Strait Talk: From 9 to 4: The GOP Candidates Who Should Cut Their Losses and Get Out

ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson break down Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate.
4:15 | 12/16/15

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Transcript for Strait Talk: From 9 to 4: The GOP Candidates Who Should Cut Their Losses and Get Out
I think from my vantage point I think. There's the whole undercard needs to get out that's for. They need to get out there wasn't really counting on but obviously say there's this war is stopped and that I think Carly Fiorina. And she needs to go I thought her performance tonight was I think that there's no bump from her she's gonna follow in this I think. Ben Carson. If he was on a downward in the fifth of his angle coming into this debate and it's only gonna do this coming out of this to me don't you think there's. He is so obviously would be over now that is is quite embarrassing because once again. This is one of my heroes when a Detroit been person it would speech later this story is short story and so you know I grew up with them being seen at the hero and watching him closely watching Kobe Bryant a while. It's like going go to stop you don't who's hurting me you know watching. You and collapsed like this on a national statement he. Probably he probably so I think that two that I think are likely Rand Paul because he's just cookies these you know I agree his voice is dead and Carly Fiorina I think case it has nowhere to go but he probably finishes up the process ended New Hampshire and he's done maybe he's in revise it. And I I think Christie has ended their that they probably get some oxygen this and they probably eight. Mistake. Bob you'd win problems need every significant moment on stage for Carly Fiorina. Ends up being fabrication line you know it's it's it's struggling under a troubling like her best moments tonight her best throw it. And all all the news article about that what she's there is actually. Falls well it's unfortunate going to your first point about that ended beginning of this is like limited we really get from this week I I think. Think it's very important for our parties in the Republican very Democratic Party you have. Diverse candidates at represented viewpoint well having a woman run for president as a republic is a very good thing. It's not the last with her there was nothing sitter more than. 452 answers that you get from her that all are scripted that all the same answer. I actually think she way overplayed the woman's art I think he's way over a record. Margaret Thatcher quote solid Margaret Thatcher quotes an eight I've been called every B word in the dictionary which I. You know what that means big hullabaloo. With ethics and low ball the a every beat represented there is utterly to it even had come might that come with this you know don't. So I thought he way overplayed it to I don't think she acts from being hurt and all I gotta really seriously ask themselves whether they stay in this race I think that were in Athens. I think Donald Trump. Because he's able his supporters are so sticky. I think his biggest fear. Is at this field windows too fat or if if he has he can't have twenty minutes of silence for peace of people under normal. No heat they're gonna going to detailed questions and I think at that point could be problematic for in the funny thing about doubt trumpet. I did it first candidate gets in the race catered gaining and he's not a politician to find anybody should be on the rise but few politicians. You can do this the beginning with study. Right right learn read some books you know go get go get lectures listen to Ted talks with this is something you know and inform yourself. Right at least been Perth in debt and applying. And went over us on the refugees with despair yet at least he'd at least he did that I agree with aids from does not seen any smarter on the issues that when he first got an. It seemed as if he fears he already knows who's going noise and I love the fact that job bush and I wonder stadium because when he gets done before. I think Denny youth seems really begin to dissect and destroyed. I don't think Kendall buhl last I don't think it as the final four I think the fop for this is insisting. Final collateral for final four and we can ended at this final four my final four Donald Trump. Ted Cruz Marco Rubio. Probably Chris Christie. Might four so I had Donald Trump and I'd Chris Christie. Have rubio. And actually think friends is for all around. I really that you everything zips integrity and oh you can get it easier to get in there where crews would have been.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson break down Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35791404","title":"Strait Talk: From 9 to 4: The GOP Candidates Who Should Cut Their Losses and Get Out ","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-gop-candidates-cut-losses-35791404"}