What's At Stake at the Supreme Court This Year

From abortion to Obamacare to Scalia, ABC's Kate Shaw, Adam Teicholz and Slate's Dahlia Lithwick break down the key issues and events shaping the year for the nation's highest court.
25:47 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for What's At Stake at the Supreme Court This Year
Hello everyone and welcome to who. It's the earth and occasional series. Eight ABC's this important. Yeah. Interesting people either act that's where. Spencer requirements such as W. I. For years. Whooping. Some more in death. Rescissions. It's degree along of that also. It really. News. A decision about what's at stake it's. And that is. Works differently. It's really through here and for. So today is the end it's not a decision today the last day or. There's no hope is this fair and an appropriate. Step back and what this looked him moments are. What that. Rumors. It's sort it. Are. Accident. Potentially. Question right. It. In the effort and. Fired over. Got a decent food. It's certainly from an action he's made. Fortunes out of Texas and heat heat heat after. Unfortunately I think there was a lot they're like. Tinsley about sometimes turning. And that was the story. So I think it and now. Find it. So me just be. This from happening. Small cannot type or that. Support. Yeah road. And Iverson it. Fire just. We know I think that they that they ranking people. That's so (%expletive) That marriage plans she that we both it's time. But it lesson. Ability not just need to change president that there should be prevented a mile thinking. These are pretty political hay street is there might be Affordable Care Act businesses we're very very you know. Political groups very political. In the he did it was going to be quite some marine and fast track to the former evading and food through regular presence. I think we just leave I it was. So what now one definitely true those cases there could. And NIC management challenges that the courts to figure out. I'm. Last week it she budget for war. Totally. That it could make it an election issue which is the one thing people. And how he scene and you know it's not whatever it is not a partisan political execution. The Germond is what happens. And as the corporate is the they would support what decision the court issues that summary one thing to view the weirdest or more. The lowest toward the lower appeals court decision. CN but only in the jurisdiction where that. Port there and so you have the possibility. That means. Four should be certainly in the they should be weird to all of them and will be when he enters. And something really different the quarter and that and night. That happens for me he. Layered. Were. Also. Creek will constitute. Oh yeah. And if it does risk of that happening. Or some things. You know and I think there is there seems to be distinct possibility in my community and only Justice Kennedy thing. You know seemed. No it was a fascinating argument and I think he's seen. Let. Vote governance I think conceived. Buys and yet. Mr. my frustrated. Our intelligence you know restrictive conditions. Abortion clinics are admitting privileges. They wanted to get into you did you tell of those of the lives in Syria if you choose. And perfect game and it has its two day provisions. Many. Kids who. Well maybe you yes in. So that's your intended to produce that issue. Requiring doctors admit and admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and in. Too bad I think it's important to the hospital like. My hallways. I'm so hands beloved in part on his I started to act and so of course I was asked directly from forty clinics. Taxes than if you don't come like nine or ten. So there's been a reduction. It's important to Texas and much dramatic reduction in the availability of these terms of the number. Of course. I think in recent times the number of anything different coming up an ordinance was. Some of the justices O'Connor Francine but challengers on this act. You know. If these restrictions were in place and I'm it it seems. Because. They get at but it doesn't just look. It's plain that the plot actually went to repeat some of its. The clinics that are left that it happens or more important to get back out further but they think he's let on how people. The factual record just for earning. Yes causal connection between and looters at the clinic. I just think it's an assistance went into effect and overnight. That meant the next day while with a pulled them back up that typically I think establishment he. Do these and if we're trying to avoid yeah. This could be pretty good who you are gonna come back to throughout this conversations. These are plants. Could you. In order to get out of an easy cop and citizen because welcome more. So do you what do you think the chance that there ends. Effective that record is very well. And it's different religious unity that we. He hasn't Easter. Cape but I think that he ran again in. We just didn't keep it back from you back to the district court. Senate permanent steps. We're. Look at that thing and I think he's always believed that it's actually the other not read it and some of the other pieces of standing whether they had. See you. Relief in this case. We've seen the eight when he. People had hundreds of I think in this one. Eight. The women's. We're creating real sense of urgency here. And so. The challenge that he's on the other side with the the pretext thing. Well let your women had been. And if you're gonna over the weekend about the fate if this is the last the end of wouldn't be. So. Pretender. It's a different standard blizzard deserve adequate. And it sure. That this meant in any case Casey's for in reverses its standards. It got rid of this whole. Brokers trimester and we asked the other thing buster because. It didn't take that interest it. Blue light. But left in place yet. Of course. Assertive middle ground that he then you can't it's. She's determined it. And so the question at this and then. After that and as preventing. How much what. Happens it's real. Her lost pets and can. It's up there with rates. Great moment and are immense. You you've really been wracked just like how can mr. tremendously you know you know it's true. How are pressed general argument. But there's this exchange between he and. And while he would she says it's okay it's the same tough save him save Madeleine portion you know excellent week window right. It's their country. Procedures act on rates and those are some kind. Sift that they could do what went to. And heat through and he really stuck to its guns and said. Texas lead and promote no promote promoting them. The justification opera but it was his mother she would just. I'm but I think what she's getting at is. Because it's just try to discourage them having portion of the kids I think we can have a conversation. It's a paper's. First chapter through working just can't. Implement that act in ways that causes that is you who hasn't been converted so it can require counseling session that he simply opponents gala. But this person knows that this is to. Make it impossible. First week actually mr. Hassle free long distance cap are things. So. So that I was looking moment in which he quit he could start so really what movie did what when is permissible to my. Here televisions at work where we're talking about how hand when he they needed every. Right rilya behind after the legislatures makes it. That's origins not to stop that and there's something attractive about not having the reports second guess these poor judgment. Percent. On the other hand it's no. I don't know. Here question about Kenny. Let eyewitness interest me. Back and forth in team in the abortion case this time either saying we should totally it's pretty good seats motives are there you know just. Burton and make this statement that it remember Anthony Kennedy was stolen him enough I don't think we can't we can separate. I tell you that was an interesting moment for him that he wants to sort of peers. V you know assertion that would help with health and eat it me. And you know literally fell aboard the constantly I'm sure there with them. You know not that I had eight great that. You persuade a bullet if I did the heat was not. To exceed completely at the end of it you know who is here. Quiet sleep. Was Kennedy and part. Or it this way here's that day. Look at the standard is that he islamists. There's a possible reason is that it has just missed field rational basis that the state. It creates. The question is how much court back. Whether it's actually rational or better just looks it was so Kennedy was the one sentence or rational basis to protect. Permits answer grab it right. So I mean that's a pretty little R&B. It will work actually Hinckley when you look at. Hey. You are saying it would. To think that at one that they Ginsburg and six. Shall T fruit. She has really not only hope that the term. But she's also say you know. But he reason. They started packing in democracy. That cents a that this isn't much higher it and it hit. Fifteen. Twenty glad. Percent. Now any from the pulpit. For something to get him back. So packed the hall Lincoln Mercury news is prepared to have a cult records here because I like somebody's. I numbers. And honesty. Idea whether this cousins. It's like there's a question about whether it's a big enough for even. I. Health care but we really have no idea doesn't matter how good because. It wasn't there an erosion though there were so it's just impossible to answer and. The I think that's. That immediately clear I think he'd. Be great in and think that the if you. Then. Other ring. To be. Palpable. We did it you know clinic closings. It's just getting angered that within. OK so let's thousand. News news she Texas workers. Yet. It's. Another case where. An opera or. So you. Well first. Yeah this. Very briefly after school president the creation initiatives where. After it between men and free clear that nobody would. Simply be what it. And this each. For years. We're teaching and to. The family. Actually. Legally. The scope it and then it. Really the totality. Of the dead. Handed is it it. I mean it it is this Clinton math that he needed to. The it. You know this with respect. They. On these lightly. William Reid six. That. Advocates upset and prisons that could millions of innocent. And and this is the answer to hate that does the president. There is asking. On one side there you know. Or millions. And a current currently at emirates news. Could be game some sort. Right stay in the country in its and a on the other hand there's this. He went out. Abouts Hughes executive averaged about Obama as the imperial president. Who can't get anything through congress can do everything has voted with him and s.'s businesses you know. Everything from wounds to. A clean energy to guns. And he's going to be Kate every these are real constitutional. So what can you tell me about. Push back. From the administration. The administration this is just totally consistently. As his authority to do. They prioritize categories and it's four. Yeah. Not money he's come. And so. Ends at 1011 million people work the earth the definition to set priorities and identifying root people who can hear from one five years or works I did that assail president. Quirky off the books. Security and. So as that Kagan I think Jordan good way to describe this is get to stay until we got it done and the stakes are. It's essentially an identified as well priority. Of the jewels that you. People agree that it's not seen them Texas House of Representatives. Iverson you know these people should currently be seen because they don't just a question so. But it but that governments and this is consistent with a lot of acts that is being put my company. System similar. He did anything until we conduct narrative that like you know sort of overly. Soon you write that way the way for you do it instigated it seems pretty clear. The president has right to do it. Here's what counters have been pushing estimates that you actually in the executive. In the guidance. Investors equipped. Statement they're. Their act. There are heating. At about executive of that I think this program they. His prison term of art it doesn't actually it its global presence in the terms with you it's a certificate for. A law we've definitely. It's one thing on that people what state error in my opinion is with her. Should hold us from this one room. And it's only couple think that it wasn't specific about. Power and federalism and separation of powers the couple principles that. People whose lives are at you know. But look sentences. In the courtroom and. Instead of memory. The people's just ask really and that it is very interesting to see you talked about the Internet and in the working its there is something. It seemed a little better with the very touching yeah. Letting people come she was. Not sure how helpful that is going into details but it you know she is certain I think. The people. Let him be here and lower than he will be here they. It. She is he. Real people isn't that. I. That's one opera the stand and the other. There's there's another thing happens this here rather it is. What this video didn't. If it's slick and wind and ethnically at this time just. The possibility. That. Beginning entire plain to me. That. And if not for action. Authorization flows from different sex investigation and its program. And so that you could find it's nothing we don't think Texas has an argument that the president mentioned here. Unity government but he needed just brought the lawsuit and because their objections to the work part not fit and deep. Now that is the area and 96. Electric yeah similar late why didn't days. What wiping states. I. And it would respond. Ultimate small group went up enough people. Who kept it censor its. So when you know how that I think that seem certain. Thinking he at one point eight. So I think it on route through him that one would expect by one. A. When it was Garland there's there's an answer no I mean it you know creditors and. The person who does not. We bring in Mississippi and I mean really on the evening. Well that's. Day. Or. Is it clear that Gordon said nobody. On it yet he is getting. And you know I think that. We'll visit. And certainly. Trumpet. In the orbit it hurts him with care anything but it isn't easy. Day. To look him there. Here vacant. As well pull. Born and it it took the institute science and development in there's questions what the Obama could do different. He. So when you sleep standing cameras are here's things it's honor his life. You think that he need. Don't forget when I think it can go a little bit I'm not I think. An election in November I think there's a chance you get to vote. He knew it was going to be. Let. I think I doubt that I'm sure he hasn't I don't think the way. You know December but funny you. This for a movie that aren't. Are potentially I don't know I mean we've seen more importantly. They. You know I think that that that that. It's not there's nothing you. Host known. President. Print that Turkey can. Inventions of any. What happens and I mean you know but certainly not and it's an. Because you think that. Republicans but here meaning amendment here yeah Tennessee. Thank you heard clicking it. Thank you the volatile when I hear originally it was time ago where executives is new institution has associated supreme Bertha. Mistrust. Mule please view again seen after. Last decision. It's again discuss the term.

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{"duration":"25:47","description":"From abortion to Obamacare to Scalia, ABC's Kate Shaw, Adam Teicholz and Slate's Dahlia Lithwick break down the key issues and events shaping the year for the nation's highest court.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38714830","title":"What's At Stake at the Supreme Court This Year","url":"/Politics/video/stake-supreme-court-year-38714830"}