring this national emergency to find funds to find the money elsewhere. As you alluded to Democrats have argued that perhaps they will fight this there will be legal challenges. Have they explored options Republicans on the hill where the president could infect and get this money. That is the big question here now David even as we were walking the halls just after this announcement we did talk to some Republican leaders. You think that's what they wanted to win here will the president be pulling this money from if he is taking. Other executive action what pots of money is he going to be trying to move around because. While many Republicans see why the president is making this move that spending bill that is on the table they're voting on right now. Falls far short of the amount of money for the wall that the president has been demanding all along that they want to know what money what projects. Tino going to try to attack to make up the difference. Yes many people have been asking would that money come from natural disaster relief for example what other areas would that money come from. As we mentioned earlier in the special report the concern that future presidents both Republican and Democrat presidents might use this. As one of their own tools and and would a democratic president use it say after a school shooting. Those of the debates that will continue long after this headline moments ago from the White House saying the president will sign this funding bill. The government will stay open once this finishes its move through the senate and the house but the president in addition to signing the bill will take other executive action including. A national emergency are things to Jon Karl whitehouse Mary Bruce upon available have a complete report. Just a short time from now on world news tonight LC than in the meantime abcnews.com. All day long list street. This has been a special report from the peace.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"President Trump said he will sign the government funding bill to keep the government open as well as declaring a national emergency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61083519","title":"SPECIAL REPORT: President Trump to declare national emergency","url":"/Politics/video/special-report-president-trump-declare-national-emergency-61083519"}