Strait Talk Detroit: What's Ahead for Trump & Clinton on the Road to the White House

ABC News' Matt Dowd and LZ Granderson talk with Jon Karl and Ron Fournier from Crain's Business Detroit.
12:18 | 09/19/16

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Transcript for Strait Talk Detroit: What's Ahead for Trump & Clinton on the Road to the White House
So we have two guests here on stage tonight. Jonathan Karl my colleague keep White House correspondent for ABC news bombings. You're wrong I'm constantly put need charges to our project. I'm the token non Detroit what we were always. Feel about that spits out means that three of the city's four days. And cocoa. Is this that's really great to be here with you guys I don't know central. Detroit is to who you are your unit three the people that I. I most respect in this business it's like to be here yet all of us have left in geography but never really have to actually at rock blog entries next. And Ron just moved back to Detroit after spending a lengthy period of time in Washington DC was that Washington bureau chief for the Associated Press. With the national editor of the National Journal and now he is the that's associate publisher to publisher credence to critics paints a traits I'm home welcome back to multi will be here it's great to have you vote. Com we're starting us off as a national conversation Dallas start with you because there's been a lot of stuff in the news what's happened. In the midst of a presidential race a very close presidential race what's happened with the terrorist acts of care that have occurred over the last 48 hours. Give us your sense of where you think things are today in this presidential race but in America we ought. This is. I'm very critical time in this race because you have what happened over the weekend with these attacks. And America's getting a chance to see how the two who were. You know one of whom is going to be our next commander in chief would deal with which this issue you're seeing very different response of course trump coming out. Fast and strong in you know kind of channeling. Our anger to the country's anger at at attacks like this and Hillary Clinton coming out. More measured but also trying to give him you know giving the sense that she would deal forcefully. With this threat adding one of the age think things going forward is. Hillary Clinton doesn't want to just wants to say that she's going to be more measured and more responsible in the face what does that Donald Trump and that he would be. On stable that he would make matters worse but she wants to appear more forceful. In the face this threat. Then the person is currently in the way. Ups. Will and Ron you've written a lot about. And we've talked we've talked a lot about both Hillary Clinton announced job but what got us here. To where the conversation is today. It didn't happen accidentally what what why did we arrive where we are with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as a nominees in the midst. Of this great as Johnson's great anxiety and concern. Well. Thank you for having accurate my alma mater place were either power isn't jesuit education you learn how to look at issues not just from two sides which you know not yet in DC if you look at things. Both sides are from all sides. And that's hard try to look at politics and that's on loans got united he talked a lot over the years about. How we're living in an unprecedented period change we have huge economic change not just recession but. The way we changeable and butter business something on top of huge demographic change. Huge technological change that is affecting. In waist making my simpler it really make much more competency of all Israel's things on top of a new kind of warfare. That only happens once every 89 and years and our country the founding generation Lincoln's generation. Degree generation and the millennial generation and generations that were forged in times like this. The problem is the generations that are in place at times like this before the right from generation reforms things. Is never ready for change. So what's happening now we're another period of time where we're being forced to change its human beings and all kinds of way were being buffeted much. But the institutions that are supposed to be holdings together in lifting us up. And again. So that's why every institution that is really the difference between anarchy and society every institution except for the military has lost huge amount of public faith. Charities to media schools. Big business small business every institution he can think it certainly. The plot to Republican and democratic it's certainly congress which right now has a lower approval relating rating than than lights literally. I'm so we're at a time when you know what like Scott so please don't exactly think you can get rid a lot of I'm party system is something president Clinton's very right about the extent that when people are anxious and we changed. We rather have somebody whose strong and wrong and we can right. I don't particularly think I'll from the strong. This weekend but he's sure trying to project an image just to you. There. Are. Process which. Today. Which. Ways. A man Clinton based on these people Ulster. Iran that they ran it but if she did 11 dramatic. They said incredibly transparent we are out to media with access be all over social meaty yourself people. Don't have a big institutional and people don't like institutions and a very small over the ground campaign and the bottoms up campaign here. We're here where people beat you hear your voters are actually running the campaign. On base all authentic and so on and so nimble that the only thing you an everyday is a mistake that you make in and take responsibility for shall people take responsibility. In deal that. What's she doing some major. Any talent. And now Donald Trump filled up this these new structures. Using nontraditional media being extremely pumped transparent in and accessible to the median acts. And I'm talking about. It will get there. Caldwell what I think of the new structures for governing with bot with hate. With that but he is given us a road map that somehow what he's doing is something that their effort regional leader could. Actually Brock about some of its 2000 John you you talked a lot of senators and congressmen now what is your expectation in the aftermath of this election. What do you think they're gonna learn from this. Well you know law I think you're gonna first on the Republican side you're gonna have. 888 complete remaking of the Republican Party I mean it Donald Trump came in and he hijacked the Republican Party. I mean the fact you now have. Somebody would with the Republican nomination. Who as a matter of course is doing things likes to take a few of them he's called. For for a massive new infrastructure. Spending not said quite how it can pay fort but actually. About twice the size of what Hillary Clinton has proposed which is quite sizable. Routinely praises Russia. And and you know and if you don't mean this is this is the party offices are almost as who later metres he said exactly. This is. Somebody who is come in and taken basically taking all of the that the social issues that have been a big part of the Republican call Truman. Pushed pushed them aside so we just know kind of interest in in in those issues this is an entirely. Different kind of Republican candidate. And I think date if he wins. You know. I don't know where. The old guard will that we thought of as a Republican Party goes to me what what as a person speaker Paul Ryan deal the president trump and if he loses especially if he loses big. They'll be getting there'll be a big accounting of what happened to the party what defines as part of the thing the Republicans are well sure it's six. Now Donald Trump mysteries about people who are selling so disgusted with the pluses and so disgusted with the employers and with their media and that involved parties and she's so fat out. That they're willing to give a guy like now. And we'll put him liberties here right gas tax cuts aren't saying yes that's exactly my point. So no matter what happens this election year and that frustration and disappointment that Malays. That disconnection from the political system. It's not always going to intensify so I definitely discount from as the first in a series. A populist candidates who either affirmation we change this country or the very negative way I mean what happens about front was it was more. Polish demy. What happens at the next demagogic. Candy comes along and is better out how to eat out is how does either of whoever wins and they lead this country what. How do you leave the country into there's people. Trust is the fundamental issue you want about issues and we are talking about issues he campaigns a person's character is a fundamentally should you trust the person. They can agree either agree with the on every issue if you think you can get it done. They're not reveal the Q and that's how little people to people don't have frost in the system you have. People on both sides who truly believe that it is rate who will not believe the outcome of this election theaters and that is dangerous. They believe. Cost tongue bill. What's happening with the likes it when you talk about the local this Charles and William formations coming from now is being questioned and we question and answer something not. So well that being said if they don't leave a message and they don't even lessons are what are limited to. But we have to rewrite the rules or else because partly because of what's happening here where broadcasting's on the Internet there was a time not that Long Island man he entity with me because that's where I was thinking about people I. We're if there's a story wondering you know there was maybe a dozen of us who controlled it and our editors three dozen people if we decided what you hurt but more importantly this week here. We were the gatekeepers and information. 300 and publishers. There are no gatekeepers so all the rules you know when that because that system which was imperfect reconnaissance facts the robberies have been saved. Like Cronkite did the Vietnam wars a failure we also open to. We don't have that system in place we now have a democratize. Media in a more democratic small. How we view that as a people aren't we. How do we we have to decide that we want him accountable here. Your eight year ninety's here argument well finish up here but you're eighty you're here argument also presumes that. Each of those times George Washington Thomas Jefferson emerge Ike Abraham Lincoln emerged FDR Hummer a worthy emerge from. They just come out was there a populist movement. That he what I'm saying there are we in a temporary state waiting on that person. R.s one of these two people that person Barack Obama was right reason we have to change we believe those moves look at Roosevelt Roosevelt become. There was there was and didn't immediately did today the first muck Rakers the first people who figured out how to use advertising but against an advertising the new medium out last night. Start with the muck Rakers who who who wrote wonderful narrative storytelling and explain to people that these few white man. The monotonous worth strewn about there lives and they treated this populous routes while the media and the public demanded change. And they gave voice he hopes to people Teddy Roosevelt. And mafia. The ironic thing if you go back and look the lead month regular when he wrote the first Dixie reason Rockefeller. Was a woman and I are one of the original muck Rakers who didn't have the right to vote for another twenty years. I look at the new media today. It's an eight and a critic of routes or are we doing our jobs I don't think. They were the thing is you have this democratization of the media but did the impact has been to make us more fragmented and more divided now. You can go and you can get yours your news from sources he reaffirmed or your own by you own your own lives room. And you know used to be in Washington of course you know you're entitled you're entitled to your own opinion and I'm your own facts and I. People that have their own set of facts and as you know her first idiots in this country everything was either MSNBC and Fox News everything was parties involved. We have to decide that's not good enough for us so we can we continue this for the rest of the hour and ask you both for being here thanks frank thank Brian shot.

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