Starbucks VP speaks out on closing gender pay gap

In honor of National Pay Equality Day, Zulima Espinel, vice president of global public policy for Starbucks, discusses the importance of equal pay and pay transparency.
4:50 | 04/02/19

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Transcript for Starbucks VP speaks out on closing gender pay gap
Today is national pay equality day or equal pay day if you like. It's a big day around the country to focus on what has been historic gap in pay. Engender in this country women on average earn eighty cents to the dollar that men earn. In most of their jobs and today white women white women that's right it's the gap is is much Starker. For women of color to be sure good point Mary Alice. Today little bit and news on this front the house just passed the paycheck fairness act try to close some loopholes from the nineteen. 63 landmark legislation for for closing that gap it's good it's a decision attract double problem it's going on for a long time. And by some estimates it's it's not good and decent soon. But what's been really encouraging I think in my generation is that new era of financial literacy among women in professional women. Women who are sticking together who are trying to talk about these issues and brainstorm ways to fight back in the workplace. They sure have and that brings us to our next guest two is is one of the leading advocates of hate transparency easily master now. As a vice president of global advocate global affairs. At Starbucks. One of the 25 companies that today that is out are promoting. This idea of equal PP transparency. As Lima great to have you with us so good ones are by just asking you what Starbucks is doing it's getting so much attention right now and sort of leading the way. To close the pay gap. Thank you for me and it's really important. Opportunity sweetie look at equal hate hate how we can highlight. The significance. Re GAAP and what we can in order to overcome it. I'm very exciting asked you join us or eighties and the lawyers for a but he. Around sat sharing principle is legally. I free arts companies art against. Gore working to. So wise I understand it Starbucks your organization journey Pepsi chill Bonnie IKEA. Deloitte other big American names to sort of endorse a list of principles to help close the gap one of them that grabbed my attention was this idea. That's your encouraging employees at Starbucks to openly and honestly talk about. Their wages that sort of something that's always been taboo. Re looking its issued for. Eight. Well. Created us and asked its. Has helped us at issue and looking at rest practices such as. Encouraging. Our art talk out re not asking. Or. All of the or non issue. For us to this issue. I'm exciting. Out working. Is open sourcing these principles and practices. And so companies are large. We. Can't operate. Or. So what is the first thing that you are telling women. And special women of color to do to make sure that they are standing up themselves in the workplace. Ax Asian art hat and worked for. Now Starbucks greasy Equity. One Isa trying to create. Equitable or race the court our. This means and it's like copper and how or college to. Be. He is critical east that. It's. Important to our. Well. Each that we now are tapped. They want and how. Or were. Apps were. Due out or. I was and I hope Adobe continue more research about whether or not having women like yourself and management positions held eliminate the pay gap. How. It's wanted to. I unseen. Hand or twenty. We recognize how. Critically important. That where I understand. How. Is in Lima. That's been out thank you so much from Starbucks.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"In honor of National Pay Equality Day, Zulima Espinel, vice president of global public policy for Starbucks, discusses the importance of equal pay and pay transparency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62122586","title":"Starbucks VP speaks out on closing gender pay gap","url":"/Politics/video/starbucks-vp-speaks-closing-gender-pay-gap-62122586"}