Strait Talk: Why Donald Trump Ditching Tonight's Debate Won't Hurt His Campaign

ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson host "Strait Talk" ahead of the Republican presidential debate.
2:29 | 01/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Strait Talk: Why Donald Trump Ditching Tonight's Debate Won't Hurt His Campaign
What does it matter you don't so vote for warm or debate before the beginning of voting. I want to get her some at all inspect I think what it does do is hurt its competitors because he's not on stage for them to attack. There are forces attacked someone who does not they are attacking each other and he gets kind of steer a Bob story. Yet no one obviously none of us we're gonna are gonna know this until Monday. And who has had to lose the Iowa Caucuses all of us are they what a disaster would have bad decision if you win what a brilliant movie he's a brilliant person I agree with that I think. That he was the main part I think Ted Cruz who really knows that he needed Donald Trump their tonight because interest knows he's been dropping and needed somebody else for the got a playoff against. The other thing it's probably gonna draw half the audience that it did without them so they lose a bunch of viewers are a bunch of potential. Eyeballs and may never been paying attention to them despite the chance execute those eyeballs to hear where they have to say but you know I go back to recover loans. Has an opportunity here to finally be the candidate that has donor's body was going to be because he's definitely doing the bullying of Donald Trump now. Not used to store with everyone else can comparison that he's the one politician with the experience. It would want Eunice that they were looking for when he first invested in Minnesota before because Donald Trump or pumpkin. He's not here I really hope. For his state troopers campaigns think that he shows up initials of strong tonight. I'm just curious because most of the moments that we have played out in their previous six today it. Haven't focused on Donald Trump in some way most of the moments have been focused announcement either. He had been down there candid dialogue there's somebody in Donald note Donald Soss in have to be some play and I wonder how many memorable moments there's going to be in this debate. Without down from there. Well and hoping he's on its mortal thoughts about dropped because he's skipping the debate where he needs a reality TV star. And he and he's Smart he knows how to manipulate the media you know from a state where peninsula Opel and many people. And there are being weak. We want to supply our viewers and readers with what they want. And the more he talks to more than one here and so we're like best when we're connector between the two and so he's really Smart at doing that he was really going to be differences. Endings would be good Celebrity Apprentice and he was really good at selling his book you've been great sells his it was so when. He's a terrible candidate for president but doesn't seem to matter because the razzle dazzle but his campaign has much of America met.

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{"id":36585963,"title":"Strait Talk: Why Donald Trump Ditching Tonight's Debate Won't Hurt His Campaign","duration":"2:29","description":"ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson host \"Strait Talk\" ahead of the Republican presidential debate.","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-donald-trump-ditching-tonights-debate-hurt-36585963","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}