Pundits Rate the 2015 State of the Union Speech

President Obama focuses on optimism and economic progresses, does not address republican sweep in last election.
9:57 | 01/21/15

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Transcript for Pundits Rate the 2015 State of the Union Speech
A very forceful. Out of the progressive agenda for the president who feels unfettered. This final two years Jon Karl covered the president from the White House in the chamber right now we know he was speaking of the country. Underplayed the chamber George this was a tough crowd. I've got to tell you for most of the applause lines here. The Republican side of the Chamber's deep seated. The Republicans didn't even stand up when the president said the stayed at the union is strong. They of course applauded for the troops they of course applauded a few other times particularly when the president called. Offer free trade. That was a time when the Democrats sat down but. Yet that this. This was about the most subdued inside the chamber stated the you know I've seen because the Republicans. We're so quiet and the democratic side which was enthusiastically applauding simply you know not that they put. One other point here George the president mention the fact that he won two elections. But it's striking. Didn't mention the fact that he was coming into a chamber that the Republicans had just taken over this can I can I ask you about that time we couldn't tell from watching the feed maybe you could tell from inside. Was he speaking directly to a single person or just walking. What applause. It seemed like he was reacting to the scattered applause when he said it's because. I don't because I won twice there were several Republicans who. Were applauded at that point didn't seem to be to a particular person but no what is striking is he didn't mention the words Mitch McConnell and thank you remember what. Republicans want a house give it a point of reaching out to to John Boehner talking about this new speaker at this article bar keep and wanting to work with him. There was no mention of the fact that he was walking into a very different chamber than he's ever walked. Demand for Mathieu daddy and seeing those who see the president. Right they're talking some senators he was striking new point and that is listening almost like two different speeches stitched together. Oh he absolutely the first speech was a speech which we thought he was gonna get which was selling them rise in the economy improving that things are going well. I was struck go along with what Jon says. It was as if he never lost an election two months ago he was he giving a speech as if he had just won election not to be a more divided country nothing more Republicans were elected. He gave a speech without really. Any humility which we talked about. But didn't even reflect on the fact that maybe he was part of the dysfunctional problem in Washington speech Tenet is still looking ahead to next election. Absolutely towards look Ronald Reagan and his son sevenths a six day that you didn't refer to Democrats and it just one. Two XW listed in the for the Democrats who had just taken over to the senate. The president was talking to the country he was talking about hope and opportunity and what he wants to do different in his next two weeks. Virgin and bush actually gave a beautiful tribute to the new speaker Nancy Pelosi talked better parents than ever could've imagined. Her now as speaker of the house. I think what's stunning to me isn't I think defensively was beyond that amount you're watching anything this is the rep for the Obama. What's amazing to me that nobody suggested there insisted that he found a single great that he presided over more electoral losses for Democrats than any president in history. And knowing insisted. Many opera thing olive branch to Republicans. He also says that being the first paragraph of censorship that might find he talked about turning the page in the context with the dawn of terror that hit our shores on September. Eleven we started our newscast tonight the story about I heat this speech it's good to be overwhelmed in overtime and forgotten by this time tomorrow the president back. The longest sustained applause when he talked about the 9/11 generation arguing that a Martha Raddatz on that market he did that make an explicit request. The congress asking for that authorization for the use of military force against iasis what are the prospects on on Capitol Hill right now they I assume that going to be some. Pretty heated debate over whether or not to what to say about ground troops in that resolution to. Yeah I think they'll want to see what the president. What's on paper and how narrow this becomes. Although this has been an area of some bipartisan support let me match at. Mitch McConnell because he said. There is a potential for agreement here but George I have to look at the Liberal Democrats in think it would be very very hard for some of them. To authorize another war no matter what the president says about limited engagement. And that he doesn't want to send in a great deal of ground troops it would still be a very very hard vote for some. If this were only passed bipartisan sport it is not gonna get all Democrats. Not gonna get all Republicans a lot of foreign policy issue mark the rise the president making forceful call to both Democrats and Republicans McCain would do not pass any. Legislation. That would impose new sanctions on Iran while these negotiations are continuing. That they absolutely. Parks dead set against that they CL a welcome. Completely mess up these negotiations. Even though. What they want would take effect in less the negotiations fell apart. I believe the White House thinks that it shows unity of the nations involved in these negotiations they do not want that to happen and they would beat Atlanta. President Buckley became the cooking Robert did you hear anything there where the president called for Democrats buttons to work together aside from. Authorization of force that might actually happens. Now he would be. And he did talking about we don't have to be fighting each other all of the time this isn't the kind of politics Americans want and and that's true it's not. We have a talk with his son 1981%. Tricky it. Of the people said dysfunction in Washington is a problem but this speech was all about a democratic agenda. And not lose trying to get something when policy. They did see done everything going up on this Wednesday as having to tweak it came in from bad policy installed president's. Community college because then was present him with a magic wand to pull something from someone has to pay for the Rand Paul has also spoke from the justice. Let's listen reform that could be an area we do see some bipartisan. Believe that's one area that promote justice reform but also trade and that's an issue that Democrats don't. Really support but I think in in an effort to get some comment. Progress with the republic whose son on some big issues he's going to strike a compromise and ended in editor and John probably go back to you we're talking here about the president. Nicole pointing out not showing humility no real concessions. To the Republicans here previous inside the thinking the white house of thinking the president. As as they've seen how this unfolded since this midterm election since Election Day well. They Sierra Republican majority that has no desire to work with him on any of these major issues of their. Saying that he's going to be brought the same play he ran. Last year when you look even before the Republicans took over there wasn't great prospects to get anything past. Not because of Republican control of the house. So. Did his old Penn in the phones were gonna work through executive order that's what he did on immigration that's needed on climate change and their thinking is that's going to be the approach for the next two years as well. That's what he did also on Cuba but he did make a call John called for congress to begin debating and and lifting to this embargo of course the president to have his team in Cuba tomorrow negotiated. That's right and you know he's got some interest think potential allies on the Republican side on this. Republican senators from farm states including the two Kansas Republicans. Have come out and said that they would like to see. The embargo lifted the very least an agricultural goods there's a big movement in Iowa. Played again by farm groups to say we want that embargo lifted so we can sell our products to Cuba. The problem for the president net debt might be there may not be many more things he can do. On his own even though he's asking the bureaucracy to comb through every regulation get what they get rid. Well that's what when he made that statement not long ago when he said I haven't and and a fumble problems he's running out you can depend I think and he doesn't seem to want to use the phone. To call the Republicans and say let's cut a deal the other thing this week has also given in the context storage. But the point sixteen presidential races out guy and it's going to be very difficult for any Republicans. And Hillary Clinton and her allies to seek agreement. And anything I think they want this debate about economic populism as well vs the middle class that's the other thing about this that you struck by even though the economy is improving. The president had to acknowledge in some ways that the middle class is not benefited. From the growth of the. Well we've just got. Tweet from one of the potential candidates here from rampart haven't got one from Mitt Romney has just about a minute ago. True to form the present in the city's beaches more interested in politics and leadership Nicole Wallace that sounds like him. He has that the elephants at the you know I think client Louisiana Jenny Harrison can address with the reflective. It is serious about tax cuts for the middle class could accomplish that in a comprehensive tax cut package he had an ally and outgoing senator Tom Coburn. There's nothing this speech tonight. Fit that makes me concerned about Republican skepticism Republicans are rightfully skeptical. And ended tripled in cutting tomorrow noble will go to work on the single proposal from tonight's speech not Democrats or not or. One Democrat very happy to medal is the warrant absolutely because look he was talking about issues that most Americans care about Republicans haven't really put quality. Interest in ideas in the past two weeks it they've been in control of congress. Elizabeth Warren has championed the middle class fund debt relief for students to helping homeowners who still struggling with the market payment. That's what Democrats atop the mice is that Republicans at highland grounds. And we see the present they're sending the tie we think of a senate page. As he's just about to leave. The chamber. There he goes.

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