Strait Talk Detroit: Wine Shop Owner on What It's Like to Be a Part of Downtown's Rebirth

Regina Gaines from the House of Pure Vin joins ABC News' Amna Nawaz.
4:07 | 09/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Strait Talk Detroit: Wine Shop Owner on What It's Like to Be a Part of Downtown's Rebirth
Without talking about the economy for Detroit he won that. I'm joined by averaging gains of small business owner right here in Detroit thank you so much for being thank you. Now your business is called the house of peers and bright feature some of Michigan's best lines. Downtown Detroit Woodward avenue at your your go check it out. How a little bit about the process of starting that business what was it like for you always business and so far. Well. Does not benefited from their revitalization of the traits that we were able to on its robotic than a program acts against the funding in the C money to be at work. Two contract business. Which led us to another series the finding. That we actually benefited from programs like I'm chase. Bank I'm kind of an entrepreneur us on the also benefited from Betsy straight. And when we had a little trouble we were able to access gate finding from the city featuring. Now we talked a lot of it we temperature on view out there heard about the revitalization the rebirth. I'm curious what you've seen as a small business owner. Is that what's happening on the ground here is is all the money coming in that building the city back up in the waiting you think it should be. I definitely think that this city is revitalizing. And it is trying to go back to. The heiress of the seventies or sixties and fifties. Ladies right was. The center of a global economy where it represented the Mecca of the United States. In terms of manufacturing and I'm technology at Cotter robotics and so yes I'd Daphne thing that we are heading into. Not the right direction. I think the question is inclusion in acting that acted to protect the story what do you mean by that because this is the other question we've got right leader talking about. A city that is the vast majority of the population is African American. Is most of the money going to that community he think I think there's a lot of funds allocated to African American community but. I think that's some of the problem is is that from the African American community here historically. Was. Creamy air foundation to generating. Black wealth in America. So when you look at historically. How. Black enterprise is to rank as in times of business sectors African Americans was always in the top team. So we're we wants wire we're not here yet and I think that that is the bargain featuring historical yes that. And I think that's the expectations people have when we talk about the bottom of the nation of each right they want us to see historically wants where we stood. That you're coming up on a year right for your business congratulations thank you thank you. What would you like to see happen next for Detroit your city. To really get back on its people would you like to see happened to make sure there are more businesses like yours. I think a couple of things is as bad as that capital that is needed happ has increased downtown. We deafening need to be able to provide more types of finding. From minorities and women I think wanted to issues that I have with easier for meeting in app on the mortgage and mom for house that it was for me to be able to get a Smart business from. Perhaps the half that amount that was requesting four. I'm acting hostile now on the access to capital and information group information is is almost like a thin line is mockery. And we you have to surged out hard to find something not investing and one a space that that you wanna hide a different somebody just put in a book. And I think that that's a lot of that is going on that they can need to be plastered. Acting is too much we hearing about it but we don't necessarily know we are negated. I think also too I'm most importantly. We we need to do something about. Comment to bars the kind from a Jeter's standpoint was going on with businesses African American buys them women. Has Iraq and especially African American and its parent the Smart businesses but we are lacking reputation and black man and I think that's a huge opportunities right the other expand businesses African American me. As Regina gains from the house appeared and thank you so much for being here. And thanks to all of you got there and FaceBook are sending Easter questions and comments and keep them coming.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Regina Gaines from the House of Pure Vin joins ABC News' Amna Nawaz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42208359","title":"Strait Talk Detroit: Wine Shop Owner on What It's Like to Be a Part of Downtown's Rebirth","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-detroit-wine-shop-owner-part-downtowns-42208359"}