Strait Talk: Matt & LZ on Why Ted Cruz Makes Them Cringe

ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson break down Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate.
3:38 | 12/16/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Strait Talk: Matt & LZ on Why Ted Cruz Makes Them Cringe
If trump tens of being the nominee. Then those of individuals might find themselves in the position which they have to endorse. The last thing you want especially to someone like Markel ruby or Ted Cruz Laguna younger side if we have video and audio view. Supporting Donald Trump because going forward that it will be an albatross around your neck and that's going to mean in future elections in future elections absolutely especially. Make it. I would don't think move you gonna win this time. But they wanna get I thought he I I would he runs again with video and senate which would Donald Trump. Which is always were I thought Marco Rubio talked with these if you wanted to I have market will be have the best night. I thought he there's still I there's still up from if I were are his supporters in his his campaign I'd still worry. That okay he does all these things well he speaks fluently outlet but there doesn't seem to be anything and it it seemed feels like a see and play. Where he pointed at the dog and the dog barks pointed at the sheep initiate makes a noise he has these things he doesn't well right presents himself well he does nothing gets under his skin. He needs more but I thought he. Probably did the best in this debate in the best is that we as we that's in a bad division right there if he does he wanna game against the bad team in a bad division. I'm I thought how much that gives you Brett you know maybe. I think what could happen is the establishment Republicans out there trying to figure out where to go may finally say we need to settle on somebody right and the best somebody. Is Marco Rubio. It is certain isn't it crews now he looked absolutely. Horrible tonight. And then the clip that we're gonna show. Which he becomes unraveled well I think what this clip shows is watch this clip it in in I knew Ted Cruz had worked out with him on the campaign in 191000. This reinforces. This clip reinforces. The negative things if you know Ted Cruz. Our belt with them you think about it. Because they allow terrorism to a ride excuse me out of that chaos and. It's. Wolf the question of whether we. Dictatorships. Is asking the wrong question we should be defeating. Our enemies so the problem senator defeat senator we're gonna get to you. Break your term we have two hours debate we'll have plenty of time let Hugh asked his question well but let me explain the full senate clearly on defeating the enemy cells for example senator re feeling setting up an opportunity to 300 or. And I because they ran on had a lot of has declared war on until we found beaten Thai senator Richard he's better and fighting radical Islamic terrorism that are helping. These are the rules all of you agreed to Hugo ahead with your question. Both Byrd went. In a way to that was manager it was observed and didn't just say okay take over as head out that's happened he lost control of the second hour which we've seen some of the debate which meant certain scenes from the moderator and so rob won't have. No don't get back to you agreed to these rules we're gonna stick to these rules. Am I decide it was one of those reinforcements I don't think among the Ted Cruz is solid supporters to social conservatives in some of the Tea Party. He probably just fine he has a few good moments in the course of this debate but I think the problem I think Ted Cruz has is over time the more you're exposed to him. The more you you you react badly to them his manner his -- all I'm just this whole way he comes across I think over time is gonna play well.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson break down Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35791739","title":"Strait Talk: Matt & LZ on Why Ted Cruz Makes Them Cringe","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-matt-lz-ted-cruz-makes-cringe-35791739"}