States nationwide on guard for Inauguration Day threats

ABC News’ Trevor Ault reports from Lansing, Michigan, where authorities are ready for potential demonstrations.
3:16 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for States nationwide on guard for Inauguration Day threats
While all eyes may be on Washington DC and tight security there tomorrow saris in all fifty states are now taking steps tonight to make sure their capitol buildings are safe and secure our cover -- is in Lansing Michigan where rumored large demonstration over the weekend. Really didn't materialize but Trevor I understand that officials will be prepared for anything tomorrow. Absolutely Lindsay getting meaner they insist law enforcement the National Guard Michigan state police to all of them say that they are going to be on top of things tomorrow as. This State Capitol and all of them have been facing these credible threats. The Michigan state police and the guard here have been lying relatively low for the past two days because we haven't had demonstrations but. They are going to be out likely in force tomorrow we know they have. On number of large forces on handed while they aren't entirely tipping their cards a set. How they will be covering the capital we likely got a bit of a preview to what they'll be doing on Sunday where they closed off many blocks all around the State Capitol they had. Armored vehicles surrounding if they had. Hundreds of National Guard members and police as well it substantially outnumbered what turned out to only be about twenty or 25 pro trump demonstrators. And the police officers that I talk to you they told me that they took that siege at the capitol a little bit personally especially with fact that one member of the capitol police was in their words murdered by that mob they insist they are going to keep this building secure. They're gonna let everyone continue to demonstrate peacefully because that is their constitutional right but they say as soon as somebody starts that break the law to step over that line. They're gonna make sure that is put to a stop what's it. And you said he talked to some officers we know you also talked to some. Trump supporters who did show up to protest over the weekend is their message to you ended they plan on coming back again tomorrow. I would think it's likely that they're going to be back here tomorrow Lindsay they are steadfast in their supporter president trump by head talked to one guy he said he is going to keep protesting. For the rest of his life if he asked to. Having said that they did start to at least. Com begrudgingly to terms with the fact that Joseph Biden is going to become the president tomorrow and perhaps the most importantly. None of them seemed to endorse the seas at the United States capitol none of them were calling for violence. And while a number of that were armed all of that were peaceful and that was the case. At all of the state capitals where we saw some. Minor demonstrations on Sunday there are about half a dozen states that saw that including Texas people with long guns. Who were peaceful which again is their constitutional right to do that in places where you can open carry that is the case. Here in Michigan that I would assume that we're gonna see more demonstrations here tomorrow and it is important to note that while we talk to peaceful protesters here Lindsay. On the far right discussion boards on the Internet and a number of those social media web sites there is still. A lot of cries for violence that are being aimed at high ranking officials most recently today. The senate had net of majority leader Mitch McConnell for saying the president some sort of incited that riot so there is plenty of reason for law enforcement to be alert even though we saw minor crowds on Sunday and law enforcement insist to us repeatedly. That they will rise to that occasion they will keep all of the State Capitol safe. Gracie. Great reporting other Trevor and stay safe thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"ABC News’ Trevor Ault reports from Lansing, Michigan, where authorities are ready for potential demonstrations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75359179","title":"States nationwide on guard for Inauguration Day threats","url":"/Politics/video/states-nationwide-guard-inauguration-day-threats-75359179"}