Steve Bannon slams Mitt Romney for not serving in Vietnam

"The View" co-hosts discuss Bannon's comments.
4:38 | 12/06/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steve Bannon slams Mitt Romney for not serving in Vietnam
Seemingly a lot of Republicans have done a 180 an senate candidate Roy Moore. Mitt Romney is not one of them. The man who was supporting Roy Moore from day one went after Mitt Romney. Former president Steve Bannon took issue -- What. Because I believe that Bannon has been running the government since the election. That's just me. Here is a clip of what he said. Now I'm going to get personal. You ran for commander and chief. You had five sons, not Kun day of service Ness Afghanistan and Iraq. We have 7,000 dead. 52,000 casualties. Where were the Romneys during those wars? Judge Moore has more integrity in his pinky finger than the whole Romney family. You could have had this conversation about the man sitting in the white house now. I don't believe -- I don't believe -- you could have had this conversation about any number of people. I thought we don't like people that are captured. I'm sorry. Who the hell are you to be sitting here and talking about service when your administration said about my father? Take a seat. Yeah. That I can't handle. First of all, let me take this for a minute ladies if you don't mind. Please do. Is the first of all I don't like service shaming in general. People are called to serve when they're called to serve. It's very hypocritical after what president trump said about my father. Never apologized. Still hasn't. Still hasn't apologized. Give me a break. Steve Bannon did serve. He was in the Navy for a long period of time. Steve Bannon is the so threatened by Mitt Romney. There's a lot of rumors Mitt Romney is going to run for senator in Utah if orrin hatch steps down. He's the longest holding senator in recent history. If Mitt Romney gets in. He's in describe Bly popular in Utah. It will be a nonbannon candidate and he doesn't like that. Breitbart his website is down the 20% compared to last year. A sharp decline and nearly 90% in the number of advertiser. If Roy Moore loses it will neuter his power right now. He's running scared right now. I was asking you this in the make up room why is Steve Bannon so powerful. He left the white house. I know he was the chief strategist whatever that is. He left. I thought he would become less powerful. He still seems to have this pow. He has trump's ear every day. Does he really? That's what they say. There were rumors that Jared and Bannon didn't get along and ivanka didn't like him. What's so sad is Breitbart would be rolling in his Graef if he knew what turned into his website. He was a provocative interesting man. He passed away from a heart attack. Would have loved to live and see what he wouf liked about trump. He has a lot of power. It's waning. The Romneys are mormons. Each of those boys do mission trips. Is it fair to go after these kids? No. That's always wrong isn't it. Not when Hans and Fritz haven't gone anywhere. How about the way he went after the gold star family. The khans. Trump said his Vietnam was avoiding an STD. Everyone thinks I defend trump. I do at times. When you start talking about military service. You've said you don't like people who were captured. You still haven't apologized. You've don't have a lot of leeway with me talking about that. I loved when your dad was here -- sorry. Are we out of time? Thank you for letting me have my rant. On this it is absolutely imperative you do.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Bannon's comments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51620867","title":"Steve Bannon slams Mitt Romney for not serving in Vietnam","url":"/Politics/video/steve-bannon-slams-mitt-romney-serving-vietnam-51620867"}