Strait Talk: Matt and LZ Talk VP Debate Expectations

ABC News' Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson discuss what the vice presidential candidates need to do in their debate.
5:14 | 10/04/16

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Transcript for Strait Talk: Matt and LZ Talk VP Debate Expectations
VP debate tonight how much impact but it goes these things normally don't have a tremendous amount of it gets zero. Though a couple of times there's been a few moments in I was present at one of the biggest moments I was working for Lloyd Bentsen. 88 and I was in Omagh. I was actually seated between Al Gore and Dick Gephardt in the audience when Bentsen said. You know I've I was friends with Jack Kennedy I worker jacket you're no Jack Kennedy and what happened at quail at that point but he is a great moment. And quail and that being vice president of deserts. Enforcing progress and hard to Cochran's one route and if that repetitive editor tickets are permitted if meticulous witnessed that in in this instance. This race might be different if the tickets were sway you. Well yeah yes absolutely I mean when Kane's name was immense and our will and that it was a big. Why gagged and you know it was like all right none of that boring right guy again no excitement you know there are a lot of great names are being floated out there armed. But huge grown on me and I think he's grown a lot of people he's really affable. And we begin to peel back the layers besides cover yourselves in the arts here are brought to an east teens it's teens do part of that because. It really is a solid individual both postman. It was what was professionally he reminds me a vice principal and I thought I don't let it I everytime I see him in here targets like. Okay no running how you doing everything going okay. And he reminds you vice principal but he's different the vice principal but simply principal and a sort of Biden right Bernard she's in order to deal like everybody for days they everybody hates the principal crack at it like Hugo. But look we're working with you it's as real interest in my mom called. Once would notice she would be watching. But also to remember that you couldn't talk to a part. So tonight because we know what is by 40% of Americas and believe at this week to make the difference more that. I think I think there's 60% of the country has no idea who these candidates are. Ice tonight that gets to say this is who. So I think there's two things about tonight. There's and I think there's at present moment in a fact and then there's a future and the present moment is. Really much more from Mike Pence is as doubt trump has been bleeding clean up and out Narnia. He's been good exactly and he's been leading since that last debate. And can Mike Pence it sort of like break glass in case the urgency for a brighter. Can he sort of stop the bleeding and give Donald Trump like a mash unit like put the tourniquet. Stabilize the patient. And get to the next debate which I think will really matter which our beloved Martha is doing Anderson Cooper. So I think that it's much more pressures that the present moment the future is. These debates are also about their political future right. Whoever. Is both the winner and the loser in this has a potential to have a future in the aftermath of it but sometimes these debates. Are like a rehearsal. And four. Any future ambition that you might so that's. You'd I. Deputy agree with you on the future aspect ever write like particularly Mike Pence who. It really needs to become VP because it's not doing very well in the numbers this process had to be governor of Indiana again. I am really curious to see how much time kaine escorted span. Reminding the miracle white tents and and a good alternative view. You think that's what a question was having how much you things about them. Or how much of them making is making an argument about their principles Ali I believe that since the majority of his time is going to be doing two things. Help clean up and around nine for all the things have happened the past week to lose we can with Donald Trump had been attacked Hillary Clinton. In every way possible dual class so ignore or what not ignore cain's record orca. Yet he's gonna you know you may think something of Arcandor Catholic and people like different approach stories you may think for them almost lines but movies ghost of our time cleaning up the trop mass. Have been attacking Hillary Clinton. On the other hand. Notes but a little time protecting you know Hillary Clinton but he actually has the luxury of spending time attacking defense as well because of this is job. Is so. Clean this mess up. And say hey unstable 100 keeps to get together is to pay pence as unstable or not as desirable either and there are plenty of beings and pistons. Biography that he can use as weapon to say hey. It's not just Donald Trump you're not a good guy either. I think but the difficulty I agree with that but the difficulty adding pencil had is that comparison between Mike Pence and Donald Trump. Mike Pence is always gonna come across the staple he and I will until the layers of tool back because I don't know if there's enough time that cynicism and who signed a law. In Indiana that made it not just illegal but a criminal act for gay people to go and apply for marriage license are being used to seeing the effect and all the anti abortion hearings derivative. He's incredibly conservative who say it and have written about some really really pleased that it took us will be considerably horrific that people don't know about so. I don't know because they're a great deal of time doing it was certainly we decode jabs and I think it's to give and it's yeah.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"ABC News' Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson discuss what the vice presidential candidates need to do in their debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42569892","title":"Strait Talk: Matt and LZ Talk VP Debate Expectations","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-matt-lz-talk-vp-debate-expectations-42569892"}