Colbert, Cain Rally in SC

Colbert hosts "Rock You Like a Herman Cain" event at the College of Charleston.
2:27 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Colbert, Cain Rally in SC
I want you. To vote for Herman Cain. Because Herman Cain. Is me. We both refused to play by Washington's rules. We vote flout convention. When it comes to things like taxes. And debt. And how many Becky is there are in who Becky Becky Becky stand Stan. I say three Herman says four. National Geographic is working on it. But mostly I believe -- -- work for Herman Cain because he believes in hard work. The power of free markets and he possesses the one thing I don't think I will ever have. A place on the South Carolina primary ballots. So it is my great honor to introduce to you. Her man with the plan. Lands -- line 88999. The mad Max of the flat tax the Indiana Jones opportunities owns the her man. The -- meant. But brother from another mother -- our permanent tank. Thank you very much. Mystical man. Now. Mystical -- could not get on the ballot. I could not get off the ballot. That's -- this came about. And don't -- bits and -- one thing that I have that he does not have. Which is. A bust them up based -- -- The pain. That I have. That -- -- does not have. -- just lie. -- -- My image. In audit to do his run for president. He does not. -- my. Complexion -- affection. Now the joke you know.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Colbert hosts \"Rock You Like a Herman Cain\" event at the College of Charleston.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15407516","title":"Colbert, Cain Rally in SC","url":"/Politics/video/stephen-colbert-herman-cain-rally-south-carolina-15407516"}