Tea Party Response: Stand Up to Government-Driven Inequality

Mike Lee, R-Utah, calls out empty political rhetoric and lack of actual change in middle-class inequality.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for Tea Party Response: Stand Up to Government-Driven Inequality
I'm senator Mike -- from you -- In a few minutes I have -- -- I'd like to speak especially to those Americans who may feel they've been forgotten by both political parties. Those individuals and families who work hard play by the rules balance their budgets. -- the golden rule and don't understand why their government in Washington can't do the same. You're probably as frustrated as I am about an ever growing government that somehow thinks it's -- a -- to. Spy on and even target its own citizens. Many hardworking Americans are discouraged and wondering what if anything can be done. I believe we need to do what Americans have always -- come together and press for positive change. Protesting against this functional government is at great American tradition. Going back to the original Tea Party in Boston about 240 years ago. Americans have a natural instinct to stand up and speak out when they know something's wrong. In 1773. Americans had simply had it. With the London based national government that become too big too expensive and far too intrusive. It's important to note however that have the founding generation stopped at just protesting against the kind of government Americans did not want. The Boston Tea Party would -- little more than a footnote in history. At most it would've been remembered as just one more futile protest against an abusive national government. Fortunately for all of us those early patriots moved on from Boston. And move past their protest against the government they didn't want they marched forward on our road toward the kind of government they did want. It took them fourteen long years to get from Boston to Philadelphia where they created with our constitution the kind of government they did want. In America the test of any political movement is not what that movement is against but what it's for. The founders made a point at Boston Harbor that they made history in Philadelphia's independence hall. Unfortunately in recent years we've had no choice but to engage in a number of protests. Against our current president's Washington centered agenda. As Americans we must always be willing to fight the Boston type battles boldly calling out bad policy whenever we see it. But we must do so with an eye toward Philadelphia. Maintaining a positive focus on the kind of nation we want -- -- and become. Today Americans know in their hearts that something's wrong. Much of what's wrong relates to the sense that the American -- falling out of reach for far too many of us. We're facing an inequality crisis one to which the president has paid lip service but seems uninterested in truly confronting or correcting. This inequality crisis presents itself in three principal forms. In mobility among the poor who were being trapped in poverty by big government programs. Insecurity in the middle class where families are struggling just to get ahead and they can't seem to do much more than that and crony as privilege at the top. -- political and economic insiders twist the immense power of the federal government to profit at the expense of everyone else. To be fair President Obama and his party did not create all of these problems. The Republican establishment in Washington can be justice out of touch as the democratic establishment. However tonight as on numerous occasions of late. The president's lofty rhetoric ignored the fact that his administration continues to -- poor and middle class families further behind. Well he and his allies insist that the real problem is inequality itself. But where does this new inequality come from from government. Every time it states' rights and opportunities. Away from the American people and gives them instead to politicians bureaucrats and special interest. Inequality. Real and equality. Is trapping poor children in failing schools to benefit bureaucrats and union bosses it's paralyzing low income parents for getting married. We're getting better jobs it's guaranteeing insurance companies taxpayer bailouts if obamacare cuts into their profits. Inequality is blocking thousands of middle class jobs in the energy industry as a favor of partisan donors and radical environmental activists. Inequality is denying viable unborn children. Any protection under the law while accepting unsanitary. Late term abortion clinics from basic safety standards. It's denying citizens their right to define marriage in their states as traditionally or as broadly as their diverse values dictate. It's the federal government hurting rural communities especially in the west by controlling and mismanaging public -- It's changing laws without congressional approval and spying on American citizens without constitutional authority. And of course obamacare. All by itself is -- inequality got so that his rob working families of their insurance their doctors their wages and their jobs. Many Americans are now seeing why some of a -- so hard to stop this train wreck over the last four years. Government driven inequality is the reason why is hard working American families across the country struggle to make ends meet. Six of the ten wealthiest counties in America are now suburbs of Washington DC. Throughout the last five years President Obama has promised an economy for the middle class. But all he's delivered is an economy for the middle man. And tonight his party cheered. As he asked for more of the same as if the solution to -- equality were well more inequality. Critics might push back can argue that my own parties spent part of a problem. Too often joining the Democrats to rig our economy to benefit the well connected at the expense of -- disconnected. I know because I'm one of those critics. But I'm speaking to you tonight because I think maybe just maybe that's finally starting to change. As a nation we are once again at a critical turning point. Now as in 1773. Americans have had it with -- out of touch national government. But -- all we do is protest. Our Boston Tea Party moment will occupy little more than a footnote in our history. Hopefully our leaders reformers and citizens will join the journey from Boston to Philadelphia. From protest to progress. Together we can march forward and take the road that leads to the kind of government we do want. We have a new generation of leaders in Washington with positive innovative ideas. Thoughtful policy reforms to as my friend senator Ted Cruz says make DC listen. Reforms to help poor families work their way into the middle class to help middle class families start to get ahead. And to level the playing field and put corporate and political insiders back to work for the rest of us. Conservative reformers like senator Marco Rubio congressman Paul Ryan and congressman Jim Jordan. We're working on new welfare reform ideas to help underprivileged families escape poverty. Senator Rand Paul -- working with some of the most Liberal Democrats in congress to reform the federal criminal justice system. To help keep violent predators behind -- while creating opportunities for reformed. Nonviolent offenders. To return to the families and neighborhoods that so desperately need them. Senator John Cornyn has legislation that would empower states to improve -- for twelve education across the country. Senator Tim Scott has reforms to improve our job training programs. And I've introduced a bill to modernize higher education. Making it more accessible and more affordable for lower income and nontraditional students. Congressman Tom graves as a transportation reform bill. To ensure that our infrastructure -- are invested in roads and bridges and not wasted on bureaucrats and special interest. Congressman Mike Pompeo introduced a bill to end all federal subsidies for the energy industry. And others are working on proposals to do the same for every industry. So that business profits are one from customers. Not true political connections. After all if we're going to reform welfare. We really should -- with corporate welfare. One proposal that -- directly help you and your failing is that bill I that are used to simplify the tax code. And provide relief from the hidden double tax that Washington currently imposes on working parents. Especially moms and dads in the middle class. What -- comes to health care we -- the best way to repeal obamacare is to deliver better solutions. We can't just return to the old system. Health care policy used to give too much power to insurance companies. Obamacare now -- far too much power to government. We know that real reform will put health care dollars and decisions where they belong in the hands of patients and families and their doctors and nurses. So reformers in both the house and the senate. Are hard at work developing -- patients that are reforms to control health care costs insure access to affordable coverage for all Americans. And provide extra help for the poor and the sick. All of these proposals within this new conservative reform agenda along with many more to come marked the road to Philadelphia. These principles and these policies will work. And will put Americans back to work. Not just by cutting big government but by fixing broken government. Not just by making government smaller but by promoting bigger citizens. Stronger families and more heroic communities. Oracle should be an America where everyone has a fair chance to pursue happiness and find it. That's what it looks like when protests grows into reform. So if you're one of those Americans the big government is leaving behind if you work hard play by the rules and teach your kids to do the same. I want you to know that your family will not be forgotten anymore. This new generation of reformers still has a long -- ago to win over our party in Washington. And even further to go to earn your trust. I'm confident that our best days as a nation are ahead of us not because of government but because within America's diverse society of individuals. And families and neighborhoods and churches and businesses and communities freedom doesn't mean you're on your own. Freedom means we're all in this together. I invite you to join us. On the road to a more prosperous America. Together we can create the kind of government we do want and the kind of nation our children and grandchildren deserve. Thank you very much for your time good night and jobless.

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{"id":22277210,"title":"Tea Party Response: Stand Up to Government-Driven Inequality","duration":"3:00","description":"Mike Lee, R-Utah, calls out empty political rhetoric and lack of actual change in middle-class inequality.","url":"/Politics/video/state-union-2014-tea-party-response-stand-government-22277210","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}