Sports legends endorse Sen. Manchin in new ad

Well known coaches and athletes release new ad in support of Sen. Joe Manchin.
2:40 | 10/18/18

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Transcript for Sports legends endorse Sen. Manchin in new ad
Finally today we have in this mid term season and than usual endorsement. Of sorts a leave it to the sports experts does explain the significance but out West Virginia West Virginia senate race. Where and were Joseph mansion is trying to keep his seat. He got a big boost today from none other then I got in the football. Universe monologues at imagine if you like Anbar let's talk to the identical. Joseph and I grew up together West Virginia and he never forgets where he came from. He loves our state he's dedicated his whole life to West Virginia I swear if there's no one that loves the people West Virginia more than government. I don't have a better friend or no better person to Joseph Manchin my friend Joseph works with Republicans and Democrats. If you get things done and I'm proud itself people who Joseph Manchin just my US and I'm Joseph Manchin and I approve this message for all West Virginians. All right our resident sports expert and Celsius here uncle I'll bad as well. A 1010 encourage them and a player. At a Alex Alex. Tom yes so what we've got your 30 West Virginia legends and exceed and obviously coaching it's University of Alabama now. Sinner is down there are the reason I'm on my general who's from West Virginia the race has done melanoma not his interest thinks he's going back home to West Virginia did to this dip his toe into the water. Battle him alongside Bob Huggins who happens TV highest paid public employee in West Virginia. Basketball coach for west Virginia Union University Ann and Jerry West the logo that's his silhouette on the NBA logo one of the greatest gospel players of all time. The thing that's interesting to me if I may for a second is that we've heard all this story about Colin capped her neck sticking to sports people who sit stand up politics stand in these issues so it's interesting to see. Democratic senator somebody is trying to court independent voters and Republicans West Virginia. Having folks from the universe of sports now dipping their toe like I said in the politics public radio's this in West Virginia I mean these are two. Pretty big sports figures. It's a nice nice for. I think Joseph Manchin they bring it was getting it's and and that you know that's a state that that the president won by double digits and yet the tone mansion and Democrats seems to be. Okay at this point polls have him out slightly ahead he's not seen as one of need most vulnerable sitting Democrat there are others across the country. In much more trouble. At I think part of that is that he plays to the net off he knows his state it's also been running its offense where he is Cole authoring that wind for Republicans. A he he does not a win there and it's it's looking like he meant it will seek a slaps him aren't big boost today for Joseph Manchin and that's all for us here on the briefing room.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Well known coaches and athletes release new ad in support of Sen. Joe Manchin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58594241","title":"Sports legends endorse Sen. Manchin in new ad","url":"/Politics/video/sports-legends-endorse-sen-manchin-ad-58594241"}