AFTER - The State of the Union 2014

Check out the most-talked about highlights of President Obama's State of the Union Address for 2014.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for AFTER - The State of the Union 2014
And company -- in this ABC news digital special report after the state of the union an analysis of last night's big speech in Washington DC but first the president. On the road in Maryland at a -- where he his. Take -- -- address. Raising the minimum wage to members of the cost of community in Maryland. Let's listen to a few moments of speech. -- -- -- For homes. That treating workers well is not just the right thing to do it is an investment. And -- -- -- of our work at -- go. Probes bad investment pays off. I -- -- A bit about this last night in my State of the Union Address. I only first twelve hours ago so these remarks will be quicker. And I did some time to pick up -- -- was -- show. And one of those fifty pound bags of dog food for both sides. I was told I'd get a big screen TV -- They inch. -- -- is not enough money. -- -- -- It's funny though I was like him you know you you can buy -- -- A chocolate chip cookies and a snorkel set all of the this -- Innsbruck because. The struggles that. -- those impressive. Although I do want to ask -- snorkeling right now. -- -- -- never know. But both talked about last night was with the simple but profound idea. And it's an -- that's the heart of who we are as Americans. Opportunity. For everybody. Given everybody. Fair chance in the world work -- take responsibility. Image. The idea that no matter who you are. Where -- you come from what you look like what your last name is if you work hard you live up to your responsibilities. You can succeed you can sport -- That's that's. Shouldn't be -- back. Public but the -- free lunch. But give people giants. Have their work harder. Make sure. They -- for a fair. Now where at a moment where. Businesses all across the country -- was like gospel have created eight million new jobs over the last four years. Unemployment rate is lowest is -- more than five years our deficits have been cut in half. Housing is rebounding manufacturing. Jobs for the first -- -- the ninety's. We sell more of what we make here in America and other places than ever before business leaders. Are deciding that China's not the best place to invest and create jobs Americus. So -- this could be a breakthrough year for America. After five years of hard work. Overcoming the worst recession in our lifetimes. We're better positioned for this young century than any anybody else. But the question for folks in Washington is whether they're gonna. -- that progress circular that progress. Whether they're gonna -- waste time creating new crises for people in new uncertainty. Like the shutdown. Or are we gonna spend time creating new jobs and new opportunities. And I know what I don't choose to do because it's what you do. I'm -- this to be -- -- back. Because too many Americans are working harder than ever just to get by much let's get ahead. The start of the recession -- real. The middle class and taking it on the Japan since before the recession. The economy has been growing for forty years now corporate profits stock prices of all -- but. That wages. And incomes of ordinary people. Haven't gone up and over a decade. That's why last night I laid out some steps that we can take concrete. Common sense proposals to speed up economic growth strengthen the middle class -- ladders of opportunity into the middle class. And this opportunity agenda has four parts number one we need more new jobs number true. We need to train more Americans with a job with the skills that they need to fill those jobs. Number three. We should guarantee an average -- access to world class education. Number four. Let's make -- hard work pays off. President of the union address on the road today in Maryland at a Costco store there. Of course last night talking are raising the minimum wage was just one of the components in his State of the Union Address now here. The state of the union in two minutes including the Republican response. The president of the united -- Tonight this chamber -- speaks with one voice to the people we represented. It is you. Our citizens. Who make the state of our unions strong. And I believe. But here in America our -- Should depend not on the accident -- With the strength -- -- -- death. And the storm -- drinks. The son of the -- speaker of the house. Women deserve equal pay brief -- I believe. And women's -- -- America. Like the army he loves. Like the American service. Sargent first class warrior rams were. Never gives up and he does not quit. America we want for our kids. We worked together. We summoned what is fast enough it's like -- summoned what is best in him with -- -- planted firmly. Our lives cast toward tomorrow night knowing that -- -- -- -- reach. Believe in. -- -- -- undoubtedly the highlight special emotional moment from last night's State of the Union Address. And of course is the president is on the road today to be live streaming right here that we'll continue on for right now want to bring in. Our political director -- at a Washington DC -- a lot to talk to -- as you noted in your analysis of the speech live right here at this was. In many ways a smaller speech for the president fewer. Great calls -- action almost less of that soaring rhetoric that we have come to expect from the president yet though it was delivered. -- almost with a smile. I think that's exactly right this was a diminished president of the diminished presidency but an upbeat -- and I think an optimistic one and a noncontroversial wanted to lot of ways yes he had lots of of the same ideas that he's been talking about for years and they're controversial in Republican circles but this was meant. To be speech that uplifted people and gave them a kind of a bounce in the step. And I think it's about that he needs personally. He he's at a point in his presidency. It's a low point politically it's a year that could determine the course of the rest of his presidency whether he's gonna have any effect of this going forward determined and these mid term elections. I think there's an eye on that and -- -- on his legacy as well as he looks -- but not a lot of -- ideas. In this speech this was more about how to smaller board things and in some vision along the way it. As fact the matter is that whether that was one of the criticisms that the president got was that the refute details. That were offered up last night. That's right -- some of the executive orders that he did issue a pick for example the minimum wage increase for federal contractors the White House. Isn't even say how many people that'll that'll be impacted by that another thing he talked about -- can -- -- corporations to make a commitment not to discriminate against the long term unemployed. That's hardly something that has a huge impact on people it's smaller symbolic a lot of task forces and and convening of people in a new effort by the vice president. To do for those on workforce retraining issues these are smaller things and I think it's realization of the limits of the power of the presidency the limits of the persuasive powers. A President Obama himself. At such a stark contrast to the hope and change in the big ideas that we heard from the president in 2008 and even through 2012 and twenty their team. I want to -- some of it that's action that because at times it seemed as if the president was simply going through things that you that he felt more right. Rather than giving. Case in point -- talk with a president right here speaking about women in the workplace. Here today women make up about half our workforce. But they still make -- seven cents for every dollar manners. That is wrong then and 2014. It's an embarrassment. Women deserve equal pay for equal work. At this rate -- very on brand for the president's. That that seem to be very much the style that we've come to to a appreciate and Anderson. And and expect. And and I think you make an important point here is a Democrat that I talked to shortly after the speech last night -- said mrs. the president has become discuss currency whose throwing things out. For national discussion rather than a laundry list of the congress should do this congress should do that it's here's an issue here's some and I'm concerned about -- -- in the country should be concerned about. And I think it reflects the president -- to give an interview recently where he said he realizes that in the hit in the vast history book. All he's doing is writing a paragraph and it isn't about writing an entirely new story and it is -- about. Changing that the course of the nation it's about little adjustments it's about. -- movements is about little things now they can have a long term impact. We heard that I think is comments on women in his comments on African American on youth on the unemployed these are areas where he obviously wants to address it. He's doing it in smaller ways I think. He is hoping is expectation will be will appreciate those results and a couple of decades not a couple of months or even a couple of years the president. Also very clear that he would take care of things that were -- -- in his power but not about. And T get sent to him by congress in fact here is -- the statement. On that kind of power assumption. Some require congressional action. And I am eager to work -- all of the but America does not stand still and neither will -- so wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna debate. One for the base -- how's -- gonna play with Republicans in congress hearing that kind of go it alone if I have to do. They hate it they -- every every syllable when he -- things like that they're gonna question the constitutionality and legality of some of these -- -- didn't question the politics of it there hasn't -- If the president is serious about working with us on things like immigration reform and other priorities even gun control. That he's can't just say we're gonna domino we're quite through you would work over you what for -- speaker Boehner told reporters yesterday. Presidents don't run into a brick wall be tries to go it alone so yes that comes up -- directly against that other messes we've heard from the president so many times. That I want to work with people that -- be willing for -- in the conversation this is not a way. To get them along it's hard to imagine even Senator Obama if he had heard that from President Bush say that he would've gotten up and applauded for that line. No one in the in a congressional seat feels like that's a good idea even his supporters I think will be -- comfortable with some some of the implications of the president. Taking -- executive actions but I think again it's a realization look at he could get things done through congress if he -- convince Republicans that he was right. He could bring them along for some of these ideas he would be talking like. He wouldn't be resorted to executive actions he would be trying to go through the front door rather. In the back to the difference of six years -- -- to -- her Pennsylvania Avenue obviously perhaps changed -- -- there -- -- -- talk -- about the Republican response to that -- They look at take a quick look at congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers speaking about the government's role -- really want. You to have a better life. The president wants that too but we part ways when it comes to how to make that happen. So tonight. I'd like to share more hopeful Republican vision one that empowers you not the government. So -- Rick do we know -- now that these these responses are about as much as contents as they are about presentation what did you think. Of that response by McMorris Rodgers both on message and essentially you know -- are played out in the in the political sphere. This is a bomb and not a politician and I think that makes it effective people hate politicians that love -- generally most people do anyway. And I think. I think academy -- -- it was it was a Smart choice in the sense that she's not someone that has big national ambitions we may hear more buzz around that later -- -- has been defined by the fact she gave birth to several children including a special needs child with Down syndrome child. As a member of congress. And I think that she's communicating that message to say look you know I don't look or act or or feel like your typical Republican does surrounded by pictures of the family there on the couch very casual looking we've seen some very very poor performances by members of congress -- the setting and it's hard setting. Because when you talk about politics in your position against the president it's hard not to this sound like you're negative -- in and kind of you know putting down the president in some way by -- buy its of responding but I think this is just a regular person talking talking about her particular concerns and talking about how Republican priorities Republican ideals -- so that it can work for everyone so. A lot of high marks that I've heard from observers on the on the speech that -- gave last night a person. A connection was made and no bottle of water was incorporated at all right everyone whose leader that they. You did it no matter what there was going to be water anywhere near that even Mississippi cup for the lucky that way although that -- back to -- familiar connection is about to the speech has done -- the president is is not a bit of a road trip right now where he had with -- with the message story he's at a cost going Maryland this morning -- be in Pittsburgh and out manufacturing facility in North Carolina tomorrow trying to talk up some of the ideas that he did this speech and I think. The idea of American manufacturing the ideal job retraining -- -- the ideas. Around retirement savings as well all these are important he'll be closing -- -- week meeting with CEOs or talking about their commitments -- Hiring the long term unemployed he's gonna try to focus used a little bit of -- spotlight you get in the wake of the state of the union -- some of these priorities hammer home some of the messages we heard last night. -- more more more grassroots I guess if you wanted to get back to campaign season art ABC's -- lot of Washington Rick thanks very much appreciate it. I want to bring a shot of Walsh Boston the ABC news fact check desk last night show -- you're busy last night they're it was a long night it and it had a great team you we used yes we absolutely did -- the fact the matter is is that. Into the can be a lot of soaring rhetoric that can be a lot of claims are made a state of the union speech but he we have to have the facts -- actually back up the claims -- one applicable the clips. From last night's speech and you give us the official word true false or maybe it's so somewhere between the first and if -- -- president and income inequality. In America. Today after four years of economic growth corporate profits and stock prices have rarely been higher. And those of the top have never done better. Average wages have barely -- And equality has -- Upper mobility has stall. The cold hard fact is that even in the midst of recovering too many Americans are working more than ever just to get -- let alone to get ahead. And too many still are working at all. -- -- what you find. We found that this was mostly -- Dan now just kind of break it down the first sentence about corporate -- Corporate profits they are at record highs. And we did find that. Did the people that aren't making the least money -- this economy that that those numbers are also getting higher. But what we didn't find is the cons of the upward mobility there is a study done just last year from Harvard that said. That upward mobility -- a person's ability to climb that economic ladder. Has not changed much in a generation although it is more difficult than other developed country so we got out went as. Mostly factor and one other thing that economics economists point out played out to -- during the night is back. Either it even though eakins income inequality is becoming greater that's become even greater under president Obama's walked. To the larger picture now -- a play about about the economy. The lowest unemployment rate in over five years. A rebounding housing market. A manufacturing sector that's adding jobs for the first time since 1990s. More oil -- -- oil produced at home on that we buy from the rest of the world. The first time that's happened in nearly twenty years. Our deficits. Cut by more than half. -- the verdicts. Now we really -- each one of those sentences but as a whole it's mostly back. And magic just the first sentence about -- Job -- head. About -- the unemployment rate it is on a continuing. Continual downward slide which is good for the economy but one thing of course of the -- didn't mention is that that number continues to decrease. Not just because people are entering the workforce but because people have given up looking for a job and are leaving the workforce permanently and so. That number of course is not in the government statistics and that number was not included and that's why we we said. Mostly fact now the housing market that was -- According to the realtors association in this country those numbers are increasing at demand for -- -- homes are also increasing that's also a good banknorth. Over the economy and healthcare the last but -- wanna -- value is a cousins portable -- and this is what we heard in the chamber last night got it for decades. Few things are exposed are working families to economic hardship. More than a broken health care system. And in case you haven't heard more in the process of fixing that. All right. So we -- this planet it's complicated because it's still too early to say fact or fiction that we spoke to somebody last night from the Kaiser Family Foundation they're really the experts on health care in this country. And she didn't say that a lot of gambling is bills here in this country are because of healthcare adds about part is cracked -- One in five Americans do have trouble paying those those bills but is it because of the Affordable Care Act and that's where we have -- it's complicated part. And it's really. That we we've reported months ago that. Although the that they provide care act is not adding that two peoples bills. But it's not it's still -- quote and gain positive for those bills I so we still have to open to watch it going forward towards that the next AB. I think he probably characterize it best this -- like any new relationship. It's complicated and it -- FaceBook status that everyone loves to hate. -- -- big headliner tonight coming after the president's address their congressman Michael Graham. Verbally attacking and threatening a New York one reporter here is the video it's a little bit grainy but we want to play for -- T. -- -- Okay so what happened is that was New York -- Michael Scotto he just attended asked Graham about possible ethics violations. -- -- Graham threatening to throw the reporter off the blank. Balcony we won't repeat that then again from Graham you're not -- enough I'll break you -- half like a boy. Very strong words Cheshire familiar with congressman what is the story -- is this kind of an incident is -- a surprise. It is quite shocking I mean you sure that you listen to -- it's not good for any member of congress any American to say things like that and it's obvious he did not think that he was on camera during that an -- -- a bit off camera but it just to use that language. Especially -- -- with such a respected longtime New York reporter they must know each other well. I covered and Michael -- successful 2010. Congressional -- actually for New York one when she was. Just entering and he was able to -- Ted knock off incumbent and really a surprise victory and he really is known throughout Staten Island Brooklyn provide -- But this of course completely crosses -- line. And it became such a huge story on the night Stevie and you think there's no other story that could -- -- -- -- like that but -- -- to Twitter thanks to social media it's become a huge story and he's really gonna have to answer some questions today you saw last -- that statement -- even apologize. It it did seem like a bit of a straightforward statement that -- necessarily address even Scotto himself ornery or want or even his response but simply that. He was referring only to State of the Union Address and that seemed to be all he wanted to focus on. Right and -- course now -- but we've seen this video everywhere and that's just alchemy that reporters are going to be. Hounding him all over him at the capitol today and if you try -- when he goes home this weekend will be -- reporters. That obviously -- very aggressive -- reported that will be chasing him all over -- he's gonna have to answer questions. Why be he'd like that white -- setup for its preparation I think in the end he's gonna have to apologize. -- we'll have to wait and see whether or not there will be a an apology to the apology or perhaps and an apology after that judge well thanks so much your thing Chan and of course our Jeff Sony has -- complete report right here on Full extension of that video as well as the explanation the apology. That was made by represented -- right now -- -- brain -- givers -- from Yahoo! News training now host of trending now big night on social media right. Absolutely out one point seven million tweets sent out from. The beginning of the state of the union speech through the end of the Republican response that -- according to Twitter. A little bit of an -- -- from last year one point three million sent during the 2013. State of the union but how does that number stand against -- -- -- pop culture event like the grammys -- over the weekend Sunday night during the three and three hour and 45 minute broadcast over four million -- and our sense so. Not as much as they get big pop culture event but still more than last year's state of the union but added -- -- also bit of a connection to the grammys though last night. Yes there was a little bit about -- (%expletive) and he's got -- -- like yours do you to some of the photos that we're kind of making their way around there were some jets there was some -- And then there was this photo of -- -- President Obama. Speaker of the house Boehner and Vice President Biden and as you can see right here. And their to our way through the helmet and Daft Punk helmets. -- and Boehner and then the top -- when I'm President Obama and everybody stayed up all night. To get lucky here the robots where they Canada immigration reform just like the Republicans. And Democrat I would of course we never hear them but it you have to ask someone to -- president Obama's that thank -- for the -- already got into what is the big transit were following -- -- -- aside from the state of the union while the biggest moment of the night on Twitter came from a pop culture reference during the student union matter of fact it was this clip right here. A mother deserves the day off. To care for a sick child or sick parent without running -- the -- -- You don't want a father does -- It is time to -- away when workplace policy in the bong and a madman episode. Over 33000. Tweets per minute sent after that statement so -- -- that at the top moment now again this stack up to say a pop culture moment all the Twitter record is. Miley Cyrus and Robin -- the amaze -- on the what happened there over 300000. Tweets per minute were being sent. During that very little working going on with Chamberlain back to have figured that snakes exactly. What -- the states or most -- -- from last night while I know that I've seen it breaks down demographically yes so according to like Yahoo! Search trends these are billions of searches across millions of users Washington DC checked in at number one number two legal want to the West Coast -- to California. And then following that Iowa Minnesota and Virginia those -- the top five states according to Yahoo!. And what about our tops our top searches on Yahoo! then I for a prosperous in the -- the top state of the union search trends number one we had. What is immigration reform and obviously that was popular because both Democrats and Republicans stood as President Obama called for that two. Doctor Joseph Biden's arm cast according to a White House spokesperson she filed last week. And -- will be in that cast for another six weeks we. Wish -- well and the third who is giving the Republican response that of course was Cathy McMorris Rodgers the congresswoman from Washington State. By the weekend she left out a line from her speech he tweeted afterward that she wanted to say go Seahawks. They're gonna need more than that and it was a Sunday I think against your -- an editor and editor in the press box then that. It would assume that in some -- obviously we're really popping up last night as well I mean aside from the fact that that the First -- had had set up -- -- before they were making their way to the chamber she did President Obama had also use -- to promote the -- so we really saw. -- used in -- way that hadn't been at least in accordance with state of the union but after the speech speaker of the house -- took -- to respond to his shot -- that he received. From President Obama here's what he had sent. I appreciate it when the president say tonight but -- of those Americans arrested in question were the jobs. Appreciative of the presidency his. -- of the house -- I think it's cool to see -- we saw this a lot of people throughout congress before and after taking to -- to kind of plug the speech give the reaction I think that's a great way to interact with the people of of them in office. -- a lot of obviously were tweeting they -- is programming everything from the floors while leading right up to which that was great and the fact that when you have. We have is someone from -- dynasty. -- all -- self fees that was really kind of blowing up -- -- was finished and Johnson doubled before the speech searching through FaceBook and Twitter bully Robertson really dominated at that he it has a paper all the photos. It probably covers -- thanks so much from Yahoo! we appreciate and the insight always value information. This has been an ABC news digital special reports state of the union the morning after I'm Dan Cutler New -- -- -- Throughout the day.

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